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Tamla - Label Discography

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Marv Johnson

A: Come To Me
B: Whisper
Tamla USA10121 Jan 19597"6 
Eddie Holland

A: Merry-Go-Round
B: It Moves Me
Tamla USA102Feb 19597"0 
Barrett Strong

A: Let's Rock
B: Do The Very Best You Can
Tamla USAMT 54021 / MT 54022Apr 19597"2 
Chico Leverett

A: I'll Never Love Again
B: Solid Sender
Tamla USAMT-54024Apr 19597"1 
Ron And Bill

A: It
B: Don't Say Bye Bye
Tamla USA54025Jun 19597"0 
The Swinging Tigers

A: Snake Walk - Part 1
B: Snake Walk - Part 2
Tamla USAMT 54024Jun 19597"08.0
The Satintones

A: Going To The Hop
B: Motor City
Tamla USA54026Jul 19597"0 
Barrett Strong

A: Money (That's What I Want)
B: Oh I Apologize
Tamla USA54027Aug 19597"209.7
Nick And The Jaguars

A: Ich-i-bon #1
B: Cool And Crazy
Tamla USA5501Aug 19597"0 
The Miracles

A: The Feeling Is So Fine
B: You Can Depend On Me [first version]
Tamla USA54028Sep 19597"0 
The Miracles

A: Way Over There [without strings]
B: Depend On Me [second version]
Tamla USA54028Feb 19607"1 
The Miracles

A: Way Over There [with strings]
B: Depend On Me [second version]
Tamla USA54028Mar 19607"0 
Barrett Strong

A: Yes, No, Maybe So
B: You Knows What To Do
Tamla USA54029May 19607"0 
Mable John

A: Who Wouldn't Love A Man Like That
B: You Made A Fool Out Of Me
Tamla USAT-5403126 Aug 19607"1 
Barrett Strong And Rayber Voices

A: I'm Gonna Cry (If You Quit Me)
B: Whirlwind
Tamla USAT 5403331 Aug 19607"0 
Singin' Sammy Ward

A: Who's The Fool
B: That Child Is Really Wild
Tamla USAT-5403019 Sep 19607"29.0
Singin' Sammy Ward

A: What Makes You Love Him [first version]
B: Really Wild
Tamla USAT-5403019 Sep 19607"0 
Herman Griffin

A: True Love (That's Love)
B: It's You
Tamla USAT-5403210 Oct 19607"0 
The Miracles

A: Shop Around
B: Who's Lovin You
Tamla USAT-5403415 Oct 19607"207.0
Barrett Strong

A: Money And Me
B: You Got What It Takes
Tamla USAT-540358 Feb 19617"2 
The Miracles

A: Ain't It Baby
B: The Only One I Love
Tamla USAT-540368 Feb 19617"2 
The Gospel Stars

A: He Lifted Me
B: Behold The Saints Of God
Tamla USAT 54037Mar 19617"0 
The Supremes

A: I Want A Guy
B: Never Again
Tamla USAT-540389 Mar 19617"1 
Mickey Woods

A: Poor Sam Jones
B: They Rode Through The Valley
Tamla USAT-5403929 Mar 19617"1 
Marvin Gay (Marvin Gaye)

A: Masquerade (Is Over)
B: Witchcraft
Tamla USANO NUMBERMay 1961Promo Only 7"1 
Marvin Gaye

A: Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
B: Never Let You Go
Tamla USAT-5404125 May 19617"0 
Barrett Strong

A: Misery
B: Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
Tamla USAT 540433 Jun 19617"0 
The Miracles

A: Broken Hearted
B: Mighty Good Lovin'
Tamla USAT-540443 Jun 19617"0 
Mable John

A: No Love
B: Looking For A Man
Tamla USAT-5404012 Jun 19617"5 
Gino Parks

A: Same Thing
B: That's No Lie
Tamla USAT 5404217 Jun 19617"3 

A: Buttered Popcorn
B: Who's Loving You
Tamla USAT-5404521 Jul 19617"010.0
The Marvelettes

A: Please Mr. Postman
B: So Long Baby
Tamla USAT-5404621 Aug 19617"1010.0
The Miracles

A: Everybody Gotta Pay Some Dues
B: I Can't Believe
Tamla USAT-5404819 Sep 19617"0 
Mabel John

A: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
B: Take Me
Tamla USA54050Nov 19617"0 
Bob Kayli

A: Tie Me Tight
B: Small Sad Sam
Tamla USA54051Nov 19617"0 
Sammy Ward

A: What Makes You Love Him
B: Don't Take It Away
Tamla USATAMLA 540492 Nov 19617"0 
Mickey Woods

A: Please Mr. Kennedy
B: The Call Me Cupid
Tamla USA54052Dec 19617"1 

A: Twistin' Postman
B: I Want A Guy
Tamla USAT 540546 Dec 19617"2 
The Miracles

A: What's So Good About Good-By
B: I've Been Good To You
Tamla USAT-5405314 Dec 19617"2 
Marvin Gaye

A: Sandman
B: I'm Yours, You're Mine
Tamla USATAMLA 5405519 Jan 19627"0 

A: Your Baby's Back
B: Request Of A Fool
Tamla USATAMLA 540568 Feb 19627"0 
Singin' Sammy Ward

A: Big Joe Moe
B: Everybody Knew It
Tamla USA540571 Mar 19627"0 
Rev. Columbus Mann

A: They Shall Be Mine
B: Jesus Loves
Tamla USATAMLA 540477 Mar 19627"0 
Little Otis

A: I Out-Duked The Duke
B: Baby I Need You
Tamla USATAM 5405813 Mar 19627"1 
The Miracles

A: I'll Try Something New
B: You Never Miss A Good Thing
Tamla USAT 540599 Apr 19627"1 
The Marvelettes

A: Playboy
B: All The Love I've Got
Tamla USAT 540609 Apr 19627"26 
Little Stevie Wonder

A: I Call It Pretty Music But The Old People Call It The Blues Pt 1
B: I Call It Pretty Music But The Old People Call It The Blues Pt 2
Tamla USAT 54061May 19627"0 
Marvin Gaye

A: Soldier's Plea
B: Taking My Time
Tamla USATAMLA 540638 May 19627"0 
Mickey McCullers

A: Same Old Story
B: I'll Cry A Million Tears
Tamla USA5406418 Jun 19627"0 
Saundra Mallett And The Vandellas

A: Camel Walk
B: It's Gonna Be Hard Times
Tamla USA54067Jul 19627"0 

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