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Uni - Label Discography

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  USA  384
  UK  58
  Canada  29
  Germany  26
  Netherlands  18
  Norway  7
  Belgium  4
  Spain  3
  Italy  2
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The Pleasure Fair

A: Morning Glory Days
B: Fade In Fade Out
Uni UKUN 5008 Mar 19687"1 
The Mirettes

A: In The Midnight Hour
B: To Love Somebody
Uni UKUN 50111 Apr 19687"38.5
David Essex

A: Love Story
B: Higher Than High
Uni UKUN 50224 May 19687"0 
Neil Diamond

A: Brooklyn Roads
B: Holiday Inn Blues
Uni UKUN 503Jun 19687"59.0
Hugh Masekela

A: Grazing In The Grass
B: Bajabula Bonke (The Healing Song)
Uni UKUN 50412 Jul 19687"2 
The Mirettes

A: The Real Thing
B: Take Me For A Little While
Uni UKUN 50526 Jul 19687"17.0
Kin Vassy

A: I Think I Just Found My Mind
B: That's The Bag I'm In
Uni UKUN 50629 Aug 19697"1 
The Hook

A: In The Beginning
B: Show You The Way
Uni UKUN 50729 Aug 19697"0 
The Cascades

A: Maybe The Rain Will Fall
B: Naggin' Cries
Uni UKUN 50812 Sep 19697"0 
Giant Crab

A: E.S.P.
B: Hot Line Conversation
Uni UKUN 50912 Sep 19697"010.0
Hugh Masekela

A: I Haven't Slept
B: Where Has All The Grass Gone?
Uni UKUN 51019697"0 

A: Making Up
B: Thinking Of The Good Times
Uni UKUN 51119697"1 
Neil Diamond

A: Sweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)
B: Dig In
Uni UKUN 511Sep 19697"0 
Neil Diamond

A: Holly Holy
B: Hurtin' You Don't Come Easy
Uni UKUN 51214 Nov 19697"09.0
Matthews' Southern Comfort

A: Colorado Springs Eternal
B: The Struggle
Uni UKUNS 5139 Jan 19707"0 
The Calliope

A: Clear Mud
B: Wiser
Uni UKUN 51416 Jan 19707"49.0
Kansas Hook

A: Echo Park
B: Manhattan Woman
Uni UKUNS 51530 Jan 19707"1 
The Yellow Payges

A: Follow The Bouncing Ball
B: Little Woman
Uni UKUN 51623 Jan 19707"0 
Betty Everett

A: Sugar
B: Hold On
Uni UKUN 51720 Feb 19707"0 
Amory Kane

A: You Were On My Mind
B: All The Best Songs And Marches
Uni UKUN 51819707"2 
Bob And Earl

A: Pickin' Up Love's Vibrations
B: Uh, Uh, Naw Naw Naw
Uni UKUN 51919707"1 
Pat Shannon

A: Back To Dreamin' Again
B: Moody
Uni UKUN 5206 Mar 19707"1 
Matthews Southern Comfort

A: Ballad Of Obray Ramsey
B: Parting
Uni UKUN 5218 May 19707"0 
Neil Diamond

A: Soolaimon (African Trilogy II)
B: And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind
Uni UKUN 52215 May 19707"06.0
White Mule

A: Looking Through Cats Eyes
B: Hundred Franc Blues
Uni UKUNS 52315 May 19707"1 
3rd Avenue Blues Band

A: I Never Promised You A Rose Garden
B: Come And Get It
Uni UKUN 52412 Jun 19707"06.0
Mike d'Abo

A: Let It Roar
B: California Line
Uni UKUNS 52517 Jul 19707"15.5
Matthews Southern Comfort

A: Woodstock
B: Scion
Uni UKUNS 52624 Jul 19707"69.6
Gospel Oak

A: Recollections Of Jessica
B: Brown Haired Girl
Uni UKUNS 52728 Aug 19707"0 

A: She Brings The Morning With Her
B: Back To Boulder
Uni UKUNS 52828 Aug 19707"18.0
Neil Diamond

A: Cracklin' Rosie
B: Lordy
Uni UKUN 5294 Sep 19707"59.3
Brian Hyland

A: Gypsy Woman
B: You And Me (No. 2)
Uni UKUN 53019707"28.0
Neil Diamond

A: Sweet Caroline
B: Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show
Uni UKUNS 531Feb 19717"010.0
Neil Diamond

A: I Am... I Said
B: Done Too Soon
Uni UKUN 53223 Apr 19717"08.5
Brian Hyland

A: So Long Marianne
B: No Place To Run
Uni UKUN 53325 Jun 19717"38.0
Big Black [Uni]

A: Diggin' What You're Doing
B: Long Hair
Uni UKUN 53419717"0 
John Hetherington

A: Home
B: Hello
Uni UKUN 53515 Oct 19717"1 
Neil Diamond

A: Stones
B: Crunchy Granola Suite
Uni UKUN 53612 Nov 19717"0 

A: A Year Every Night
B: Southbound
Uni UKUNS 53725 Feb 19727"0 
Neil Diamond

A: Song Sung Blue
B: Gitchy Goomy
Uni UKUN 53828 Apr 19727"010.0
Love Unlimited

A: Walkin' In The Rain With The One I Love
B: I Should Have Known
Uni UKUN 539Jun 19727"39.2
Brian Hyland

A: I Love Every Little Thing About You
B: With My Eyes Wide Open
Uni UKUN 54019 May 19727"18.0
The White Duck

A: Billy Goat
B: Really
Uni UKUN 54116 Jun 19727"1 

A: One Night Stand
B: Tonight (I Gotta Make It Right)
Uni UKUNS 54223 Jun 19727"0 
Andy Kim

A: Who Has The Answers?
B: Shady Hollow Dreamer
Uni UKUN 54330 Jun 19727"1 
Vigrass And Osborne

A: Men Of Learning
B: Forever Autumn
Uni UKUNS 54421 Jul 19727"48.0
Brian Hyland

A: Only Wanna Make You Happy
B: When You're Lovin' Me
Uni UKUNS 54528 Jul 19727"0 
Neil Diamond

A: Play Me
B: Porcupine Pie
Uni UKUNS 54618 Aug 19727"4 

A: Carry On (Till The Band Adjourns)
B: I've Been Thinking Of You Lately
Uni UKUNS 5471 Sep 19727"1 
George Hamilton

A: Evel Knievel
B: Boy From The Country
Uni UKUN 5488 Sep 19727"0 

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