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UK - Label Discography

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See also the UK American Records label.
  UK  171
  USA  50
  Germany  25
  Ireland  7
  Canada  5
  Denmark  5
  Japan  3
  Netherlands  3
  Sweden  3
  Australia  2
  Belgium  1
  Norway  1
  Portugal  1
  South Africa  1
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Jonathan King

A: It's A Tall Order For A Short Guy
B: Learned Tax Counsel
UK UKUK 12 Jun 19727"1 
Tina Harvey

A: Working My Way Back To You
B: Tina's Song
UK UKUK 22 Jun 19727"0 
Paul Gabriel

A: Summer Feeling
B: In The Summertime
UK UKUK 32 Jun 19727"0 
The Piglets

A: This Is Reggae
B: Blanket Coverage
UK UKUK 47 Jul 19727"1 
Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs

A: Sea Side Shuffle
B: Ball And Chain
UK UKUK R 57 Jul 19727"86.5

A: Donna
B: Hot Sun Rock
UK UKUK 64 Aug 19727"79.2

A: Loop Di Love
B: Lay It Down
UK UKUK 74 Aug 19727"08.5
Mark Channing

A: Shake 'Em Up And Let 'Em Roll
B: I Just Want To Say "Thank You"
UK UKUK 818 Aug 19727"0 
The Athletes Foot

A: The Official Munich Olympic Games Theme 1972 ?
B: The Official Munich Olympic Games Theme 1972 Backwards ?
UK UKUK 911 Aug 19727"0 
Dave Bundy

A: Inside A Hole
B: Nicer Out
UK UKUK 1018 Aug 19727"0 
The Angelettes

A: Popsicles And Icicles
B: Hey Girls - Gather Round!
UK UKUK 1125 Aug 19727"17.0
The Sun Singers

A: You Were On My Mind
B: Sunshine Hootenanny
UK UKUK 1225 Aug 19727"0 
Angelo [UK]

A: Good Time Girl
B: Main Line Lady
UK UKUK 139 Feb 19737"0 

A: (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock
B: Bubblerock Is Here To Stay
UK UKUK 1422 Sep 19727"0 
Mark And John

A: This One's For You (With Dedication)
B: This One's You You (Without Dedication)
UK UKUK 1529 Sep 19727"0 

A: (Do You Remember That) Summertime Woman?
B: You Gotta Have It Sometime
UK UKUK 1613 Oct 19727"0 
Gerald Thomas Moore

A: Song Of America
B: Wake Up
UK UKUK 1713 Oct 19727"1 
Ricky Wilde

A: I Am An Astronaut
B: The Hertfordshire Rock
UK UKUK 183 Nov 19727"57.0
Roy "C"

A: Shotgun Wedding
B: I'm Gonna Make It
UK UKUK 1910 Nov 19727"18.3
Simon Turner

A: Shoeshine Boy
B: 17
UK UKUK 2010 Nov 19727"1 
Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs

A: On A Saturday Night
B: Going Round The World
UK UKUK 2117 Nov 19727"2 
10 c.c.

A: Johnny, Don't Do It!
B: 4% Of Something...
UK UKUK 221 Dec 19727"47.0
Eiri Thrasher

A: The Old Rugged Cross
B: Yes, Indeed
UK UKUK 2324 Nov 19727"1 
Tina Harvey

A: Nowhere To Run
B: Tina's Second Song
UK UKUK 2419 Jan 19737"08.0
The Scavengers Otherwise Known As Shag

A: Vulture Stomp

Shag Otherwise Known As The Scavengers

B: Shag
UK UKUK 2512 Jan 19737"2 
The Angelettes

A: Do You Love Me?
B: I Just Want To Say "Thank You"
UK UKUK 2619 Jan 19737"1 
Roy "C"

A: The Wedding Is Over
B: High School Dropout
UK UKUK 279 Feb 19737"2 
Ricky Wilde

A: April Love
B: Round And Round
UK UKUK 2816 Feb 19737"0 
A Handful Of Cheek

A: I'll Slap Your Face
B: Cheek
UK UKUK 2916 Feb 19737"1 

A: We Went For A Drive
B: On The Road Again
UK UKUK 3023 Feb 19737"0 
John Ford

A: It's Alright Bill
B: Captain Of Your Ship
UK UKUK R 3123 Feb 19737"0 
The Rockets [UK]

A: I'm Henery The Eighth, I Am
B: Shortnin' Bread
UK UKUK 322 Mar 19737"0 

A: Yer Big Girl's Blouse
B: Rub-A-Tummy
UK UKUK 3316 Mar 19737"1 
Simon Turner

A: Love Around
B: Baby (I Gotta Go)
UK UKUK 3416 Mar 19737"0 
Jonathan King

A: Mary, My Love
B: A Little Bit Left Of Right
UK UKUK 3523 Mar 19737"2 

A: Rubber Bullets
B: Waterfall
UK UKUK 3630 Mar 19737"139.1
Simon Turner

A: Baby (I Gotta Go)
B: I Wanna Love My Life Away
UK UKUK 3713 Apr 19737"7 

A: We Ran And We Ran
B: Lookin' For You
UK UKUK R 3827 Apr 19737"0 
Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs Featuring Jona Lewi

A: She Left I Died

Jona Lewi With Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs

B: Too Self-Centred
UK UKUK R 394 May 19737"1 

A: Motorbike Annie
B: Gypsy Girl
UK UKUK 401 Jun 19737"1 
Lee Wilson

A: Wait 'Til Your Father Finds Out
B: Early In The Morning
UK UKUK 418 Jun 19737"0 
Ricky Wilde

A: Do It Again, A Little Bit Slower
B: Love Around
UK UKUK 428 Jun 19737"0 
Mark Channing

A: Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
B: Forty More Miles Of Bad Road
UK UKUK 4315 Jun 19737"0 
Simon Turner

A: The Prettiest Star
B: Love Around
UK UKUK 4422 Jun 19737"18.0

A: That What It's All About
B: And I Like You
UK UKUK 456 Jul 19737"148.0
The Baron's Supporters

A: The Return Of The Red Baron
B: Summer Concerto
UK UKUK 466 Jul 19737"0 
Jonathan King

A: Everyone's Gone To The Moon
B: Summer's Coming
UK UKUK 4720 Jul 19737"1 
10 c.c.

A: The Dean And I
B: Bee In My Bonnet
UK UKUK 4810 Aug 19737"28.3

A: Mary's Mama
B: Bring Back The Money
UK UKUK R 4910 Aug 19737"0 

A: Bongo Rock
B: Clap And Shout
UK UKUK 50 5 Oct 19737"16.0

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