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Top Rank - Label Discography

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  UK  540
  New Zealand  346
  Australia  198
  USA  84
  Netherlands  63
  Sweden  34
  Germany  28
  Israel  25
  Belgium  23
  Canada  16
  Norway  16
  Italy  13
  France  12
  Japan  9
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Wilbert Harrison

A: Kansas City
B: Listen, My Darling
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 501Jul 19597"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Tellahassee Lassie
B: You Know
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 502Jul 19597"0 
Preston Epps

A: Bongo Rock
B: Bongo Party
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 503Jul 19597"0 
Bert Weedon

A: Teenage Guitar
B: Blue Guitar
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 504Aug 19597"0 
Chubby Checker

A: The Class
B: Schooldays, Oh, Schooldays
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 507Aug 19597"0 
The Knightsbridge Strings

A: Cry
B: My Prayer
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 510Oct 19597"0 
Freddie Cannon

A: Okefenokee
B: Kookie Hat
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 518Oct 19597"0 
Craig Douglas

A: Only Sixteen
B: My First Love Affair
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 523Oct 19597"0 
Rusty Isabell

A: Firewater
B: The Blast
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 524Oct 19597"1 
The Fleetwoods

A: Mr. Blue
B: You Mean Everything To Me
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 530Nov 19597"1 
Tony Lovello

A: Amore Mio
B: Dreamy Serenade
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 532Nov 19597"0 
Craig Douglas

A: The Riddle Of Love
B: Wish It Were Me
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 54419607"0 
Craig Douglas

A: Sandy
B: Pretty Blue Eyes
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 55719607"0 
Craig Douglas

A: What Do You Want
B: My First Love Affair
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 56419607"0 
The Ventures

A: Walk - Don't Run
B: Home
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 58119607"0 
Craig Douglas

A: Where's The Girl
B: My Hour Of Love
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 58619607"0 
Mahalia Jackson

A: Silent Night
B: Go Tell It On The Mountain
Top Rank NetherlandsTROS 140019607"1 
Mahalia Jackson

A: If You Just Keep Still
B: I Walked Into The Garden
Top Rank NetherlandsTROS 140119607"0 
Mahalia Jackson

A: Nobody Knows (The Trouble I've Seen)
B: Run All The Way
Top Rank NetherlandsTROS 140219607"0 
Mahalia Jackson

A: Come To Jesus
B: Walking To Jerusalem
Top Rank NetherlandsTROS 140319607"0 
Mahalia Jackson

A: Prayer Changes Things
B: It's Real
Top Rank NetherlandsTROS 140419607"0 
Mahalia Jackson

A: Consider Me
B: Get Away, Jordan
Top Rank NetherlandsTROS 140519607"0 
Mahalia Jackson

A: I Have A Friend
B: What Then
Top Rank NetherlandsTROS 140619607"0 
Mahalia Jackson

A: Beautiful Tomorrow
B: No Matter How You Pray
Top Rank NetherlandsTROS 140719607"0 
Mahalia Jackson

A: What Could I Do
B: I Believe
Top Rank NetherlandsTROS 140819607"0 
Bat Carroll

A: Aw Who
B: Baby Baby
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 529Jan 19607"0 
Joe Vina

A: Marina
B: That's Alright
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 541Jan 19607"0 
Bobby Rydell

A: We Got Love
B: I Dig Girls
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 543Jan 19607"0 
The Spacemen

A: The Clouds
B: The Lonely Jet Pilot
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 546Jan 19607"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
B: Fractured
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 548Jan 19607"0 
The Knockouts

A: Darling Lorraine
B: Riot In Room 3C
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 556Feb 19607"1 
Freddie Cannon

A: Chattanoogie Shoeshine Boy
B: Boston (My Home Town)
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 565Mar 19607"0 
Frankie Ford

A: Cheatin' Woman
B: Time After Time
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 568Mar 19607"0 
The Fireballs

A: Bulldog

The Dodgers [USA]

B: Upturn
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 553May 19607"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: The Urge
B: Jump Over
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 571May 19607"0 
Lloyd Price

A: Such A Mess
B: No Limit To Love
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 572May 19607"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Tellahassee Lassie
B: Okefenokee
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 502/18Jul 19607"6 
The Paradons

A: Diamonds And Pearls
B: I Want Love
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 578Nov 19607"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Humdinger
B: My Blue Heaven
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 579Nov 19607"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Happy Shades Of Blue
B: Cuernavaca Choo Choo
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 583Dec 19607"0 
Gary "U.S." Bonds

Presenting The U.S. Bonds

A1: New Orleans
A2: Please Forgive Me
B1: Give Me One More Chance
B2: Not Me
Top Rank NetherlandsHKR 70221961EP0 
The Viscounts [USA]

A: Wabash Blues
B: So Slow
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 59119617"0 
The Fireballs

A: El Rancho Rock
B: La Raspa
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 63819617"0 
Andy Stewart

A: A Scottish Soldier (Green Hills Of Tyrol)
B: The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre
Top Rank NetherlandsJAR 51219617"0 
Craig Douglas

A: A Hundred Pounds Of Clay
B: Hello Spring
Top Rank NetherlandsJAR 55519617"0 
John Leyton

A: Johnny Remember Me
B: There Must Be
Top Rank NetherlandsJAR 57719617"0 
John Leyton

A: Wild Wind
B: You Took My Love For Granted
Top Rank NetherlandsJAR 58519617"0 
Little Richard

A: Milky White Way
B: I've Just Come From The Fountain
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 596Feb 19617"1 
The Shirelles

A: Will You Love Me Tomorrow
B: Boys
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 600Feb 19617"0 
Freddy Cannon

A: Muskat Ramble
B: Two Thousand-88
Top Rank NetherlandsHTR 607Feb 19617"0 

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