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Swingin' - Label Discography

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Big Jay McNeely

A: There Is Something On Your Mind
B: . . . Back . . . Shack . . . Track
Swingin' USA45-614Mar 19597"47.0
Big Jay McNeely

A: I Got The Message
B: Psycho Serenade
Swingin' USA45-618Sep 19597"2 
Bobby Williams [Swingin']

A: So Many Women
B: Just A Fool (Is All I Am)
Swingin' USA45-61919607"0 
Little Johnny Taylor

A: Looking At The Future
B: I Tried To Understand
Swingin' USA45-62419607"0 
Doug Sahm And The Pharaohs

A: If You Ever Need Me

Doug Sahm And The Markays

B: Why, Why, Why
Swingin' USA45-62519607"1 
Marvin Phillips

A: Patootie Pie
B: The Big Dance
Swingin' USA45-621Feb 19607"0 
Big Jay McNeely

A: Minnie
B: My Darlng Dear
Swingin' USA45-622Mar 19607"0 
Rochell And The Candles With Johnny Wyatt

A: Once Upon A Time

Rochell And The Candles

B: When My Baby Is Gone
Swingin' USA45-623Nov 19607"87.0
Floyd Dixon

A: Wake Up And Live
B: Tight Skirts
Swingin' USA45-626Nov 19607"0 
Big Jay McNeely

A: I Love You, Oh Darling
B: Oh, What A Fool
Swingin' USA45-627Dec 19607"18.0
Big Jay McNeely

A: Before Midnight
B: After Midnight
Swingin' USA45-62919617"0 
Elliott Shavers

A: Yon He Go
B: Do You Think I Care
Swingin' USA45-63019617"0 
The Hollywood Saxons

A: Every Day's A Holiday
B: L.A. Lover
Swingin' USA45-63119617"0 
Zeke And Geneva

A: Every Woman Has A Right (To Change Her Mind) Part 1
B: Every Woman Has A Right (To Change Her Mind) Part 2
Swingin' USA45-63219617"1 
Sonny Knight

A: Mission Of The Padres
B: Who In The World
Swingin' USA45-63319617"0 
Cora Bennette With The Johnny Success Band

A: He's Quite A Guy
B: Little Cupid
Swingin' USA45-63519617"28.0
Rochell And The Candles Featuring Johnny Wyatt

A: So Far Away

Rochell And The Candles

B: Hey, Pretty Baby
Swingin' USA45-634May 19617"1 
Monte Easter And His Band

A: Weekend Blues
B: Birdland Hop
Swingin' USA45-63619627"0 
Big Jay McNeely

A: Without A Love
B: The Squat
Swingin' USA45-63719627"2 
Haze Hart With Gus Jenkins

A: Last Time
B: Red River Shuffle
Swingin' USA45-63819627"0 
Little Johnny Taylor

A: One More Chance
B: One Pound
Swingin' USA45-63919627"0 
Rochell And The Candles With Johnny Wyatt

A: Beg Of My Heart

Rochell And The Candles

B: Squat With Me Baby
Swingin' USA45-64019627"1 
Marvin And Johnny

A: I'm Tired Of Being Alone
B: Baby Don't You Know
Swingin' USA45-64119627"1 
Art Wheeler

A: Jo Jo
B: Too Late For Tears
Swingin' USA45-64219627"0 
Marvin And Johnny

A: Pretty One (You're The One I Love)
B: Second Helping Of Cherry Pie
Swingin' USA45-64519637"0 
Hal And Bobbie

A: Once Upon A Time
B: Not Known
Swingin' USA45-64719637"0 
Bat Henderson

A: It's A Great Life
B: The Cigarette Song
Swingin' USA45-65319637"0 

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