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Time - Label Discography

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Hal Singer

A: Take Half
B: Hula Hoop Rock
Time USA100119587"0 
The Jades [New York]

A: Leave Her For Me
B: So Blue
Time USA100219587"49.0
The Bell Notes

A: I've Had It
B: Be Mine
Time USA1004Jan 19597"48.7
Do Do Greene

A: Tell Me
B: Hold On
Time USA1005Jan 19597"0 
The Chariots

A: Gloria
B: A Sunday Morning Love
Time USA1006Jan 19597"2 
The Bell Notes

A1: I've Had It
A2: Be Mine
B1: Dream Street
B2: A Sad Guitar
Time USATEP-100Jan 1959EP0 
Garry Lee

A: Why
B: They Don't See
Time USA1009Mar 19597"3 
The Bell Notes

A: Old Spanish Town
B: She Went That-A-Way
Time USA1010Apr 19597"2 
The Cupcakes [Time]

A: Deutsche Rock und Roll (German Rock And Roll)
B: It's Willy
Time USA1011May 19597"0 
Marty Gino

A: Cry Baby, Sigh Ba-a-by
B: I'll Tell You A Secret
Time USA1012Jun 19597"2 
The Bell Notes

A: That's Right
B: Betty Dear
Time USA1013Jul 19597"0 
Dodo Greene

A: Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (My Baby)
B: Don't Cry, Baby
Time USA1014Aug 19597"0 
The Bell Notes

A: You're A Big Girl Now
B: Don't Ask Me Why
Time USA1015Aug 19597"1 
Buddy Clinton

A: Across The Street From Your House
B: How My Prayers Have Changed
Time USA1016Sep 19597"1 
The Bell Notes

A: White Buckskin Sneakers And Checkerboard Socks
B: No Dice
Time USA1017Nov 19597"110.0
Marty Gino

A: Protect My Love
B: I Was It
Time USA1018Nov 19597"2 
Ray Charles

A: I Found My Baby
B: Guitar Blues
Time USA102619607"7 
Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra

A: I Wonder What The King Is Doing Tonight
B: If Ever I Would Leave You
Time USA22-S219607"0 
Hugo Montenegro

Bongos And Brass

A1: Hall Of The Mountain King
A2: Lonesome Road
A3: One O'Clock Jump
B1: Limehouse Blues
B2: Cottontail
B3: Lover
Time USA75-20141960EP0 
The Chevrons [NYC]

A1: Come Go With Me
B1: I'm In Love Again
B2: All Shook Up
Time USATAP 119607"0 
Bobby Milano

A: Ruby
B: Do I Love You
Time USA1019Jan 19607"0 
Felicia Sanders

A: The Sound Of Music
B: Hello, Baby
Time USA1020Jan 19607"0 
Malcom Peters And His Orchestra

A: Cartoooooney
B: African Patrol
Time USA1021Mar 19607"0 
Terry Philips

A: Dream Time
B: Give Me Back
Time USA1022Apr 19607"1 
Beverly Wright

A: Big Things Are Happening
B: He's Wonderful
Time USA1024Jun 19607"0 
Beverly Wright

A: Ali Baba
B: Cry Like The Wind
Time USA1027Jan 19617"0 
Roy Etzel, His Trumpet And Orch.

A: Jenny, Oh, Jenny
B: Apache Blues
Time USA1029Jan 19617"1 

A: This World We Love In (Il Cielo In Una Stanza)
B: You're Tired Of Me (Mi Vuoi Lasciar)
Time USA1030Feb 19617"1 
Skip And Flip

A: Betty Jean
B: Doubt
Time USA1031Mar 19617"0 
The Beau-Marks

A: Oh Joan
B: Rockin' Blues
Time USA1032Mar 19617"2 
Gene Ross

A: Wondering
B: True Love
Time USA1034Apr 19617"4 
Billy Mishel

A: Paradise Found
B: The Agency
Time USA1036May 19617"1 
The Creators [Doo-Wop]

A: There's Going To Be An Angel
B: Do You Remember
Time USA1038May 19617"0 
Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra

A: (Theme From The Motion Picture) The Young Savages
B: Majorca
Time USA1040Jun 19617"0 
Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra

A: Verdeales
B: Little Dutch Boy
Time USA1043Nov 19617"0 
Ray Charles

A: Back Home
B: Why Did You Go
Time USA105419627"0 
Marva Josie

A: Later For You Baby
B: You Lied
Time USA105519627"1 
Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra

Montenegro - 70

A1: Palm Canyon Drive
A2: Flight Of The Bumble Bee
A3: Dark Eyes
B1: Cry Me A River
B2: Rags To Riches
B3: I Concentrate On You
Time USA7S-20621962EP0 
Orizaba And His Orchestra

Viva Mexico

A1: El Rancho Grande
A2: Cielito Lindo
B1: Chiapenecas
B2: Mexican Hat Dance
C1: Perfidia
C2: El Momento Verdad
D1: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
D2: Bongolina
E1: Fiesta In Acapulco
E2: Monterrey
Time USAS/20631962Box Set 7"0 
Gordon Jenkins

A: Roumainia, Roumainia
B: A Toast To Live (L'Chayim)
Time USA1047Mar 19627"0 
Hugo Montenegro And Orchestra

A: Nenella Bella
B: Tarantella Twist
Time USA1048Apr 19627"0 
Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra

A: Lolita
B: Hava Nagila
Time USA1049Apr 19627"0 
Billy May

A: Advise And Consent
B: Bashful Billy
Time USA1050May 19627"0 
Gordon Jenkins

A: I Wish You Love
B: Fascination
Time USA1051Jul 19627"0 
Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra

A: Dark Eyes
B: Palm Canyon Drive
Time USA1052Jul 19627"0 
Joe Moore

A: I Believe
B: Don't Want To Be Blue
Time USA1053Jul 19627"0 
Derek Smith

A: I Left My Heart In San Francisco
B: Honky Tonk Train
Time USA1056Oct 19627"0 
Wayne Robinson

A: The Rooster Walks
B: (You Ain't) Such A Big Thing
Time USA1057Oct 19627"0 
Hugo Montenegro And His Orchestra

A: Sherry
B: Get Off The Moon (I Was Here First)
Time USA1058Nov 19627"0 
Tony Gee

A: Iron Box (It May Be For You)
B: Freeze
Time USA1059Dec 19627"1 

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