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Sue - Label Discography

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WI 300 series
Inez Foxx

A: Mockingbird
B: He's The One You Love
Sue UKWI 301Dec 19637"79.0
Baby Washington

A: That's How Heartaches Are Made
B: Doodlin
Sue UKWI 302Feb 19647"49.4
Jimmy McGriff

A: All About My Girl
B: MG Blues
Sue UKWI 303Feb 19647"410.0
Inez Foxx

A: Jaybirds
B: Broken-Hearted Fool
Sue UKWI 304Mar 19647"0 
Russell Byrd

A: Hitch Hike Pt. 1
B: Hitch Hike Pt. 2
Sue UKWI 305Feb 19647"2 
Ike And Tina Turner

A: Gonna Work Out Fine
B: Won't You Forgive Me
Sue UKWI 306Feb 19647"1 
Charlie And Inez Foxx

A: Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
B: Competition
Sue UKWI 307Feb 19647"0 
Derak Martin

A: Daddy Rollin' Stone
B: Don't Put Me Down Like This
Sue UKWI 308Feb 19647"19.0
Ernestine Anderson

A: Keep An Eye On Love
B: Continental Mind
Sue UKWI 309Mar 19647"710.0
Jimmy McGriff

A: Last Minute Pt. I
B: Last Minute Pt. II
Sue UKWI 310Apr 19647"5 
Mary Lou Williams

A: Chuck-A-Lunk Jug (Part 1)
B: Chuck-A-Lunk Jug (Part 2)
Sue UKWI 311Mar 19647"0 
The Soul Sisters

A: I Can't Stand It
B: Blueberry Hill
Sue UKWI 312Apr 19647"110.0
Hank Jacobs

A: So Far Away
B: Monkey, Hips And Rice
Sue UKWI 313Apr 19647"0 
Inez Foxx

A: Ask Me
B: Hi Diddle Diddle
Sue UKWI 3141 May 19647"0 
Bobby Henricks

A: Itchy Twitchy Feeling
B: A Thousand Dreams
Sue UKWI 315May 19647"38.0
Barbara George

A: Send For Me
B: Bless You
Sue UKWI 316May 19647"08.0
Jimmy McGriff

A: I've Got A Woman Pt 1
B: I've Got A Woman Pt 2
Sue UKWI 317May 19647"1 
Tim Whitsett

A: Macks By The Tracks
B: Shine
Sue UKWI 318May 19647"4 
Homesick James

A: Crossroads
B: My Baby's Sweet
Sue UKWI-31914 Aug 19647"110.0
Willie Mabon

A: Got To Have Some
B: Why Did It Happen To Me?
Sue UKWI 320Oct 19647"0 
Baby Washington

A: I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby
B: Who's Going To Take Care Of Me?
Sue UKWI 32121 Aug 19647"010.0
Ike And Tina Turner

A: The Argument
B: Poor Fool
Sue UKWI 32228 Aug 19647"0 
Inez Foxx

A: Hurt By Love
B: Confusion
Sue UKWI 323Jul 19647"27.0
Patti LaBelle And The Bluebelles

A: Down The Aisle
B: C'est La Vie
Sue UKWI 32414 Aug 19647"0 
The Megatons

A: Shimmy Shimmy Walk Pt 1
B: Shimmy Shimmy Walk Pt 2
Sue UKWI 32523 Apr 19657"3 
Bobby Lee Trammell

A: New Dance In France
B: Carolyn
Sue UKWI 3267 Aug 19647"29.0
Tony Washington

A: Show Me How (To Milk A Cow)
B: Boof-Ska
Sue UKWI 327Sep 19647"3 
Anita Wood

A: Dream Baby
B: This Has Happened Before
Sue UKWI 32811 Sep 19647"0 
Jackie Edwards

A: Stagger Lee
B: Pretty Girl
Sue UKWI 3294 Sep 19647"110.0
Homesick James

A: Set A Date
B: Can't Afford To Do It
Sue UKWI 33019 Feb 19657"29.3
Willie Mabon

A: Just Got Some
B: That's No Big Thing
Sue UKWI 33126 Feb 19657"1 
Doug Sheldon

A: Take It Like A Man
B: Lonely Boy
Sue UKWI 3324 Sep 19647"28.0
Jimmy McGriff

A: 'Round Midnight
B: Lonely Avenue
Sue UKWI 333Sep 19647"4 
The Wallace Brothers

A: Precious Words
B: You're Mine
Sue UKWI 334Oct 19647"0 
Elmore James And The Blues Dusters

A: Dust My Blues
B: Happy Home
Sue UKWI 3352 Oct 19647"69.5
The Soul Sisters

A: Loop De Loop
B: Long Gone
Sue UKWI 336Oct 19647"0 
Louisiana Red

A: I Done Woke Up
B: I Had A Feeling
Sue UKWI 337Oct 19647"0 
J. B. Lenoir And His African Hunch Rhythm

A: I Sing Um The Way I Feel
B: I Feel So Good
Sue UKWI 339Jan 19657"310.0
Bobby Parker

A: Watch Your Step
B: Steal Your Heart Away
Sue UKWI 340Oct 19647"107.0
Big Al Downing

A: Yes I'm Loving You
B: Please Come Home
Sue UKWI 341Nov 19647"2 
Bobby Peterson

A: Rockin' Charlie (Part 1)
B: Rockin' Charlie (Part 2)
Sue UKWI 342Nov 19647"5 
The Daylighters

A: Oh Mom (Teach Me How To Uncle Willie)
B: Hard-Headed Girl
Sue UKWI 34318 Dec 19647"88.0
Paul Revere And The Raiders

A: Like Long Hair
B: Sharon
Sue UKWI 344Jan 19657"48.0
Willie Mae Thornton

A: Tom Cat
B: Monkey In The Barn
Sue UKWI 345Feb 19657"138.0
Bobby Peterson

A: Piano Rock
B: One Day
Sue UKWI 34616 Jul 19657"18.0
June Bateman

A: I Don't Wanna

Noble "Thin Man" Watts And His Band

B: Noble's Theme
Sue UKWI 347Jul 19657"39.0
The Olympics

A: The Bounce
B: Fireworks
Sue UKWI 34818 Dec 19647"0 
Freddy King

A: Driving Sideways
B: Hideaway
Sue UKWI 34919 Mar 19657"1 
Ike And Tina Turner

A: I Can't Believe What You Say
B: My Baby Now
Sue UKWI 35027 Nov 19647"38.4
Chris Kenner

A: Land Of 1,000 Dances
B: That's My Girl
Sue UKWI 351Jan 19657"38.0

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