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The Bus Stop Label - Label Discography

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The Stupid Cupids

A1: Big Blue Bus

Paulie Chastain

A2: Raining All Day
The Bus Stop Label USAFlexi0 
The Springfields [US Indie]

A: Sunflower
B: Clown
The Bus Stop Label USABUS00119887"0 
Bag O Shells

A: Markers
B: Almost Home
The Bus Stop Label USABUS00219887"0 
St. Christopher

A1: All Of A Tremble
B1: Our Secret
B2: Even The Sky Seems Blue
The Bus Stop Label USABUS00319897"0 

A: Hey Blue Sky!
B: Warts And All
The Bus Stop Label USABUS00419897"0 
The Mayfields

A: Deeper Than The Ocean
B: Feels Like Yesterday
The Bus Stop Label USABUS00519897"010.0
Matt Allison

A: Hard Look At Perfect
B: Heyday
The Bus Stop Label USABUS00619897"010.0
Velvet Crush

A: If Not True
B: One Thing Two Believe
The Bus Stop Label USABUS00719907"0 
Engine No. 9

A: Sleep
B: Waterfall
The Bus Stop Label USABUS00819917"0 
Bag O Shells

A1: Pocket Book
B1: Back In Your Town
B2: What Ever Happened To My Life
The Bus Stop Label USABUS00919907"0 
The Sneetches

A: She Does Everything For Me
B: Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
The Bus Stop Label USABUS01019927"0 
Velvet Crush

A1: Ash And Earth
A2: Circling The Sun
B1: Everything Flows
B2: She Cracked
The Bus Stop Label USABUS0111991EP010.0
The Caroline Know

A: Nail
B: Orphaned Too
The Bus Stop Label USABUS01219917"0 

A: Astronaut
B: Drive
The Bus Stop Label USABUS01319927"0 
Matt Allison

A: Dear Ann
B: Wallflower
The Bus Stop Label USABUS0141992Unreleased010.0

A: Happy Ain't Comin' Home
B: Something Ain't Right
The Bus Stop Label USABUS01519927"0 
The What Gives

Hailstorm E.P.

A1: Marianne Claims
A2: Emily
B1: Out In The Whole Wide World
B2: Isabelle
The Bus Stop Label USABUS0161992EP010.0
The Caroline Know

A: Popsicle 'C'
B: For True
The Bus Stop Label USABUS01719937"0 
Veronica Lake

The Man Who Was Not With It E.P.

A: This Is My World (You Can Have It)
B: See Me When You Are 16
The Bus Stop Label USABUS01819927"0 
Allen Clapp

A1: Snow In The Sun
A2: Mystery Lawn
B1: Happy To Be Sad
The Bus Stop Label USABUS0191992EP0 
The Loneliest Christmas Tree

A1: The Meaning Of Life
A2: The Treasure Chest Of Me
B1: Purgatory
The Bus Stop Label USABUS0201992EP0 
Charlie Dold

A1: Any Poet's Dream
B1: Screw Loose
B2: I've Been Robbed
The Bus Stop Label USABUS02119917"0 
Erik Voeks

A: Throw Me Out A Line
B: When Will It All End
The Bus Stop Label USABUS02219927"010.0
Charlie Dold

A1: Sins On My Shoulders
B1: Party's Little Bird
B2: Copy Shop Dude
The Bus Stop Label USABUS02319927"0 
The Streams

A: Virginia Hellhole
B: Rust Red Shore
The Bus Stop Label USABUS02419937"0 
The Sneetches

A: ... And I'm Thinking
B: I Think It's Alright
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 02519927"0 
The Dentists

Speak No Evil

A1: Outside Your Inside
B1: Speak No Evil
B2: All Coming Down
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 02619927"0 
The Claim

A1: Mrs. Shepherd
A2: On My Way
B1: Down By The Chimney
B2: All About Hope
The Bus Stop Label USABUS0271993EP0 
Charlie Dold

A: Waiting On Mercury
B: Toothache
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 02819937"0 

A1: The Brightest Star
A2: Valentine Tour
B1: Kitchen
B2: Every Now And Then
The Bus Stop Label USABUS0291993EP0 
Erik Voeks

A: Desire Me And Die
B: Or What?
The Bus Stop Label USABUS03019927"010.0
The What Gives

A: She Says (Adolescence Ends)
B: I Hate You For That
The Bus Stop Label USABUS03119937"0 
Sidecar Racers

A: Ride Away
B: Wires
The Bus Stop Label USABUS03219937"010.0
The Sneetches

A: A Good Thing
B: Julianna Why
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 03319937"0 

A1: Hey, Hey, Girl
A2: Naomi And Me
B1: People I Know
The Bus Stop Label USABUS034Nov 1993EP1 

From Here To There...

A1: Once More
B1: Once More
B2: Sadie
The Bus Stop Label USABUS0351994EP0 

Sweet Anarchy

A1: Your History, Is Not Mine
A2: All I Can Do
B1: Often I Lie
B2: Still We Fall (Into The Same Trap)
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 0361993EP0 

A1: Love And Trucks
A2: Sunshower
B1: Load
B2: Mr. Austin
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 0371994EP0 
Bomb Pops

A: Won't Find It
B: Decal
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 03819947"0 
Tree Fort Angst

Tilting At Windmills E.P.

A1: Tilting At Windmills
A2: Save Me
B1: This Is The Day
B2: Why Couldn't You See It Coming?
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 0391994EP0 

A1: Desmond
B1: Shell Hell
B2: Suckerpunch
The Bus Stop Label USABUS04019947"0 
Marbles [Robert Schneider]

A: Go Marilee
B: Grant Me The Day
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 04119957"0 
The Summer Suns [Australia]

A: She Understands
B: Everyday Girl
The Bus Stop Label USABUS04319947"0 
The Apples In Stereo

A1: Running In Circles
A2: Hypnotic Suggestion
B1: Touch The Water
B2: Glowworm
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 0441994EP0 
Malcolm Ross

A: Another Year, Another Town
B: Big Woman
The Bus Stop Label USABUS04519947"0 
Bronze [Paul Handyside]

A: Presence Of Greatness
B: How Long
The Bus Stop Label USABUS04620017"0 
Orange Cake Mix

Rivers And Trees EP

A1: If You See Me
B1: Blank Pages
B2: Rivers And Trees
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 04719977"0 

Girl Wants A Dinosaur

A1: Candy Floss Conspiracy
B1: Big Red Rock Eater
B2: Chips With Everything
The Bus Stop Label USABUS04819957"0 

A1: Car Crash
B1: Beautiful
B2: Can We Play Around?
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 05019977"0 
The Orange Peels

A: A Girl For All Seasons
B: The Pattern On The Wall
The Bus Stop Label USABUS 05120007"0 

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