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Topic - Label Discography

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Warsaw Festival 1955 - Recordings Made At The World Youth Festival

3 Soviet Girls From Ukraine

A1: Unknown

Bulgarian Choir

A2: Unknown

Danish Youth Choir / Italian Choir

A3: Unknown / Unknown

Ibrahim Tukiqi

A4: Unknown

West Indian Choir

B1: Unknown

Bulgarian Guitar

B2: Bourrée

Israeli Youth Choir

B3: Cantata Treblinka

Chinese Youth Choir

B4: Unknown
Topic UKT 119558"2 
International Folk Song Contest Recorded At The World Youth Festival, Warsaw 1955

Aniela Swiatek (Poland)

A1: The White Dove

Yanka Delcheva Ivanova (Bulgaria)

A2: The Bagpipe Began To Play

Nirmal Chaudhuri (India)

A3: Baul

Ibrahim Tukici (Albania)

A4: O My Flower

Klavdia Aleksandrovna Kotok (USSR)

B1: Chatushka

Nadka Ivanova Kardzhova (Bulgaria)

B2: Sing, Girls, Sing

Jarmila Sulakova (Czechoslvakia)

B3: Ej, Rozo, Rozo

Asek Dzhumbayev (Kirghizia, USSR)

B4: O My Kobuz
Topic UKT 219558"1 
Patrick Galvin With Al Jeffery

Irish Songs Of Resistance Part 1

A1: Kelly From Killane
A2: Dunlavin Green
A3: Bold Robert Emmet
A4: The Men Of The West
B1: O'Donnell Abu
B2: The Fair Of Turloughmore
B3: The Rising Of The Moon
Topic UKT 319568"2 
Patrick Galvin With Al Jeffery

Irish Songs Of Resistance Part 2

A1: The Bold Fenian Men
A2: Clare's Dragoons
A3: The Foggy Dew
B1: Whack Fol De Diddle
B2: The Smashing Of The Van
B3: The Soldier's Song
Topic UKT 419568"2 
Jack Elliott

Woodie Guthrie's Blues

A1: Talking Columbia Blues
A2: 1913 Massacre
A3: Hard Travelling
B1: Talking Dust Bowl Blues
B2: The Ludlow Massacre
B3: Talking Sailor Blues
Topic UKT 519578"3 
Row, Bullies, Row

A. L. Lloyd

A1: Haul On The Bowline

Ewan MacColl

A2: Row, Bullies, Row

A. L. Lloyd

A3: The Cruel Ship's Captain

Ewan MacColl

A4: The Dreadnought

Lloyd And MacColl

A5: Paddy Doyle

A. L. Lloyd

B1: Santy Anna

Ewan MacColl

B2: Johnny Todd

A. L. Lloyd

B3: Blood Red Roses
B4: Lord Franklin

Harry Corbett

B5: Blow The Man Down
Topic UKT 719578"4 
The Blackball Line

Ewan MacColl

A1: The Blackball Line

A. L. Lloyd

A2: Do Me Ama
A3: Reuben Ranzo

Ewan MacColl

A4: The Handsome Cabin Boy

A. L. Lloyd

A5: A Hundred Years Ago

Ewan MacColl

B1: Stormalong

A. L. Lloyd

B2: The Coast Of Peru

Ewan MacColl

B3: The Gauger

A. L. Lloyd

B4: Sally Racket
Topic UKT 819578"2 
Nancy Whiskey

Nancy Whiskey Sings

A1: An Old Man Came A Courting
A2: Bonny Lad
A3: The Bold Fenian Men
B1: Poor Little Turtle Dove
B2: The Trooper And The Maid
B3: The Farewell Song
Topic UK7T101957EP1 
Peggy Seeger, Penny Seeger And Barbara Seeger

