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Sue - Label Discography

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Jerry Butler

A: I Stand Accused
B: I Don't Want To Hear Anymore
Sue UKWI 4003Mar 19667"59.5
Jimmy Reed

A: Odds And Ends
B: Going By The River Pt 1
Sue UKWI 400411 Mar 19657"0 
Phil Upchurch Combo

A: You Can't Sit Down (Part 1)
B: You Can't Sit Down (Part 2)
Sue UKWI 400525 Mar 19667"98.5
Jimmy Hughes

A: Goodbye My Love
B: It Was Nice
Sue UKWI 400618 Mar 19667"0 
Elmore James

A: I Need You
B: Mean Mistreating Mama
Sue UKWI 40071 Apr 19667"0 
Jerry Butler

A: Just For You
B: Believe In Me
Sue UKWI 4009Apr 19667"0 
Effie Smith

A: Dial That Telephone - Pt. I
B: Dial That Telephone - Pt. II
Sue UKWI 4010May 19667"610.0
Ritchie Valens

A: La Bamba
B: Donna
Sue UKWI 4011May 19667"4 
Billy Preston

A: Billy's Bag
B: Don't Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'
Sue UKWI 4012May 19667"110.0
The Jaybirds [Sue]

A: Somebody Help Me
B: The Right Kind
Sue UKWI 4013Jun 19667"410.0
Birdlegs And Pauline

A: Spring
B: In So Many Ways
Sue UKWI 4014Jun 19667"1 
Little Richard

A: It Ain't Watcha You Do (It's The Way How You Do It)
B: Crossover
Sue UKWI 4015Jul 19667"3 
Thurston Harris And The Sharps

A: Little Bitty Pretty One
B: I Hope You Won't Hold It Against Me
Sue UKWI 4016Jul 19667"09.0
Phil Upchurch Combo

A: Nothing But Soul
B: Evad
Sue UKWI 4017Jun 19667"0 
The Righteous Brothers

A: You Can Have Her
B: Justine
Sue UKWI 4018Jul 19667"18.0
The Spidells

A: Find Out What's Happening
B: That Makes My Heart Break
Sue UKWI 4019Jul 19667"1 
The Santells

A: So Fine
B: These Are Love
Sue UKWI 4020Aug 19667"28.0
Little Milton [Roy Milton]

A: Early In The Morning
B: Bless Your Heart
Sue UKWI 4021Jul 19667"5 
Shades Of Blue

A: Oh! How Happy
B: Little Orphan Boy
Sue UKWI 40222 Sep 19667"6 
Lowell Fulsom

A: Talking Woman
B: Blues Around Midnight
Sue UKWI 4023Oct 19667"1 
Raymond Parker

A: Ring Around The Roses
B: She's Coming Home
Sue UKWI 4024Oct 19667"0 
Lydia Marcelle

A: Another Kind Of Fellow
B: I've Never Been Hurt Like This Before
Sue UKWI 40259 Dec 19667"0 
Gerri Hall

A: Who Can I Run To
B: I Lost A Key
Sue UKWI 402616 Dec 19667"1 
Mr. Dynamite

A: Sh' mon (Part 1)

The Dynamite Orchestra

B: Sh' mon (Part 2)
Sue UKWI 4027Feb 19677"39.0
Barbara Lynn

A: Letter To Mommy And Daddy
B: Second Fiddle Girl
Sue UKWI 4028Jan 19677"0 
Sugar Simone

A: Suddenly
B: King Without A Throne
Sue UKWI 4029Feb 19677"08.0
Bob And Earl

A: Don't Ever Leave Me
B: Fancy Free
Sue UKWI 403010 Mar 19677"0 
Danny White

A: Keep My Woman Home
B: I Am Dedicating My Life
Sue UKWI 403117 Mar 19677"1 
Don And Dewey

A: Soul Motion
B: Stretchin' Out
Sue UKWI 403224 Mar 19677"210.0
The Anglos

A: Incense
B: You're Fooling Me
Sue UKWI 40331 Apr 1967Unreleased2 
The Kelly Brothers

A: Falling In Love Again
B: Crying Days Are Over
Sue UKWI 4034Apr 19677"08.0
Theola Kilgore

A: I'll Keep Trying
B: He's Coming Back To Me
Sue UKWI 4035Apr 19677"2 
The Wallace Brothers

A: I'll Step Aside
B: Hold My Hurt For A While
Sue UKWI 4036Apr 19677"0 
Edgewood Smith And The Fabulous Tailfeathers

A: Ain't That Lovin'
B: Yeah
Sue UKWI 40375 May 19677"19.0
Barbara Lynn

A: You'll Lose A Good Thing
B: Lonely Heartaches
Sue UKWI 4038Apr 19677"1 
Claudine Clark

A: The Strength To Be Strong
B: Moon Madness
Sue UKWI 403912 May 19677"1 
Jackie Day

A: Before It's Too Late
B: Without A Love
Sue UKWI 404019 May 19677"0 
Paul Martin

A: Snake In The Grass
B: I've Got A New Love
Sue UKWI 4041Jul 19677"0 
John Roberts

A: Sockin' 1, 2, 3, 4
B: Sophisticated Funk
Sue UKWI 4042Feb 19687"08.0
O. V. Wright

A: What About You
B: What Did You Tell This Girl Of Mine
Sue UKWI 40431 Mar 19687"28.0
Bobby Bland

A: That Did It
B: A Touch Of The Blues
Sue UKWI 4044Mar 19687"110.0
Al King

A: Think Twice Before You Speak
B: The Winner
Sue UKWI 4045Mar 19687"0 
Joe Matthews

A: Sorry Ain't Good Enough
B: You Better Mend Your Ways
Sue UKWI 4046Mar 19687"1 
Thelma Jones

A: Stronger
B: Never Leave Me
Sue UKWI 4047Apr 19687"1 
The Lamp Sisters

A: A Woman With The Blues
B: I Thought It Was All Over
Sue UKWI 4048May 19687"110.0

A: Girls Are Out To Get You
B: You Be Sorry
Sue UKWI 4049Jun 19687"29.0
Ike And Tina Turner

The Soul Of Ike And Tina Turner

A1: I'm Jealous
A2: A Fool In Love
B1: Gonna Find Me A Substitute
B2: If
Sue UKIEP 7061964EP0 
Otis Redding

Early Otis Redding

A1: Shout Bamalama
A2: Fat Girl
B1: She's Alright
B2: Gettin' Hip
Sue UKIEP 71018 Mar 1966EP0 
Ike And Tina Turner

Ike And Tina Turner's Sue Sessions

A1: It's Gonna Work Out Fine
A2: I Idolize You
B1: A Fool In Love
B2: This Man's Crazy
Sue UKENS 1Oct 1983EP1 
Inez And Charlie Foxx

A1: Mockingbird
A2: La De Dah I Love You
B1: Hurt By Love
B2: Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush
Sue UKENS 219837"3 

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