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Sunshine Country - Label Discography

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John Wells

A: Morning Dew
B: Us Children
Sunshine Country USASC 10119737"0 
Billy Parker

A: Travelin' Truckin' Man
B: The Man From Galilee
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC-11819747"0 
John Wells

A: Better Let It Ride
B: She's The Best Thing (I've Ever Had)
Sunshine Country USASC-12519757"0 
Curly Lewis

A: I'm Not Strong Enough
B: I'm Not Strong Enough
Sunshine Country USASC-12118 Nov 1975Promo Only 7"0 
Darrell Dodson

A: Lone Star Cowboy
B: Lone Star Cowboy
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASCR 1351976Promo Only 7"0 
Billy Parker

A: It's Bad When You're Caught (With The Goods)
B: I Guess I Owe That Much To You
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC-133Aug 19767"0 
Suzanne Dillingham

A: Redneck Ramblin' Man
B: Redneck Ramblin' Man
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC-1411977Promo Only 7"0 
Dugg Collins

A: How Do You Talk To A Baby
B: How Do You Talk To A Baby
Sunshine Country USASC-1471977Promo Only 7"0 
Jess Hudson

A: Hide Me In The Shadow (Of Your Love)
B: Hide Me In The Shadow (Of Your Love)
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC 1521977Promo Only 7"0 
Billy Parker

A: Lord, If I Make It To Heaven Can I Bring My Own Angel Along
B: Jerri Again
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC 136Jan 19777"0 
Billy Parker

A: What Did I Promise Her Last Night
B: Let A Fool Take A Bow
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC-144May 19777"0 
Billy Parker

A: If You Got To Have It Your Way (I'll Go Mine)
B: Line Between Love And Hate
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC-148Sep 19777"0 
Billy Parker

A: You Read Between The Lines
B: Trophy Of Gold
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC 153Dec 19777"0 
Carl Belew

A: Big Flickin' Baby
B: We Don't Have To Fall In Love (To Make It Work)
Sunshine Country USASC-15819787"0 
Billy Parker

A: If There's One Angel Missing (She's Here In My Arms Tonight)
B: Tough Act To Follow
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC 157Apr 19787"0 
Billy Parker

A: Until The Next Time
B: Tough Act To Follow
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC 160Aug 19787"0 
Billy Parker

A: Pleasin' My Woman
B: Thanks E.T. Thanks A Lot
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC-162Dec 19787"3 
Billy Parker

A: Thanks A Lot
B: Until The Next Time
SCR [Dallas, Texas] USASC 177Jul 19797"0 

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