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Target - Label Discography

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Shea Cribben And The Riviera

A: Love And The Country
B: The Girl Next Door
Target Ireland7N.1741919677"0 
Earl Gill

A: Sunset
B: If I Could Choose
Target Ireland7N.1742019677"1 
Jon Ledingham

A: Without An E
B: She's Got Me
Target Ireland7N 1742219677"1 
The Johnstons

A: I Never Will Marry
B: Banks Of Claudy
Target Ireland7N 1743019677"0 
The Freshmen

A: Papa-Ooh-Mow-Mow
B: Let's Dance
Target Ireland7N 1743219677"3 
The Movement

A: Tell Her
B: Something You Got
Target Ireland7N 1744319677"6 
Martin Crosbie

A: The Miller's Daughter
B: I Hate To Lose You
Target Ireland7N 1744419677"0 
Johnny McEvoy

About This Time

A1: O Bambino (One Cold And Blessed Winter)
A2: The Bells On Christmas Eve
B1: Standing In The Rain
B2: Little Drummer Boy
Target IrelandNEP.242901967EP1 
Johnny McEvoy

A: Nora
B: Tarry Flynn
Target Ireland7N 1747219687"0 
The Bye-Laws

A: Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
B: Come On Over To My Place
Target Ireland7N 1748119687"0 
Jon Ledingham

A: Love Is A Toy
B: Thank You Mrs.Gilbert
Target Ireland7N 1748819687"1 
Dermot O'Brien And The Clubmen

A: Rosin The Bow
B: Walkin' In The Sunshine
Target Ireland7N.1749019687"0 
The Gentiles

A: Goodbye Baby
B: Marlene
Target Ireland7N 1753019687"2 

A: Do You Wanna Dance
B: My Girl
Target Ireland7N 1755319687"1 
Rising Sons [Ireland]

A: Just A Little While Longer
B: Fountain Of Love
Target Ireland7N 1755419687"2 
The Millionaires [Ireland]

A: The Natural Thing To Do
B: The Green Leaves Of Summer
Target Ireland7N 1756119687"0 
The Strangers [Ireland]

A: I'm On An Island
B: Step Inside
Target Ireland7N 1758519687"2 
The Freshmen

A: Go Granny Go (The Little Old Lady From Pasadena)
B: Look At The Sunshine
Target Ireland7N.1759219687"0 
The Deep Set

A: Hello Amy
B: That's The Way Life Goes
Target Ireland7N 1759419687"1 
Derrick And The Sounds

A: Power Of Love
B: I'll Take You Home
Target Ireland7N.1760119687"1 

A: Gra Mo Chroi
B: For Baby (For Bobbie)
Target Ireland7N.1760319687"0 
Johnny McEvoy

A: Hedgehog Song
B: Time And Time Again
Target Ireland7N.1760719687"0 
Real McCoy [Ireland]

A: I Get So Excited
B: Somebody's Taken Maria Away
Target Ireland7N 1761819687"48.0
Real McCoy [Ireland]

A: Quick Joey Small (Run Joey Run)
B: Happiness Is Love
Target Ireland7N 1766919687"1 
Margo And The Keynotes

A: Road By The River
B: ( If I Could See The World Through) The Eyes Of A Child
Target Ireland7N 1767719687"1 
The Broadsiders

A: Grandfather's Will
B: Deportees
Target Ireland7N 1754824 May 19687"2 
The Times [Ireland]

A: What's Made Milwaukee Famous (Has Made A Loser Out Of Me)
B: Follow The Times
Target Ireland7N 17647Nov 19687"3 
The Freshmen

A: Just To See You Smile
B: Indian Lake
Target Ireland7N 1768919697"1 
The Bye-Laws

A: Run Baby Run
B: To Sir With Love
Target Ireland7N.1770119697"1 
San Antones

A: Hey Little Girl
B: Life Without Love
Target Ireland7N.1770319697"1 
Real McCoy [Ireland]

A: Round The Gum Tree
B: I Will
Target Ireland7N 1770419697"110.0
Derrick And The Sounds

A: My Sly Sadie
B: I Can't Lose That Girl
Target Ireland7N1770919697"0 
The Riviera

A: Baby Won't You Leave Me Alone
B: The Love Song
Target Ireland7N 1771219697"0 
The Freshmen

A: She Sang Hymns Out Of Tune
B: Mr. Beverlys Heavy Days
Target Ireland7N 1775719697"0 
The Arrivals

A: Scooby Doo (Feelin Good)
B: She's About A Mover
Target Ireland7N 1776119697"1 
Columbia Boys

A: That's My Pa
B: She Still Thinks I Care
Target Ireland7N 1776319697"0 
Johnny McEvoy

A: My Mary Of The Curling Hair
B: Hickory Wind
Target Ireland7N 1777019697"0 
Red Hurley And The Colours

A: A Poor Man's Roses
B: I Didn't Even Know
Target Ireland7N 1777119697"0 
Real McCoy [Ireland]

A: Gitarzan
B: Anytime You Need Me
Target Ireland7N 1777219697"0 
Albany Brothers

A: Shandon Bells
B: Noreen Bawn
Target Ireland7N 1778719697"0 
Derrick And The Sounds

A: Morning Papers And Margarine
B: Winter Of Your Love
Target Ireland7N 1780119697"0 
Dickie Rock And The Miami

A: Uncle Tristan's Moonship
B: The Wanderer
Target Ireland7N1780619697"1 
The Trend

A: We'll Walk In Peace
B: Lovely Derry
Target Ireland7N 1783519697"0 
Real McCoy [Ireland]

A: Many The Memories
B: She's Different She's Beautiful
Target Ireland7N 1785019697"0 
Deirdre Downes And The Broadsiders

A: Lady Mary
B: Did He Mention My Name
Target Ireland7N 1778111 Jul 19697"0 
Nomads [Ireland]

A: The Singer Sang His Song
B: Lovin' Him
Target Ireland7N 1790619707"010.0
Kelley And The Nevada

A: My Mother's Home
B: I Love Only You
Target Ireland7N 1797119707"0 
Real McCoy [Ireland]

A: Near Or Far
B: So Long
Target Ireland7N 1797219707"0 
Johnny McEvoy

A: The West's Asleep
B: Happiness Is Love
Target Ireland7N 1798819707"1 
Real McCoy [Ireland]

A: I'll Give YouThings
B: Baby Go Home
Target Ireland7N 1799219707"0 

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