Come Along John, American Children's Songs

A1: All Around The Kitchen
A2: Come Along John
A3: Billy Barlow
A4: Old Aunt Kate
B1: Little Bird, Little Bird, Go Through My Window
B2: Lula Gal
B3: Rissolty, Rossolty
B4: The Derby Ram
Topic UK7T181958EP1 
Peggy Seeger, Penny Seeger And Barbara Seeger

Come Along John, American Children's Songs

A1: All Around The Kitchen
A2: Come Along John
A3: Billy Barlow
A4: Old Aunt Kate
B1: Little Bird, Little Bird, Go Through My Window
B2: Lula Gal
B3: Rissolty, Rossolty
B4: The Derby Ram
Topic UKTOP 181958EP0 
The Jeffersons

Round And Round With The Jeffersons

A1: The Rakes Of Mallow
A2: I Gave My Love A Cherry
A3: Poor And Rambling Boy
B1: Courtin' In The Kitchen
B2: The Drover's Dream
B3: Keep Your Feet Still Geordie Hinny
Topic UK7T191958EP2 
Stan Kelly

Liverpool Packet

A1: Maggie May
A2: Lowlands Away
A3: Away Haul Away
B1: The Young Sailor Cut Down In His Prime
B2: Andrew Rose
B3: Hullabaloo Belay
Topic UKTOP 271958EP88.0
Paul Robeson

Robeson's Here

A1: Goin' Home
A2: Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal
B1: Eriskay Love Lilt
B2: My Curly Headed Baby
Topic UKTOP 321958EP1 
Pete Seeger

Pete And 5 Strings

A1: Penny's Farm
A2: John Riley
A3: Rissolty Rossolty
B1: Jam On Gerry's Rocks
B2: Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies
B3: Git Along Little Dogies
Topic UKTOP 331958EP2 
Hootenanny N.Y.C

Jerry Silverman, Pete Seeger, Sonny Terry

A1: Mule Skinner Blues

Pete Seeger

A2: Talking Union Blues

Bob De Cormier And Pete Seeger

B1: Dark As A Dungeon

Sonny Terry

B2: California Blues

Pete Seeger

B3: Wimoweh
Topic UKTOP 371958EP2 
Peggy Seeger, Penny Seeger And Barbara Seeger

Shine Like A Star

A1: Amen
A2: Child Of God
A3: Pretty Little Baby
B1: Great Big Stars
B2: Shine Like A Star
B3: The Angel Band
B4: Watch The Stars
Topic UKTOP 381958EP1 
Mouangué and His Drummers

Songs And Dances Of The Cameroons

A1: Sondi Di Bwea (Tomorrow Is Sunday)
A2: Bele Mama (Call Mama)
B1: Congo
B2: Tondo Mba, A Ndolo (Love Me, My Darling)
Topic UKTOP 451959EP2 
Leda And Maria

Songs And Dances Of Argentina

A1: Zambita Arribeña
A2: Una Lagrima
A3: Manchay Puito
B1: T'hei De Querer
B2: Pobrecito, Mi Caballo
B3: Huachi-Tori
B4: La Mota / El Humahuaqueño
Topic UKTOP 461959EP0 
Perry Friedman

Vive La Canadienne!

A1: Vive La Canadienne
A2: The Shining Birch Tree
A3: Mary Ann
B1: The Grand Hotel
B2: The Red River Valley
B3: Great Big Sea Hove
Topic UKTOP 561960EP1 
Sandy And Caroline Paton

Hush Little Baby

A1: Perrie Merrie Dixi Domini
A2: Katy Cruel
A3: The Quaker Courtship
B1: Hush Little Baby
B2: Lord Bateman
B3: Tittery Nan Tum Tario
Topic UKTOP 571960EP39.0
Stan Kelly and Leon Rosselson

Songs For Swinging Landlords To

A1: Greedy Landlord
A2: Oakey Evictions
B1: The Man That Waters The Workers Beer
B2: Pity The Downtrodden Landlord
Topic UKTOP 601961EP3 
The Galliards

