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Sue - Label Discography

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The Matadors [Sue]

A: Vengeance (Will Be Mine)
B: Pennies From Heaven
Sue USA700Apr 19577"2 
The Matadors [Sue]

A: Be Good To Me
B: Have Mercy Baby
Sue USA701Sep 19577"1 
Mamie Bradley

A: I Feel Like A Million
B: The Patty Cake
Sue USA702Feb 19587"0 
The Four Jokers [Sue]

A: Written In The Stars
B: The Run Around
Sue USA703Apr 19587"4 
Sleepy King's Orchestra

A: One Leg Woman
B: Come Back Darling
Sue USA704Apr 19587"0 
Marie Taylor

A: Uncle Sam
B: Great Big Daddy
Sue USA705May 19587"0 
Bobby Hendricks

A: Itchy Twitchy Feeling
B: A Thousand Dreams
Sue USA706Jun 19587"8 
Jimmy Oliver's Orchestra

A: One Love
B: The Sneak
Sue USA707Aug 19587"0 
Bobby Hendricks

A: Molly Be Good
B: Dreamy Eyes
Sue USA708Oct 19587"0 
Don Covay

A: Believe It Or Not
B: Betty Jean
Sue USA709Nov 19587"1 
Bobby Hendricks

A: Cast Your Vote
B: It's Misery
Sue USA710Jan 19597"0 
Billy and Rickey

A: Mama Papa Please
B: Baby Doll
Sue USA711Jan 19597"1 
Bobby Hendricks

A: Good Things Will Come
B: I'm A Big Boy Now
Sue USA712May 19597"0 
The Night Riders

A: Pretty Plaid Skirt (And Long Black Sox)
B: I'll Never Change
Sue USA713Jun 19597"0 
Bobbi Bolden

A: Chico The Chic-O-La Man
B: Need Me Tonight
Sue USA800Apr 19577"0 
The Aristocats

A: So In Love With You
B: Lawdy When She Kissed Me
Sue USA714Jul 19597"1 
Bobby Hendricks

A: Little John Green
B: Sincerely, Your Lover
Sue USA717Jul 19597"3 
Mary Lou Williams

A: Chunk-A-Lunk Jug - Part 1
B: Chunk-A-Lunk Jug - Part 2
Sue USA715Aug 19597"0 
Billy and Ricky

A: How You Sound
B: Buttercup
Sue USA716Aug 19597"0 
Mamie Bradley

A: In Love Again
B: By By
Sue USA718Sep 19597"0 
The Nightriders

A: St. Loo
B: Lookin' For My Baby
Sue USA719Sep 19597"0 
Tony Taylor

A: Come What May
B: Candy Kisses
Sue USA720Oct 19597"0 
Johnny Pancake

A: Wonderful Baby
B: Shook
Sue USA721Oct 19597"0 
Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm

A: My Love
B: That's All I Need
Sue USA722Nov 19597"0 
The Dudes

A: Jingle Bells
B: Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
Sue USA723Nov 19597"0 
Mary Louise Williams

A: Night And Day
B: I Got Rhythm
Sue USA724Jan 19607"0 
The Dudes

A: Mack The Knife
B: Organ Grinder Swing
Sue USA725Feb 19607"0 
Johnny Darrow

A: Why Do You Treat Me This Way
B: Hand In Hand
Sue USA726Apr 19607"0 
Bobby Hendricks

A: City Of Angels
B: If I Just Had Your Love
Sue USA727May 19607"0 
Ike And Tina Turner

A: A Fool In Love
B: The Way You Love Me
Sue USA730Jul 19607"59.0
Johnny Darrow

A: Jo Ann Delilah
B: Don't Start Me Talking
Sue USA728Aug 19607"4 
Bobby Hendricks

A: Busy Flirtin'
B: I Want That
Sue USA729Aug 19607"0 
The Night Riders

A: Talk To Me Baby
B: Night Ridin'
Sue USA731Sep 19607"0 
Bobby Hendricks

A: Psycho
B: Too Good To Be True
Sue USA732Sep 19607"5 
Ike And Tina Turner

A: A Fool Too Long
B: You're My Baby
Sue USA734Oct 19607"0 
Johnny Darrow

A: That's Good
B: Hold Hands - Break Hearts
Sue USA733Nov 19607"2 
Ike And Tina Turner

A: I Idolize You
B: Letter From Tina
Sue USA735Nov 19607"19.0
Johnny Darrow

A: Love Is A Nightmare
B: Poor Boy Needs A Preacher
Sue USA74119617"1 
Eloise Carter

A: My Man Rockhead
B: I Need You
Sue USA74219617"2 
Jimmy And Jean

A: I Can't Believe
B: I Want To Marry You
Sue USA74319617"0 
Sonny Jackson

A: St Louis Blues
B: My Babe
Sue USA74419617"0 
Jackie Brenston

A: Trouble Up The Road
B: You Ain't The One
Sue USA736Jan 19617"09.0
Chip Young

A: Great Day Coming
B: Just As You Are
Sue USA737Jan 19617"0 
Johnny Darrow

A: Chew Tobacco Rag
B: The Spider Walk
Sue USA738Jan 19617"0 
Ike And Tina Turner

A: I'm Jealous
B: You're My Baby
Sue USA740Jan 19617"0 
The Duals

A: Stick Shift
B: Cruising
Sue USA745Jun 19617"48.0
Ike And Tina Turner

A: It's Gonna Work Out Fine
B: Won't You Forgive Me
Sue USA749Jun 19617"1510.0
The Honey-Do's

A: Honey Dew
B: Someone
Sue USA746Aug 19617"2 
The Honey Dews

A: Honey Dew
B: Someone
Sue USA746Aug 19617"0 
Tommy Williams

A: Must Be Love
B: I'll Follow You
Sue USA747Aug 19617"0 

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