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Tamla Motown - Label Discography

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  UK  658
  Netherlands  449
  Germany  206
  Australia  173
  Canada  129
  Ireland  92
  France  90
  Norway  45
  Portugal  45
  Spain  38
  Italy  35
  Sweden  26
  New Zealand  21
  South Africa  17
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The Supremes

A1: Stop ! In The Name Of Love
A2: Baby Don't Go
B1: When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
B2: Buttered Popcorn
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20011965EP0 
The Temptations

A1: It's Growing
A2: Why You Wanna Make Me Blue
B1: I'll Be In Trouble
B2: The Girl's Alright With Me
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20021965EP0 
The Miracles

A1: The Groovy Thing
A2: Oo Baby Baby
B1: The Monkey Time
B2: You're So Fine And Sweet
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20031965EP0 
Mary Wells

A1: My Guy

The Velvelettes

A2: Needle In A Haystack

Martha And The Vandellas

B1: Heatwave

Eddie Holland

B2: Candy To Me
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20041965EP0 
Smokey Robinson And The Miracles

If You Can Want

A1: If You Can Want
A2: When The Words From Your Heart Get Caught Up In Your Throat
B1: I Second That Emotion
B2: Save Me
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20051967EP0 
Smokey Robinson And The Miracles

Yester Love

A1: Yester Love
A2: More Love
B1: Much Better Off
B2: The Tears Of A Clown
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20061968EP0 
Four Tops

A1: I'm In A Different World
A2: Quiet Night Of Quiet Stars
B1: Remember When
B2: Your Love Is Amazing
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20091968EP0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A1: Love Child
B1: Will This Be The Day
B2: People
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20111968EP0 
Stevie Wonder

A1: For Once In My Life
A2: A Place In The Sun
B1: I Was Made To Love Her
B2: Angie Girl
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20121968EP0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A1: I'm So Glad I Got Somebody
A2: Keep An Eye
B1: I'm Living In Shame
B2: He's My Sunny Boy
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20151969EP0 
Marvin Gaye

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

A1: I Heard It Through The Grapevine
A2: Take This Heart Of Mine
B1: Need Somebody
B2: Your Unchanging Love
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20161969EP0 
Smokey Robinson And The Miracles

A1: Baby, Baby Don't Cry
A2: Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
B1: Your Mother's Only Daughter
B2: Going To A Go Go
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20171969EP0 
Stevie Wonder

A1: My Cherie Amour
B1: I Don't Know Why
B2: Sunny
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20191969EP0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A1: The Composer
A2: Honey Bee (Keep On Stinging Me)
B1: The Beginning Of The End
B2: How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20201969EP0 
Marvin Gaye

A1: Too Busy Thinking About My Baby
A2: You're What's Happening (In The World Today)
B1: Wherever I Lay My Hat
B2: You
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20211969EP0 
Four Tops

A1: What Is A Man
A2: Brenda
B1: Don't Bring Back Memories
B2: Then
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20221969EP0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

A1: Aquarius - Let The Sunshine In
A2: The Young Folks
B1: No Matter What Sign You Are
B2: I'll Set You Free
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20231969EP0 
The Rare Earth

A1: Get Ready
A2: Generation (Light Up The Sky)
B1: Magic Key
Tamla Motown Portugal8E 016-40 0791970EP0 
Diana Ross And The Supremes

Someday We'll Be Together

A1: Someday We'll Be Together
A2: Can't You See It's Me
B1: Blowin' In The Wind
B2: Shadows Of Society
Tamla Motown Portugal8E 016-910641970EP0 
Four Tops

Soul Spin

A1: I Can't Help Myself
A2: Barbara's Boy
B1: Baby I Need Your Loving
B2: Got To Get You Into My Life
Tamla Motown Portugal8E 016-914081970EP0 
Edwin Starr

A1: War
A2: He Who Picks A Rose
B1: Time
B2: Running Back And Forth
Tamla Motown Portugal8E 016-917261970EP0 
Four Tops

A1: Do What You Gotta Do
A2: Never My Love
B1: Can't Seem To Get You Out Of My Mind
B2: Once Upon A Time
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20271970EP0 
Stevie Wonder

A1: Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday
A2: Somebody Knows, Somebody Cares
B1: I'd Be A Fool Right Now
B2: Pearl
Tamla Motown PortugalTMEL 20281970EP0 
Stevie Wonder

A: We Can Work It Out
B: Don't Wonder Why
Tamla Motown PortugalTMG 77219707"1 
Edwin Starr

A: My Sweet Lord
B: Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 500219717"0 
Messengers [Motown]

A: In The Jungle
B: That's The Way A Woman Is
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 500419717"0 
Michael Jackson

A: Maria (You Were The Only One)
B: Got To Be There
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 500519717"0 
Jack Hammer

A: Colour Combination
B: Swim
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 500719717"0 
Jr. Walker And The All Stars

A: Feeling Alright
B: Right On Brothers And Sisters
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 500819717"0 
Smokey Robinson And The Miracles

A: Come Round Here (I'm The One You Need)
B: We Can Make It We Can
Tamla Motown PortugalTMG 76119717"0 
Four Tops

A: Just Seven Numbers (Can Straighten Out My Life)
B: I Wish I Were Your Mirror
Tamla Motown PortugalTMG 77019717"0 
R. Dean Taylor

A: Indiana Wants Me
B: Love's Your Name
Tamla Motown Portugal8E 006-91 874 M5 Feb 19717"09.0
Michael Jackson

A: Rockin' Robin
B: Love Is Here And Now You're Gone
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 500919727"0 
Marvin Gaye

A: Inner City Blues
B: Wholly Holy
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 501019727"0 
Diana Ross

A: Doobedood'ndoobe, Doobedood'ndoobe, Doobedood'ndoo
B: Keep An Eye
Tamla Motown PortugalTMG 81219727"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Superstition
B: You've Got It Bad Girl
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 501319737"0 
Stevie Wonder

A: Superstition
B: You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 501819737"0 
The Temptations

A: Masterpiece
B: Shine On Me (Instr.)
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 501919737"0 
The Jackson 5

A: Hallelujah Day
B: To Know
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 502119737"0 
Edwin Starr

A: You've Got My Soul On Fire
B: Love (The Lonely People's Prayer)
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 502619737"0 

A: Reservation Of Education
B: Young Warrior
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 502719737"0 
Diana Ross

A: Sleepin'
B: You
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 503119747"0 
Rare Earth

A: Chained
B: Fresh From The Can
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 503719747"0 
The Temptations

A: You've Got My Soul On Fire
B: I Need You
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 503619757"0 
The Jackson 5

A: I Am Love - Pt. 1
B: I Am Love - Pt. 2
Tamla Motown PortugalTMATS 504119757"0 

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