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Swan - Label Discography

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Dickey Doo and The Don'ts

A: Did You Cry
B: Click Clack
Swan USA4001Dec 19577"4 
Billy And Lillie

A: La Dee Dah

Billy Ford And The Thunderbirds

B: The Monster
Swan USA4002Dec 19577"49.0
Doc Starkes And His Nite Riders

A: Apple Cider

The Nite Riders

B: Six Button Benny
Swan USA4003Jan 19587"1 
Billy And Lillie

A: Happiness
B: Creepin', Crawlin', Cryin'
Swan USA4005Mar 19587"0 
Dicky Doo And The Don'ts

A: Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Nu
B: Flip Top Box
Swan USA4006Apr 19587"37.7
Larry Ellis

A: My Heart Understood
B: Tennessee Valley
Swan USA4007May 19587"0 
Earl Wade

A: I Dig Rock 'N' Roll
B: Let Me Miss You
Swan USA4008May 19587"2 
The Upbeats

A: Just Like In The Movies
B: My Foolish Heart
Swan USA4010Jun 19587"1 
Billy And Lillie

A: The Greasy Spoon
B: Hangin' On To You
Swan USA4011Jun 19587"1 
The Echoes [Swan]

A: Scratch My Back
B: The Little Green Man
Swan USA4013Aug 19587"74.0
Dicky Doo And The Don'ts

A: Leave Me Alone (Let Me Cry)
B: Wild Party
Swan USA4014Sep 19587"48.5
Mary Swan

A: I'll Wait For You
B: My Heart Belongs To Only You
Swan USA4016Oct 19587"2 
Billy And Lillie

A: Lucky Ladybug
B: I Promise You
Swan USA4020Nov 19587"1 
Richard Rome

A: Leaf In The Wind
B: Bluebird Of Happiness
Swan USA4021Dec 19587"1 
Patty Saturday

A: Ladies Choice
B: Love Is A Beautiful Thing
Swan USA4022Jan 19597"5 
Quaker City Boys

A: Teasin'
B: Won't Y' Come Out, Mary Ann
Swan USA4023Dec 19587"2 
Don Wayne

A: Head Over Heels In Love
B: (Let Me Be Your) Plaything
Swan USA4024Dec 19587"2 
Dicky Doo And The Don'ts

A: Teardrops Will Fall
B: Come With Us
Swan USA4025Feb 19597"0 
Quaker City Boys

A: Everywhere You Go
B: Love Me Tonight
Swan USA4026Feb 19597"1 
The Kingpins [Swan]

A: (Rockin' At The) House On Main Street
B: (Jazz At The) House On Main Street
Swan USA4027Mar 19597"1 
Mary Swan

A: Prisoner Of Love
B: My Girl Friend Betty
Swan USA4028Mar 19597"4 
Lillie Bryant

A: Smoky Gray Eyes
B: I'll Never Be Free
Swan USA4029Apr 19597"1 
Freddie Cannon

A: Tallahassee Lassie
B: You Know
Swan USA4031May 19597"68.3
Dickey Doo and The Don'ts

A: Ballad Of A Train
B: Dear Heart, Don't Cry
Swan USA4033May 19597"3 
Jackie Lee [Philadelphia]

A: Happy Vacation
B: The Hucklebuck
Swan USA4034Jun 19597"0 
Billy And Lillie

A: Bells, Bells, Bells
B: Honeymoonin'
Swan USA4036Jun 19597"1 
Bobby Baker

A: Baby Blue Eyes
B: Hush - Our Secret
Swan USA4037Jul 19597"0 
Freddie Cannon

A: Okefenokee
B: Kookie Hat
Swan USA4038Aug 19597"39.0
Teen Tones

A: Head-Shoulder Baby
B: My Little Baby
Swan USA404019597"1 
Freddie Cannon

A: Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
B: Fractured
Swan USA4043Oct 19597"29.7
The Young Ideas

A: Touchdown
B: Dream
Swan USA4044Nov 19597"0 
Quaker City Boys

A: Goodbye 50's, Hello 60's
B: You Call Everybody Darlin'
Swan USA4045Dec 19597"2 
Dicky Doo And The Don'ts

A: Wabash Cannonball
B: The Drums Of Richard A. Doo
Swan USA4046Jan 19607"1 
Ronnie Dawson

A: Hazel
A: Ain't That A Kick In The Head
Swan USA4047Dec 19597"1 
Scotty McKay

A: Little Lump Of Sugar
B: Midnight Cryin' Time
Swan USA4049Jan 19607"3 
Freddy Cannon

A: Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy
B: Boston (My Home Town)
Swan USA4050Jan 19607"3 
Billy And Lillie

A: Free For All
B: The Ins And Outs (Of Love)
Swan USA4051Feb 19607"0 
Al And Jet Loring

A: No One Like You
B: Help Yourself, Baby
Swan USA4052Mar 19607"2 
Freddy Cannon

A: Jump Over
B: The Urge
Swan USA4053Apr 19607"59.0
Ronnie Dawson

A: Summer's Comin'
B: Decided By The Angels
Swan USA4054May 19607"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Happy Shades Of Blue
B: (Kwa-Na-Va-Ka) Cuernavaca Choo Choo
Swan USA4057Jul 19607"47.0
Billy And Lillie

A: That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles (Ah So)
B: Over The Mountain, Across The Sea
Swan USA4058Jul 19607"0 
Georgie Young And The Rockin' Bocs

A: Yogi
B: By George !
Swan USA405919607"0 
Danny And The Juniors

A: Twistin' USA
B: A Thousand Miles Away
Swan USA4060Aug 19607"3 
Freddy Cannon

A: Humdinger
B: My Blue Heaven
Swan USA4061Sep 19607"28.0
The Citations

A: Fiddlin' Around
B: Fire Ritual
Swan USA406219607"0 
Johnny Madara

A: Too Many Hound Dogs
B: Teenager's Dream
Swan USA4063Nov 19607"3 
Danny And The Juniors

A: Candy Cane, Sugary Plum
B: O Holy Night
Swan USA4064Nov 19607"5 
Lee Andrews

A: I Miss You So
B: I've Got A Right To Cry
Swan USA406519607"1 
Freddy Cannon

A: Muskrat Ramble
B: Two Thousand-88
Swan USA4066Dec 19607"49.0

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