A: Black And White
B: Bahnuah
Topic UKSTOP 101Jan 19617"1 
Paul Robeson

Freedom Songs

A1: Joe Hill
A2: The Wilno Ghetto Song
B1: Jerusalem
B2: Whirlwinds Of Danger
B3: Chi Lai
Topic UKTOP 621961EP0 
Paul Robeson

Songs Of Liberty

A1: The Four Rivers
A2: A Mighty Fortress
B1: The House I Live In
B2: Hymn For Nations
Topic UKTOP 631961EP0 
The Tine Rozanc Ensemble

Yugoslav Dances

A1: Zabaljka
A2: Tandrcak
A3: So Mamca Mi Rekli
B1: Kortensko Na Pojas
B2: Bohinjska Polka
Topic UKTOP 641961EP1 
Orquestra Cobla Solers

Dancing Sardanas

A1: Placa Bacard
A2: Estimada Montserra
B1: El Saltira De La Cardin
B2: Vilanova De La Muga
Topic UKTOP 651961EP0 
A.L. Lloyd, Alf Edwards And Al Jeffrey

All For Me Grog EP

A1: All For Me Grog
A2: The Foggy Dew
A3: The Butcher And The Chambermaid
B1: John Barleycorn
B2: A Jug Of Punch
B3: The Drunken Maidens
Topic UKTOP 66Aug 1961EP2 
Ray And Archie Fisher

Far Over The Forth

A1: The Night Visiting Song
A2: Far Over The Forth
B1: The Twa Corbies
B2: Kilbogie
Topic UKTOP 671961EP0 
Dolina MacLennan And Robin Gray

By Mormond Braes

A1: Gin I Wa' Fer The Gaudie Rins
A2: Fil-u-o Ro Hu-o
A3: The Gypsie Laddies
A4: Bratach Bana
B1: Port A Beul
B2: Hug O Ran O Ro
B3: Mormond Braes
Topic UKTOP 681961EP0 
The Spinners [UK]

Songs Spun In Liverpool

A1: Whip Jamboree
A2: The Liverpool Barrow Boy
A3: Hayarden
B1: The Champion Of The Seas
B2: Judy Drownded
B3: John Peel
Topic UKTOP 691961EP3 
3/4 A. D.

Davy Graham

A1: Angi
A2: Davy's Train Blues

Davy Graham And Alexis Korner

B1: 3/4 A.D.
Topic UKTOP 70Mar 1962EP2 
Gamblers And Sporting Blades

A. L. Lloyd

A1: Skewball
A2: Heanan And Sayers
A3: The Bold Gambling Boy

Ewan MacColl

B1: Reynard The Fox
B2: Morrissey And The Russian Sailor
Topic UKTOP 711962EP0 
Peggy Seeger

Troubled Love

A1: A Rich Old Man
A2: The Rambling Gambler
B1: The Cruel War Is Raging
B2: The Trooper And The Maid
Topic UKTOP 721962EP1 
Peggy Seeger

Early In The Spring : Peggy Seeger Sings Four Courting Songs

A1: Madam I Have Come To Court You
A2: When I Was In My Prime
B1: So Early, Early In The Spring
B2: The Chickens They Are Crowing
Topic UKTOP 731962EP0 
Louis Killen And Johnny Handle Acc. Colin Ross

The Collier's Rant

A1: Black-Leg Miners
A2: Colliers' Rant
A3: Aw Wish Pay Friday Wad Come
B1: The Putter
B2: The Trimdon Grange Explosion
B3: The Waggoner
Topic UKTOP 741962EP1 
Louis Killen Acc. Colin Ross

Northumbrian Garland

A1: Anti-Gallican Privateer
A2: Sair Fyeld, Hinny
A3: Keep Your Feet Still
B1: Up The Raw
B2: Dol-li A
B3: Derwenter's Farewell
Topic UKTOP 75Aug 1962EP3 
The Ian Campbell Folk Group

