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United Artists - Label Discography

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  USA  1850
  UK  1108
  Germany  513
  Netherlands  385
  Australia  318
  New Zealand  263
  Canada  213
  France  129
  Italy  79
  Japan  66
  Ireland  59
  Spain  57
  Belgium  50
  Portugal  39
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UP 1001 - 1100
The Highwaymen With Burt Lancaster

A: The Bird Man

The Highwaymen

B: Cindy, Oh Cindy
United Artists UKUP 1001Aug 19627"1 
Jay And The Americans

A: This Is It
B: It's My Turn To Cry
United Artists UKUP 1002Aug 19627"0 
Al Caiola

A: Big Guitar
B: Guns Of Navarone
United Artists UKUP 1003Aug 19627"3 
Johnny Maestro

A: Fifty Million Heartbeats
B: Before I Loved Her
United Artists UKUP 1004Sep 19627"2 
Gene Pitney

A: If I Didn't Have A Dime (To Play The Jukebox)
B: Only Love Can Break A Heart
United Artists UKUP 1005Sep 19627"29.5
Mike Clifford

A: Close To Cathy
B: She's Just Another Girl
United Artists UKUP 1006Sep 19627"1 
Al Caiola

A: Katusha
B: Love Is Like Champagne
United Artists UKUP 1007Nov 19627"0 
Gus Vali And His Orchestra

A: Love Theme From 'Phaedra'
B: Candlelight
United Artists UKUP 1008Dec 19627"0 
The Highwaymen

A: Well, Well, Well
B: I Know Where I'm Going
United Artists UKUP 1009Dec 19627"1 
Baby Jane And The Rockabyes

A: How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
B: My Boy John
United Artists UKUP 1010Jan 19637"1 
The Exciters

A: Tell Him
B: Hard Way To Go
United Artists UKUP 1011Jan 19637"38.5
Gene Pitney

A: Half Heaven - Half Heartache
B: Tower-Tall
United Artists UKUP 101225 Jan 19637"0 
The Invictas

A: Green Bow Tie
B: Touch Of Orchid
United Artists UKUP 1013Feb 19637"2 
Mike Clifford

A: What To Do With Laurie
B: That's What They Said
United Artists UKUP 1014Feb 19637"1 
George Jones

A: I Saw Me
B: Not What I Had In Mind
United Artists UKUP 1015Feb 19637"0 
Al Caiola And Ralph Marterie

A: Fandango
B: El Pecador
United Artists UKUP 10161 Mar 19637"0 
The Exciters

A: He's Got The Power
B: Drama Of Love
United Artists UKUP 10171 Mar 19637"1 
Jay And The Americans

A: Strangers Tomorrow
B: What's The Use
United Artists UKUP 101815 Mar 19637"2 
Ferrante And Teicher

A: Theme From 'Taras Bulba' (The Wishing Star)
B: 'Lawrence Of Arabia' Theme
United Artists UKUP 101922 Mar 19637"0 
The Wanderers

A: Run, Run, Senorita
B: After He Breaks Your Heart
United Artists UKUP 1020May 19637"129.0
Gene Pitney

A: Mecca
B: Teardrop By Teardrop
United Artists UKUP 1021Apr 19637"3 
Al Caiola And Ralph Marterie

A: Acapulco 1922
B: The Breeze And I
United Artists UKUP 1022Apr 19637"0 
Bob Hope

A: Call Me Bwana

Bob Hope And Edie Adams

B: The Flip Side
United Artists UKUP 1023Mar 19637"1 
The Countdowns

A: Mouse On The Moon
B: The Big Safari
United Artists UKUP 1024May 19637"0 
Kenny Little And The Little People

A: Love Is A Ball
B: Theme From 'Taras Bulba'
United Artists UKUP 1025May 19637"0 
The Exciters

A: Get Him
B: It's So Exciting
United Artists UKUP 1026Jul 19637"09.0
The Elektras

A: All I Want To Do Is Run
B: It Ain't Easy
United Artists UKUP 102712 Jul 19637"0 
Ferrante And Teicher

A: Antony And Cleopatra Theme
B: Caesar And Cleopatra Theme
United Artists UKUP 102819 Jul 19637"1 
Dave Dudley

A: Six Days On The Road
B: I Feel A Cry Coming On
United Artists UKUP 1029Aug 19637"09.3
Gene Pitney

A: True Love Never Runs Smooth
B: Donna Means Heartbreak
United Artists UKUP 1030Aug 19637"19.0
Norman And The Invaders

A: Stacey
B: Our Wedding Day
United Artists UKUP 1031Sep 19637"0 
Ray Sharpe

A: Hey, Little Girl
B: The Day You Left Me
United Artists UKUP 1032Oct 19637"2 
Garnet Mimms And The Enchanters

A: Cry Baby
B: Don't Change Your Heart
United Artists UKUP 1033Oct 19637"010.0
The Isley Brothers

A: Tango
B: She's Gone
United Artists UKUP 1034Oct 19637"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
B: Lonely Night Dreams (Of Far Away Arms)
United Artists UKUP 1035Nov 19637"99.6
The Four Lads

A: It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World
B: The Stolen Hours
United Artists UKUP 1036Nov 19637"0 
Al Caiola And His Orchestra

A: Women Of The World
B: Redigo
United Artists UKUP 1037Nov 19637"0 
Garnet Mimms And The Enchanters

A: Baby, Don't You Weep
B: For Your Precious Love
United Artists UKUP 1038Dec 19637"0 
Jay And The Americans

A: Come Dance With Me
B: Look In My Eyes Maria
United Artists UKUP 1039Jan 19647"16.0
Jerry Van Dyke And Stefonie Powers

A: Mclintock's Theme
B: Just Right For Me
United Artists UKUP 1040Jan 19647"0 
The Exciters

A: Do-Wah-Diddy Diddy
B: If Love Came Your Way
United Artists UKUP 1041Jan 19647"310.0
Leroy Holmes Orchestra

A: Tom Jones

Ken Lauber And His Orchestra

B: Love Theme From 'Tom Jones'
United Artists UKUP 1042Jan 19647"0 
Richard Hayman And Orchestra

A: Theme From Irma La Douce (Look Again) (from the film of the same name)
B: Let's Pretend Love (from the film "Irma La Douce")
United Artists UKUP 1043Feb 19647"0 
George Jones

A: Your Heart Turned Left
B: My Tears Are Overdue
United Artists UKUP 10441 May 19647"0 
Gene Pitney

A: That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
B: Who Needs It
United Artists UKUP 1045Feb 19647"39.0
Bobby Goldsboro

A: See The Funny Little Clown
B: Hello Loser
United Artists UKUP 1046Feb 19647"08.0
Gene Thomas

A: Baby's Gone
B: Stand By Love
United Artists UKUP 1047Mar 19647"2 
Garnet Mimms And The Enchanters

A: Tell Me Baby
B: Anytime You Want Me
United Artists UKUP 1048Apr 19647"1 
A Band Of Angels

A: Me
B: Not True As Yet
United Artists UKUP 1049Apr 19647"28.0
The Isley Brothers

A: Shake It With Me Baby
B: Stagger Lee
United Artists UKUP 1050Apr 19647"0 

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