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Transatlantic - Label Discography

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See also the Transatlantic sub-labels Big T, Audio Fidelity, Sonet
  UK  100
  Germany  15
  Netherlands  15
  Spain  12
  France  9
  Italy  6
  Australia  5
  New Zealand  5
  Rhodesia  3
  Belgium  2
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The Dubliners

A: The Wild Rover
B: Rocky Road To Dublin
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 119647"110.0
The Ian Campbell Folk Group

A: Kelly, The Boy From Killane
B: The Boys Of Wexford
Transatlantic UKTRA SP219647"1 
The Dubliners

A: Roisin Dubh
B: Greenland Whale Fisheries
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 310 Feb 19657"15.0
Alex Campbell

A: Been On The Road
B: Night Visiting Song
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 419657"0 
The Ian Campbell Folk Group

A: The Times They Are A Changin'
B: Across The Hills
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 519657"1 
The Ian Campbell Folk Group

A: Come Kiss Me Love
B: The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 619657"1 
The Ian Campbell Folk Group

A: Guantanamera
B: Mary Anne
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 7 19667"3 
The Dubliners

A: Surrounded By Water
B: Off To Dublin In The Green
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 819667"28.0
The Dubliners

A: Nelson's Farewell
B: The Foggy Dew
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 919667"29.0
The Campbells

A: One Eyed Reilly
B: The Snow Is Falling
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 1019667"4 
Hamish Imlach

A: I'm The Boy To Freeze 'Em
B: Scottish Breakaway
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 1119667"1 
Matt McGinn

A: The Red Yo Yo
B: The Footba' Referee
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 1219667"0 
John Pearse

A: Guitar Train (Theme From "Hold Down A Chord")
B: You Were On My Mind
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 1319677"1 
The Grehan Sisters

A: Save The Old Home
B: Victoria
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 1419677"0 
Watt Nicoll

A: Remote Control (The Ballad Of Winnie Ewing)
B: Idle Welder
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 1619687"2 
The Johnstons

A: They'll Never Get Their Man
B: Dublin Jack Of All Trades
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 1719687"1 
Matt McGinn

A: I Have Seen The Highlands
B: I'll Be Coming Home To Glasgow
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 1819687"0 
Sweeney's Men

A: Sullivan's John
B: Rattlin' Roarin' Willy
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 1919687"1 
The Grehan Sisters

A: Cricklewood
B: God Bless The Irish
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 2019687"0 
Stan Kelly

A: The Ballad Of Armagh Jail
B: Kelly, The Boy From Killane
Transatlantic UKTRA SP 2119707"2 
Isla Cameron

Lost Love

A1: Died For Love
A2: Still Growin
B1: Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
B2: Westron Wynde
B3: As I Roved Out
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1091964EP1 
Annie Ross

Go To The Wall

A1: Go To The Wall
A2: Bellini
B1: Johnny
B2: The Ass' Song
Transatlantic UKTRAEP 1121964EP1 
The Dubliners

In Person! The Dubliners Featuring Ronnie Drew

A1: Rare Old Mountain Dew
A2: McAlpine's Fusiliers
B1: Willie Gannon
B2: Mrs. McGrath
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1211965EP310.0
The Ian Campbell Folk Group

A Sample Of The Ian Campbell Folk Group

A1: Times They Are A-Changin'
A2: Cushy Butterfield
A3: The Keel Row
B1: Apprentices Song
B2: Instrumental
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1281965EP2 
The Dubliners

A Sample Of The Dubliners

A1: Peggy Lettermore
A2: The Ragman's Ball
B1: Sligo Maid/Colonel Rodney
B2: Home Boys Home
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1291965EP1 
Harvey Andrews

Harvey Andrews

A1: A Most Peculiar Man
A2: Children Of Hiroshima
B1: You're On Your Own
B2: Death Come Easy
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 133Jun 1966EP3 
The Dubliners

Mainly Barney

A1: King Of The Fairies
A2: Mason's Apron
B1: Kitty Come Down From Limerick
B2: The Cuilin
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1361966EP07.0
Bert Jansch

Needle Of Death

A1: Running From Home
A2: Tinker's Blues
A3: Needle Of Death
B1: Green Are Your Eyes
B2: The Wheel
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1451966EP2 
The Ian Campbell Folk Group

Four Highland Songs

A1: Highland Harry
A2: Earl Of Moray
B1: Cam Ye O'er Frae France
B2: Highland Widow's Lament
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1461966EP0 
Marc Brierley

A1: Time For Love
A2: Dragonfly
A3: Arctic City
B1: Rel's Song
B2: If You Leave Me Now
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1471966EP0 
Alex Campbell

A1: My Old Gibson Guitar
A2: Don't You Put Me Down
B1: Why, Oh Why?
B2: Plane Wreck At Los Gatos
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1481966EP0 
The Dubliners

More Of The Dubliners

A1: Master McGrath
A2: Walking In The Dew
B1: The Cook In The Kitchen
B2: Boulavogue
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1521966EP07.0
Hamish Imlach

Hamish Imlach Live

A1: Samson
B1: Oyster Girl
B2: Twa Corbies
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1561967EP0 
The Young Tradition

Chicken On A Raft And Sea Shanties

A1: Chicken On A Raft
A2: Randy-Dandy-Oh!
B1: Shanties: Fire Maringo, Hanging Johnny, Bring 'Em Down, Haul On The Bowline
Transatlantic UKTRA EP 1641967EP1 
BIG 501
The Johnstons

A: Continental Trailways Bus
B: The Morning Of Our Love
Transatlantic UKBIG 50110 Mar 19727"0 
Monica And The Voices Of Freedom

A: Empty Words
B: Crying For Love
Transatlantic UKBIG 50210 Mar 19727"0 
Errol Dixon

A: Let The Love Shine Into Your Heart
B: In A Moment Of Weakness
Transatlantic UKBIG 50319727"0 
Lea Nicholson

A: God Bless The Unemployed
B: Piece Of Cake
Transatlantic UKBIG 5042 Jun 19727"1 
The Johnstons

A: Streets Of London
B: The Spanish Lady
Transatlantic UKBIG 5051 Sep 19727"2 
Skin Alley

A: You Got Me Danglin'
B: Skin Valley Serenade
Transatlantic UKBIG 50613 Oct 19727"0 
Mike Waterson

A: Rubber Band

Norma Waterson

B: Red Wine And Promises
Transatlantic UKBIG 50724 Nov 19727"310.0

A: Heart Of The Sun
B: Doctor, Am I Normal?
Transatlantic UKBIG 50824 Nov 19727"2 

A: Cosmic Kid
B: All We Really Want To Do
Transatlantic UKBIG 50925 May 19737"0 
Dave Cartwright

A: My Delicate Skin
B: Angeline
Transatlantic UKBIG 5104 May 19737"0 
Skin Alley

A: In The Midnight Hour
B: Broken Eggs
Transatlantic UKBIG 51125 May 19737"0 

A: Hallelujah
B: Brand New Day
Transatlantic UKBIG 51219737"0 
Dave Cartwright

A: Cobweb Broom
B: 50 Miles Of Blue
Transatlantic UKBIG 51319737"0 
Skin Alley

A: If I Only Had The Time
B: Instermental
Transatlantic UKBIG 51419737"0 
Portsmouth Sinfonia

A: William Tell Overture
B: Blue Danube Waltz
Transatlantic UKBIG 51519737"0 

A: Move It
B: Crazy People
Transatlantic UKBIG 51619737"7 

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