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  UK  544
  New Zealand  346
  Australia  199
  USA  85
  Netherlands  68
  Sweden  35
  Germany  31
  Belgium  25
  Israel  25
  Canada  16
  Norway  16
  Japan  14
  Italy  13
  France  12
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Dorothy Collins

A: All Full Of Empty
B: Down In The Valley
Top Rank USARA-2000Feb 19597"0 
Robert Chauvigny

A: The Bottle Hymn
B: French Rockin' Waltz (Eux)
Top Rank USARA-2001Feb 19597"1 
Dennis Bell

A: A House Of Our Own
B: Jeannine
Top Rank USARA-2002Mar 19597"0 
The Ravens

A: Into The Shadows
B: The Rising Sun
Top Rank USARA-2003Mar 19597"0 
Bobby Christian

A: The Song Of Lotus Lee
B: Bobby's Tune
Top Rank USARA-2004Jun 19597"0 
The Keynotes

A: With These Rings
B: We're Not Getting Along (Like We Used To)
Top Rank USARA-2005Jun 19597"0 
The Knightsbridge Strings

A: My Prayer
B: Cry
Top Rank USARA-2006Jul 19597"1 
The Knightsbridge Strings

A: My Prayer
B: Cry
Top Rank USARA-2006 STJul 1959Special Edition 7"0 

A: Torquay
B: Cry Baby
Top Rank USARA-2008Aug 19597"110.0
Bobby Jack

A: Early Mornin'
B: Tempting Me
Top Rank USARA-2009Aug 19597"1 
Ted Taylor

A: I'm Saving My Love
B: Chanta-Lula
Top Rank USARA-2011Aug 19597"0 
Bert Weedon

A: Blue Guitar
B: Bert's Boogie
Top Rank USARA-2012Aug 19597"0 
Dorothy Collins

A: Everything I Have Is Yours
B: It Doesn't Matter
Top Rank USARA-2013Aug 19597"29.0
The Knightsbridge Strings

A: Wheel Of Fortune
B: Cow Cow Boogie
Top Rank USARA-2014Sep 19597"0 
Dennis Bell

A: I'd Like Her To Be
B: Make Me A Dreamer
Top Rank USARA-2015Sep 19597"0 
The Ravens

A: (There's A) Hole In The Middle Of The Moon
B: Solitude
Top Rank USARA-2016Sep 19597"0 
Billy And Eddie

A: The King Is Coming Back
B: Come Back, Baby
Top Rank USARA-2017Sep 19597"1 
Herb Corey

A: Midnight Blues
B: This Could Be The Night
Top Rank USARA-2018Oct 19597"0 
The Fortunes [Top Rank]

A: Steady Vows
B: In The Night
Top Rank USARA-2019Oct 19597"08.0
Bill Sanford

A: The Great Pretender
B: Tempo Di Roma
Top Rank USARA-2020Oct 19597"0 
The Knightsbridge Strings

A: Wheel Of Fortune
B: Cow Cow Boogie
Top Rank USARA-2014-STNov 1959Special Edition 7"0 
The Dodgers [USA]

A: Upturn
B: Sand And Sea
Top Rank USARA-2021Nov 19597"0 
Compo Verde And His Orchestra

A: The Carillon
B: Chanson De Bleu
Top Rank USARA-2022Nov 19597"0 
Ilse Werner

A: Baciare Baciare ("Kissing Kissing")
B: Eine Liebe Ohne Ende ("A Love Without End")
Top Rank USARA-2023Nov 19597"0 
Dorothy Collins

A: Baciare Baciare (Kissing Kissing)
B: In The Good Old Days
Top Rank USARA-2024Nov 19597"0 
Ray Doggett

A: Can I Be The One
B: Restless Heart
Top Rank USARA-2025Dec 19597"1 
The Fireballs

A: Bulldog
B: Nearly Sunrise
Top Rank USARA-2026Dec 19597"2 
Buzzy King

A: Your Picture
B: School Boy Blues
Top Rank USARA-2027Dec 19597"1 
Jack Scott

A: What In The World's Come Over You
B: Baby, Baby
Top Rank USARA-2028Dec 19597"29.0
Lou Smith

A: Cruel Love
B: Close To My Heart
Top Rank USARA-206919607"0 
The Fireballs

A1: Bulldog
A2: Torquay
B1: Kissin'
B2: Foot-Patter
Top Rank USAREX 10001960EP0 
Jack Scott

A: What In The World's Come Over You
B: Baby, Baby
Top Rank USARA-2028-STJan 19607"3 
Sallie Blair

A: More Than Anything
B: That Remains To Be Seen
Top Rank USARA-2029Jan 19607"0 
Ernest Maxin His Chorus And Orchestra

A: On The Beach
B: The Sound Of Music
Top Rank USARA-2030Jan 19607"0 
The Knightsbridge Strings

A: Blues From "An American In Paris"
B: Fiddler's Boogie
Top Rank USARA-2031Jan 19607"0 
The Bikinis

A: Spunky
B: Crazy Vibrations
Top Rank USARA-2032Jan 19607"0 
Freddie Martell

A: King Of Kings
B: Perfect Fool
Top Rank USARA-2033Jan 19607"1 
The George Sextet

A: Cool Nights
B: Orbit Is Blue
Top Rank USARA-2034Feb 19607"0 

A: Tintarella Di Luna
B: Johnny Kiss
Top Rank USARA-2035Feb 19607"0 
Mike And Lulu And The Baby Sitters

A: Baby Talk
B: Baby's Lullaby
Top Rank USARA-2036Feb 19607"3 
Georgie Auld And His Orchestra

A: Mr. Lucky
B: No One
Top Rank USARA-2037Feb 19607"1 
The Fireballs

A: Foot-Patter
B: KissinĀ“
Top Rank USARA-2038Mar 19607"08.0
The Fireballs

A: Foot-Patter
B: Kissin'
Top Rank USARA-2038-STMar 1960Special Edition 7"0 
Debby Moore

A: I Get A Feeling
B: Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days
Top Rank USARA-2039Mar 19607"0 
Dorothy Collins

A: Tintarella Di Luna (Magic Color Of The Moonlight)
B: Ski Ride Polka
Top Rank USARA 2040Mar 19607"0 
Jack Scott

A: Oh, Little One
B: Burning Bridges
Top Rank USARA 2041Mar 19607"4 
Jerry Jackson

A: A Chance To Prove My Love
B: For Each One There's Someone
Top Rank USARA-2042Apr 19607"0 
Johnny Costa

A: No One
B: Conspiracy Of Hearts
Top Rank USARA-2043Apr 19607"0 
Dennis Bell

A: My One Love
B: Teenage Wedding
Top Rank USARA 2044Apr 19607"1 
Ted Taylor

A: I Need You So
B: Has My Love Grown Cold
Top Rank USARA-2048May 19607"3 

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