Ceilidh At The Crown

A1: The Mason's Apron
A2: Paddy On The Railway
A3: The Twa Corbies
A4: Our Ship Is Ready
A5: Buy Broom Besoms
B1: The Nutting Girl
B2: The Jolly Beggar
B3: The Boatman
B4: 100 Years Ago
Topic UKTOP 761962EP1 
Leon Rosselson

Songs For City Squares

A1: Down The Drain
A2: Dear John Profumo
B1: To Mr. Butler, Sir
B2: Battle Hymn Of The New Socialist Party
Topic UKTOP 771962EP0 
Johnny Handle

Stottin' Doon The Waall

A1: The Collier Lad
A2: Durham Big Meeting Day
A3: The Stoneman's Song
B1: Stottin' Doon The Waall
B2: Farewell To The Monty
B3: The Day We Went To The Coast
Topic UKTOP 781962EP2 
Enoch Kent

The Butcher Boy And Other Ballads

A1: Donal Don
A2: Beggar Man
B1: Bonny Lass Come O'er The Burn
B2: The Butcher Boy
B3: Erin-Go-Bragh
Topic UKTOP 811962EP0 
The Ian Campbell Folk Group

Songs Of Protest

A1: Viva La Quince Brigada
A2: We Will Overcome
A3: The Boys Of Wuxford
B1: The Peat-Bog Soldiers
B2: Domovina
B3: The Cutty Wren
Topic UKTOP 821962EP1 
Bob Davenport Acc. By The Rakes

Wor Geordie

A1: Hot Asphalt
A2: The Bog Down In The Valley
B1: Tramps And Hawkers
B2: Wor Geordie's Wife
Topic UKTOP 831962EP0 
Dominic Behan

Peelers And Prisoners

A1: The Old Triangle
A2: The Smashing Of The Van
B1: The Peelers And The Goat
B2: The Mountjoy Hotel
Topic UKTOP 851963EP1 
Irish Pipe And Fiddle Tunes

Willie Clancy And Michael Gorman

A1: Hardiman The Fiddler
A2: Coleman's Favourite
A3: Chief O'Neil's Favourite
A4: Introducing The Maid I Ne'er Forgot

Willie Clancy, Michael Gorman And Margaret Barry

B1: The Tempest And Colonel Rodney
B2: The Chanter's Song
B3: The Mountain Road
Topic UKTOP 891963EP1 
The McPeake Family

Wild Mountain Thyme

A1: Will Ye Go Lassie Go?
A2: I Know My Love
B1: Jug Of Punch
B2: Juanita
Topic UKTOP 921963EP0 
Anne Briggs

The Hazards Of Love

A1: Lowlands Away
A2: My Bonny Bonny Boy
B1: Polly Vaughan
B2: Rosemary Lane
Topic UKTOP 94Aug 1964EP7 
Shirley Collins

Heroes In Love

A1: The False Bride
A2: Locks And Bolts
B1: Rambleaway
B2: A Blacksmith Courted Me
Topic UKTOP 951963EP5 
Judith Silver

The Summertime Is Over

A1: Ya Se Fue El Verano (The Summertime Is Over)
A2: The Crow On The Cradle
B1: The Two Brothers
B2: Shuva Eilai (Come Back To Me)
Topic UKTOP 971963EP1 
Blow The Man Down

Ewan MacColl

A1: The Blackball Line

A. L. Lloyd

A2: Do Me Ama
B1: Reuben Ranzo

Harry H. Corbett

B2: Blow The Man Down
Topic UKTOP 981963EP1 
A Hundred Years Ago

A. L. Lloyd And Chorus

A1: Blood Red Roses

Ewan MacColl And Alf Edwards

A2: The Handsome Cabin Boy

A. L. Lloyd And Chorus

B1: A Hundred Years Ago

Ewan MacColl And Alf Edwards

B2: Johnny Todd
Topic UKTOP 991963EP0 

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