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Tamla Motown - Label Discography

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  UK  668
  Netherlands  472
  New Zealand  303
  Canada  276
  Germany  274
  France  272
  Australia  268
  Spain  158
  Italy  102
  Ireland  96
  Portugal  75
  Norway  49
  Argentina  38
  Sweden  38
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Hitsville USA No. 1

Marvin Gaye

A1: Baby Don't You Do It

Brenda Holloway

A2: I'll Always Love You

Carolyn Crawford

B1: Devil In His Heart

Eddie Holland

B2: Candy To Me
Tamla Motown UKTME 200119 Mar 1965EP19.0
The Contours

A1: Can You Jerk Like Me
A2: That Day When She Needed Me
B1: Can You Do It
B2: I'll Stand By You
Tamla Motown UKTME 200219 Mar 1965EP0 
The Marvelettes

A1: Too Many Fish In The Sea
A2: He's A Good Guy (Yes He Is)
B1: You're My Remedy
B2: Little Girl Blue
Tamla Motown UKTME 200319 Mar 1965EP0 
The Temptations

A1: My Girl
A2: I'll Be In Trouble
B1: Why You Wanna Make Me Blue
B2: The Girl's Alright With Me
Tamla Motown UKTME 200419 Mar 1965EP110.0
Kim Weston

A1: A Little More Love
A2: Another Train Coming
B1: Looking For The Right Guy
B2: Go Ahead And Laugh
Tamla Motown UKTME 200519 Mar 1965EP1 
Stevie Wonder

A1: Fingertips
A2: Happy Street
B1: Hey Harmonica Man
B2: Square
Tamla Motown UKTME 200619 Mar 1965EP2 
The Supremes

A: Stop! In The Name Of Love
B: I'm In Love Again
Tamla Motown UKTMG 50119 Mar 19657"109.4
Martha And The Vandellas

A: Nowhere To Run
B: Motoring
Tamla Motown UKTMG 50219 Mar 19657"29.1
The Miracles

A: Ooo Baby Baby
B: All That's Good
Tamla Motown UKTMG 50319 Mar 19657"010.0
The Temptations

A: It's Growing
B: What Love Has Joined Together
Tamla Motown UKTMG 50419 Mar 19657"39.0
Stevie Wonder

A: Kiss Me Baby
B: Tears In Vain
Tamla Motown UKTMG 50519 Mar 19657"17.0
Earl Van Dyke And The Soul Brothers

A: All For You
B: Too Many Fish In The Sea
Tamla Motown UKTMG 50619 Mar 19657"510.0
Four Tops

A: Ask The Lonely
B: Where Did You Go
Tamla Motown UKTMG 50726 Mar 19657"410.0
Shorty Long

A: Out To Get You
B: It's A Crying Shame
Tamla Motown UKTMG 512Apr 19657"0 
Brenda Holloway

A: When I'm Gone
B: I've Been Good To You
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5082 Apr 19657"19.0
Jr. Walker And The All Stars

A: Shotgun
B: Hot Cha
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5092 Apr 19657"0 
Marvin Gaye

A: I'll Be Doggone
B: You've Been A Long Time Coming
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5109 Apr 19657"29.0
Kim Weston

A: I'm Still Loving You
B: Just Loving You
Tamla Motown UKTMG 51116 Apr 19657"19.5
The Supremes

The Supremes' Hits

A1: Where Did Our Love Go
A2: Baby Love
B1: Come See About Me
B2: When The Lovelight Starts Shining Thru' His Eyes
Tamla Motown UKTME 2008May 1965EP1 
Martha And The Vandellas

Martha And The Vandellas

A1: Dancing In The Street
A2: Live Wire
B1: Wild One
B2: In My Lonely Room
Tamla Motown UKTME 2009May 1965EP0 
The Hit Pack

A: Never Say No To Your Baby
B: Let's Dance
Tamla Motown UKTMG 513May 19657"29.0
Four Tops

