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Tri-Phi - Label Discography

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592 Farnsworth, Detroit
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The Spinners

A: That's What Girls Are Made For
B: Heebie Jeebie's
Tri-Phi USATP-1001May 19617"410.0
Johnny And Jackey

A: Carry Your Own Load
B: So Disappointing
Tri-Phi USATP-1002Jun 19617"1 
Lorri Rudolph

A: Don't Let Them Tell Me (Tell Me Yourself)
B: Grieving About A Love
Tri-Phi USATP-1003Sep 19617"0 
The Spinners

A: Love (I'm So Glad) I Found You
B: Sudbuster
Tri-Phi USATP-1004Sep 19617"0 
Johnny And Jackey

A: Someday We'll Be Together
B: Sho Don't Play
Tri-Phi USATP-1005Nov 19617"5 
Shorty Long

A: I'll Be Here
B: Bad Willie
Tri-Phi USATP-1006Jan 19627"0 
The Spinners

A: What Did She Use
B: Itching For My Baby But I Don't Know Where To Scratch
Tri-Phi USATP-1007Dec 19617"0 
The Davenport Sisters

A: You've Got Me Crying Again
B: Hoy Hoy
Tri-Phi USATP-1008Feb 19627"0 

A: Whistling About You
B: She Loves Me So
Tri-Phi USATP-1010Mar 19627"3 
The Merced Blue Notes

A: Midnite Session - Part 1
B: Midnite Session - Part 2
Tri-Phi USATP-1011Jul 19627"1 
The Challengers III

A: Honey, Honey, Honey
B: Stay With Me
Tri-Phi USATP-1012May 19627"4 
The Spinners

A: I Got Your Water Boiling Baby (I'm Gonna Cook Your Goose)
B: I've Been Hurt
Tri-Phi USATP-1013Jun 19627"0 
The Ervin Sisters

A: Changing Baby
B: Do It Right
Tri-Phi USATP-1014Jul 19627"0 
Shorty Long

A: I'll Be Here
B: Too Smart
Tri-Phi USATP-1015Sep 19627"0 

A: Any Way You Wanta
B: She Loves Me So
Tri-Phi USATP-1017Oct 19627"29.0
Bobby Smith And The Spinners

A: She Don't Love Me
B: Too Young, Too Much, Too Soon
Tri-Phi USATP-1018Dec 19627"2 
Johnny And Jackey

A: Baby Don'tcha Worry
B: Stop What You're Saying
Tri-Phi USATP-1019Apr 19637"1 
The Challengers III

A: Every Day
B: I Hear An Echo
Tri-Phi USATP-1020Jan 19637"2 
Shorty Long

A: What's The Matter
B: Going Away
Tri-Phi USATP-1021Feb 19637"0 
The Ervin Sisters

A: Every Day's A Holiday
B: Why I Love Him
Tri-Phi USATP-102219637"18.0
Merced Blue Notes

A: Whole Lotta Nothing
B: Fragile
Tri-Phi USATP-102319637"1 

A: Come On An Answer Me
B: Memories Of You
Tri-Phi USATP-1024May 19637"1 

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