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UK - Label Discography

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  UK  171
  USA  51
  Germany  25
  Ireland  7
  Canada  5
  Denmark  5
  Japan  4
  Belgium  3
  Netherlands  3
  Sweden  3
  Australia  2
  Norway  1
  Portugal  1
  South Africa  1
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Ricky Wilde

A: I Am An Astronaut
B: The Hertfordshire Rock
UK GermanyDL 25 54419727"0 
10 c.c.

A: Johnny Don't Do It!
B: 4% Of Something
UK GermanyDL 25 547Dec 19727"0 
Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs

A: On A Saturday Night
B: Going Round The World
UK GermanyDL 25 548Dec 19727"0 
Mark And John

A: This One's For You (With Dedication)
B: This One's For You (Without Dedication)
UK GermanyDL 25 55119737"0 
Jonathan King

A: Mary My Love
B: A Little Bit Left Of Right
UK GermanyDL 25 57419737"0 
Roy "C"

Oldies But Goldies

A: Shotgun Wedding
B: I'm Gonna Make It
UK GermanyDL 25 549Jan 19737"0 
Bubblerock Is Here To Stay

A: (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock
B: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
UK GermanyDL 25 550Jan 19737"0 
The Angelettes

A: Do You Love Me?
B: I Just Want To Say "Thank You"
UK GermanyDL 25 560Feb 19737"0 
10 c.c.

A: Rubber Bullets
B: Waterfall
UK GermanyDL 25 573Apr 19737"08.0
Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs Featuring Jona Lewi

A: She Left; I Died
B: Too Self-Centred
UK GermanyDL 25 578May 19737"0 
The Baron's Supporters

A: The Return Of The Red Baron
B: Summer Concerto
UK GermanyDL 25 588Jul 19737"0 
10 c.c.

A: The Dean And I
B: Bee In My Bonnet
UK GermanyDL 25 594Aug 19737"3 
Bubblerock Is Here To Stay

A: Twist And Shout
B: Mr. Tambourine Man
UK GermanyDL 25 605Oct 19737"1 
10 c.c.

A: The Worst Band In The World
B: 18 Carat Man Of Means
UK GermanyDL 25 626Feb 19747"19.0
Ricky Wilde

A: Teen Wave
B: Round And Round
UK GermanyDL 25 620Apr 19747"0 
Jonathan King

A: Hooked On A Feeling
B: I Don't Want To Be Gay
UK GermanyDL 25 635May 19747"4 
10 c.c.

A: The Wall Street Shuffle
B: Gismo My Way
UK GermanyDL 25 640Jun 19747"0 
10 cc

A: Silly Love
B: The Sacro-Iliac
UK Germany6.11 531 (AC)Oct 19747"0 
Kursaal Flyers

A: Speedway
B: Chocs Away
UK Germany2012 00119757"0 
53rd And 3rd Featuring The Sound Of Shag

A: Chick-a-Boom
B: Kingmaker
UK Germany2012 00219757"0 
Jonathan King

A: Una Paloma Blanca (White Dove)
B: In Praise Of U.K.
UK Germany2012 00819757"5 
Julie [1980s UK]

A: I'm Not Liza
B: Hey Girls Gather Round
UK Germany2012 00919757"0 
Jonathan King

A: The Happy People Song
B: I've Never Seen A Woman
UK Germany2012 03319767"0 

Golden Greats

A: I Can't Get No Satisfaction
B: Rock Around The Clock
UK Germany2135 701Mar 19777"07.0

Export Issue

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Carl Malcolm

A: Fattie Bum Bum

Skin Flesh And Bones

B: Bum Bum Situation
UK GermanyUK 1081975Export Issue3 

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