A: I Can't Help Myself
B: Sad Souvenirs
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5157 May 19657"09.0
The Spinners

A: Sweet Thing
B: How Can I
Tamla Motown UKTMG 51414 May 19657"29.0
The Supremes

A: Back In My Arms Again
B: Whisper You Love Me Boy
Tamla Motown UKTMG 51628 May 19657"28.6
Choker Campbell's Big Band

A: Mickey's Monkey
B: Pride And Joy
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5174 Jun 19657"3 
The Marvelettes

A: I'll Keep Holding On
B: No Time For Tears
Tamla Motown UKTMG 51811 Jun 19657"110.0
Brenda Holloway

A: Operator
B: I'll Be Available
Tamla Motown UKTMG 51925 Jun 19657"49.0
Jr. Walker And The All Stars

A: Do The Boomerang
B: Tune Up
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5202 Jul 19657"08.0
The Velvelettes

A: Lonely Lonely Girl Am I
B: I'm The Exception To The Rule
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5219 Jul 19657"39.8
The Miracles

A: The Tracks Of My Tears
B: A Fork In The Road
Tamla Motown UKTMG 52223 Jul 19657"110.0
The Spinners

A: I'll Always Love You
B: Tomorrow May Never Come
Tamla Motown UKTMG 52330 Jul 19657"010.0
Marvin Gaye

A: Pretty Little Baby
B: Now That You've Won Me
Tamla Motown UKTMG 52413 Aug 19657"210.0
The Temptations

A: Since I Lost My Baby
B: You've Got To Earn It
Tamla Motown UKTMG 52620 Aug 19657"110.0
The Detroit Spinners

A: I'll Always Love You
B: Tomorrow May Never Come
Tamla Motown UKTMG 52327 Aug 19657"119.0
The Supremes

A: Nothing But Heartaches
B: He Holds His Own
Tamla Motown UKTMG 52727 Aug 19657"18.4
Four Tops

A: It's The Same Old Song
B: Your Love Is Amazing
Tamla Motown UKTMG 52827 Aug 19657"08.8
Marv Johnson

A: Why Do You Want To Let Me Go
B: I'm Not A Plaything
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5252 Sep 19657"168.0
Jr. Walker And The All Stars

A: Shake And Fingerpop
B: Cleo's Back
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5293 Sep 19657"19.0
Martha And The Vandellas

A: You've Been In Love Too Long
B: Love (Makes Me Do Foolish Things)
Tamla Motown UKTMG 53010 Sep 19657"08.0
The Contours

A: First I Look At The Purse
B: Searching For A Girl
Tamla Motown UKTMG 53117 Sep 19657"58.0
Stevie Wonder

A: High Heel Sneakers
B: Music Talk
Tamla Motown UKTMG 53224 Sep 19657"08.0
Billy Eckstine

A: Had You Been Around
B: Down To Earth
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5331 Oct 19657"18.0
Dorsey Burnette

A: Jimmy Brown
B: Everybody's Angel
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5341 Oct 19657"17.0
The Marvelettes

A: Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead
B: Your Cheating Ways
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5358 Oct 19657"09.0
The Lewis Sisters

A: You Need Me
B: Moonlight On The Beach
Tamla Motown UKTMG 53615 Oct 19657"89.0
Tony Martin

A: The Bigger Your Heart Is (The Harder You'll Fall)
B: The Two Of Us
Tamla Motown UKTMG 53722 Oct 19657"1 
Kim Weston

A: Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)
B: Don't Compare Me With Her
Tamla Motown UKTMG 53829 Oct 19657"39.7
Marvin Gaye

A: Ain't That Peculiar
B: She's Got To Be Real
Tamla Motown UKTMG 5395 Nov 19657"28.7
The Miracles

A: My Girl Has Gone
B: Since You Won My Heart
Tamla Motown UKTMG 54012 Nov 19657"2 
The Temptations

A: My Baby
B: Don't Look Back
Tamla Motown UKTMG 54119 Nov 19657"48.3

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