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Sun - Label Discography

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See also the reissue label Sun Golden Treasure Series
  USA  369
  Bootleg  38
  France  29
  UK  17
  Australia  15
  Japan  9
  New Zealand  8
  Netherlands  7
  Canada  6
  Denmark  2
  Sweden  2
  Spain  1
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Jimmy And Walter

A: Easy
B: Before Long
Sun USA180Mar 19537"1 
Rufus Hound Dog Thomas Jr.

A: Bear Cat

Rufus Thomas Jr.

B: Walking In The Rain
Sun USA181Mar 19537"3 
Dusty Brooks And His Tones

A: Tears And Wine
B: Heaven Or Fire
Sun USA182May 19537"1 
D. A. Hunt

A: Greyhound Blues
B: Lonesome Old Jail
Sun USA18319537"1 
Big Memphis Marainey

A: Call Me Anything, But Call Me
B: Baby, No, No!
Sun USA184Jun 19537"0 
Jimmy DeBerry

A: Take A Little Chance
B: Time Has Made A Change
Sun USA185Jun 19537"19.0

A: Baby Please
B: Just Walkin' In The Rain
Sun USA186Jul 19537"810.0
Little Junior's Blue Flames

A: Feelin' Good
B: Fussin' And Fightin' Blues
Sun USA1878 Jul 19537"38.0
Rufus Thomas Jr.

A: Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)
B: Save That Money
Sun USA1888 Jul 19537"1 

A: My God Is Real
B: Softly And Tenderly
Sun USA1898 Jul 19537"1 

A: I Know
B: A Prisoner's Prayer
Sun USA1911 Nov 19537"9 
Little Junior's Blue Flames

A: Mystery Train
B: Love My Baby
Sun USA1921 Nov 19537"69.0
Doctor Ross

A: Come Back Baby
B: Chicago Breakdown
Sun USA19324 Dec 19537"5 
Little Milton

A: Beggin' My Baby
B: Somebody Told Me
Sun USA19424 Dec 19537"0 
Billy "The Kid" Emerson

A: No Teasing Around
B: If Loving Is Believing
Sun USA19520 Feb 19547"0 
Hot Shot Love

A: Wolf Call Boogie
B: Harmonica Jam
Sun USA19620 Feb 19547"0 
Earl Peterson

A: Boogie Blues
B: In The Dark
Sun USA19720 Feb 19547"310.0
Howard Seratt

A: Troublesome Waters
B: I Must Be Saved
Sun USA19820 Feb 19547"0 
James Cotton

A: My Baby
B: Straighten Up Baby
Sun USA1991 Apr 19547"0 
Little Milton

A: If You Love Me
B: Alone And Blue
Sun USA20015 Apr 19547"0 
Hardrock Gunter

A: Fallen Angel
B: Gonna Dance All Night
Sun USA2011 May 19547"0 
Doug Poindexter And Starlite Wranglers

A: Now She Cares No More
B: My Kind Of Carrying On
Sun USA2021 May 19547"2 
Billy (The Kid) Emerson

A: The Woodchuck
B: I'm Not Going Home
Sun USA2031 May 19547"0 
Raymond Hill

A: Bourbon Street Jump
B: The Snuggle
Sun USA2041 May 19547"0 
Harmonica Frank

A: The Great Medical Menagerist
B: Rockin' Chair Daddy
Sun USA2051 Jul 19547"0 
James Cotton

A: Cotton Crop Blues
B: Hold Me In Your Arms
Sun USA2061 Jul 19547"0 
The Prisonaires

A: There Is Love In You
B: What'll You Do Next
Sun USA2071 Jul 19547"2 
Buddy Cunningham

A: Right Or Wrong
B: Why Do I Cry
Sun USA20815 Jul 19547"0 
Elvis Presley, Scotty And Bill

A: That's All Right
B: Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Sun USA20919 Jul 19547"179.0
Elvis Presley, Scotty And Bill

A: Good Rockin' Tonight

Elvis Presley

B: I Don't Care If The Sun Don't Shine
Sun USA21022 Sep 19547"59.2
Malcolm Yelvington And Star Rhythm Boys

A: Drinkin' Wine Spodee-o-dee
B: Just Rolling Along
Sun USA21110 Nov 19547"3 
Doctor Ross

A: The Boogie Disease
B: Juke Box Boogie
Sun USA21210 Nov 19547"3 
The Jones Brothers

A: Every Night
B: Look To Jesus
Sun USA2138 Jan 19557"0 
Billy (The Kid) Emerson

A: Move Baby Move
B: When It Rains It Pours
Sun USA2148 Jan 19557"2 
Elvis Presley, Scotty And Bill

A: Milkcow Blues Boogie
B: You're A Heartbreaker
Sun USA2158 Jan 19557"219.0
Slim Rhodes

A: Uncertain Love
B: Don't Believe
Sun USA2161 Apr 19557"0 
Elvis Presley, Scotty And Bill

A: I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
B: Baby, Let's Play House
Sun USA21725 Apr 19557"109.5
Sammy Lewis With Willie Johnson

A: I Feel So Worried
B: So Long Baby Goodbye
Sun USA21825 Apr 19557"2 
Billy "The Kid" Emerson

A: Red Hot
B: No Greater Love
Sun USA21921 Jun 19557"3 
Little Milton

A: Lookin' For My Baby
B: Homesick For My Baby
Sun USA22021 Jun 19557"0 
Johnny Cash And The Tennessee Two

A: Cry! Cry! Cry!
B: Hey, Porter!
Sun USA22121 Jun 19557"3 
The Five Tinos

A: Don't Do That!
B: Sitting By My Window
Sun USA22221 Jun 19557"3 
Elvis Presley, Scotty And Bill

A: Mystery Train
B: I Forgot To Remember To Forget
Sun USA2231 Aug 19557"109.6
Carl Perkins

A: Let The Juke Box Keep On Playing
B: Gone, Gone, Gone
Sun USA2241 Aug 19557"48.3
Slim Rhodes

A: The House Of Sin
B: Are You Ashamed Of Me
Sun USA2251 Aug 19557"0 
Eddie Snow

A: Ain't That Right
B: Bring Your Love Back Home
Sun USA2261 Aug 19557"0 
Rosco Gordon

A: Just Love Me Baby
B: Weeping Blues
Sun USA227Sep 19557"1 
Smokey Joe

A: The Signifying Monkey
B: Listen To Me Baby
Sun USA22815 Sep 19557"4 
Maggie Sue Wimberly

A: How Long
B: Daydreams Come True
Sun USA229Dec 19557"28.0
The Miller Sisters [Memphis]

A: There's No Right Way To Do Me Wrong
B: You Can Tell Me
Sun USA23015 Jan 19567"0 

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