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Teeny - Label Discography

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Jean Campbell

A: Many Tears Ago
B: Sailor
Teeny BelgiumT. 10819617"0 
Bud Ashton

A: F.B.I.
B: Wheels
Teeny BelgiumT. 11019617"4 
Rikki Henderson

A: Runaway

Bud Ashton

B: The Frightened City
Teeny BelgiumT. 12419617"0 
Doris Lee

A: You'll Never Know

Rikki Henderson

B: Surrender
Teeny BelgiumT. 12519617"0 
Bobby Stevens And Don Duke

A: More Than I Can Say
B: Hello Mary Lou
Teeny BelgiumT. 12619617"3 
Bobby Stevens

A: Mother In Law
B: But I Do
Teeny BelgiumT. 12719617"0 
Bobby Stevens

A: Halfway To Paradise
B: A Girl Like You
Teeny BelgiumT. 12919617"0 
Jean Campbell

A: Romeo
B: You Don't Know
Teeny BelgiumT. 13119617"0 
Bobby Stevens

A: Michael, Row The Boat
B: Who Put The Bomp
Teeny BelgiumT. 13519617"0 
Tommy Hawk [Belgium]

A: Amor

Louis Haze

B: Sabra
Teeny BelgiumT. 13819617"0 
Jo Torry

A: Les Millions D'Arlequin
B: Hear My Song, Violetta
Teeny BelgiumT. 14319617"0 
Bobby Stevens

A: Big Bad John

Gordon Peters Quartet

B: Take Five
Teeny BelgiumT. 14919617"0 
Bobby Stevens

A: Multiplication
B: The Young Ones
Teeny BelgiumT. 15519627"0 
Ronn Clay

A: Kissin' Twist
B: Swinging Girl (Twist)
Teeny BelgiumT. 15719627"0 
Ronn Clay

A: Ya Ya Twist

Ann Sue

B: Twist And Freeze...U.S.A.
Teeny BelgiumT. 16419627"0 
Bobby Stevens

A: Good Luck Charm
B: I'm Looking Out Of The Window
Teeny BelgiumT. 17219627"2 
Paul Rich

A: I Can't Stop Loving You

Kay Barry

B: Speak To Me Pretty
Teeny BelgiumT. 17519627"0 
Benny Honk And His Orchestra

A: Caterina
B: Quando Quando Quando...
Teeny BelgiumT. 17719627"0 

A: A Little Love, A Little Kiss
B: Vacation
Teeny BelgiumT. 18119627"1 
Bobby Stevens

A: I Remember You

Redd Wayne

B: A Picture Of You
Teeny BelgiumT 18319627"0 
Redd Wayne

A: Don't Ever Change

Mike Redway

B: Things
Teeny BelgiumT. 18519627"0 
Les Carle

A: Ramblin' Rose

James Wright And His Orchestra

B: Lonely
Teeny BelgiumT. 19319627"0 
Gerd Fitz

A: Ohne Krimi geht die Mimi nie ins Bett

Charlotte Marian

B: Am Horizont Irgendwo
Teeny BelgiumT. 87819627"0 
Paul Rich

A: Speedy Conzales
B: Our Favorite Melody
Teeny BelgiumT.17919637"0 
Rikki Henderson

A: Loop De Loop

Paul Rich

B: Little Town Flirt
Teeny BelgiumT. 21519637"0 
The Starlings [UK]

A: Hey Paula

Rikki Henderson

B: One Broken Heart For Sale
Teeny BelgiumT. 21919637"0 
The Starlings

A: Walk Right In

Mike Redway

B: Summer Holiday
Teeny BelgiumT. 22019637"0 
Sal Davis

A: Unchain My Heart
B: The Moon Was Yellow (And The Night Was Young)
Teeny BelgiumT. 22119637"0 
The Typhoons

A: Charmaine
B: Rhythm Of The Rain
Teeny BelgiumT 22219637"0 
Bud Ashton And His Group

A: Atlantis
B: Scarlett O'Hara
Teeny BelgiumT.22819637"1 
Les Carle

A: Take These Chains From My Heart

Ray Pilgrim

B: Falling
Teeny BelgiumT.23019637"1 
Ray Pilgrim

A: Twist And Shout
B: I'm Confessin
Teeny BelgiumT. 23519637"0 
Manuel De Gomez Y Su Orquesta Tipica

A: Esperanza
B: Miserable Tango
Teeny BelgiumT. 506319637"0 
Sally Wills

A: Brandend Zand
B: Liefdestango
Teeny BelgiumT.510119637"0 
Pilie Georges

A: Non Monsieur
B: Tous Mes Copains
Teeny BelgiumT. 511719637"0 
Rocky Messina

A: Buona Notte Bambino
B: Monastere De Santa Chiara
Teeny BelgiumT. 513019637"07.0
Jean Paul

A: Maria
B: Combien De Nuits (Tonight)
Teeny BelgiumT.514019637"0 
Willy Williams

A: Idool Der Tieners
B: De Laatste Roos Uit De Prairie
Teeny BelgiumT.514819637"0 
Pilie Georges

A: En Ecoutant La Pluie

Ghislaine Merry

B: Te Quiero Mucho
Teeny BelgiumT. 516119637"0 
Willy Williams

A: Claudia
B: Lees In M'n Hart
Teeny BelgiumT. 516419637"0 
Willy Williams

A: Je Liegt
B: Waar En Wanneer
Teeny BelgiumT. 516919637"1 
Alex Valere

A: O Moet Je Eens Voelen
B: Weer Een Café
Teeny BelgiumT.518419637"0 
Mary Ghislaine

A: Chariot
B: J'entends Siffler Le Train
Teeny BelgiumT. 509019647"0 
Rikki Henderson

A: Save The Last Dance For Me
B: My Love For You
Teeny BelgiumT. 1017"0 
Paol Rich

A: Sheila

Bud Ashton

B: Telstar
Teeny BelgiumT.1897"0 
Bud Ashton

A: Dance On

Bud Ashton And His Group

B: Globe Trotter
Teeny BelgiumT.2107"0 
Jimmy Brown Und Der Twist - Club 62

A: Der Liebestraum Als Twist

Twist - Club 62

B: Twist-Twist
Teeny BelgiumTA.8547"0 

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