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United Artists - Label Discography

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  USA  1594
  UK  1099
  Germany  426
  Netherlands  352
  Australia  274
  New Zealand  217
  Canada  139
  France  109
  Italy  60
  Ireland  53
  Spain  50
  Japan  49
  Belgium  33
  South Africa  25
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Ferrante And Teicher

A: Theme From The Motion Picture "Goodbye Again"
B: Tara's Theme From "Gone With The Wind"
United Artists AustraliaUA-100119617"0 
Johnnie Ray

A: I'll Bring Along My Banjo
B: How Many Nights, How Many Days
United Artists AustraliaUA-100219617"0 
Don Costa And His Orchestra And Chorus

A: Never On Sunday

Al Caiola And His Orchestra

B: The Magnificent Seven
United Artists AustraliaUA-100319617"1 
Al Caiola And His Orchestra

A: Autumn In Cheyenne
B: Speak Low
United Artists AustraliaUA-100519617"0 
Steve Lawrence

A: The Second Time Around
B: My Claire De Lune
United Artists AustraliaUA-100719617"0 
Gene Thomas

A: Sometime
B: Every Night
United Artists AustraliaUA-100819617"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Every Breath I Take
B: Mr. Moon, Mr. Cupid And I
United Artists AustraliaUA-100919617"0 
Ferrante And Teicher

A: Tonight
B: Dream Of Love
United Artists AustraliaUA-101019617"0 
Ferrante And Teicher

A Souvenir Of The Launching Of "United Artists Records"

A: Goodbye Again
B: Aimez-Vous Cha Cha
United Artists AustraliaUAP-11961Promo Only 7"1 
The Highwaymen

A: Cotton Fields
B: The Gypsy Rover
United Artists AustraliaUA-101119627"010.0
Gene Pitney

A: Town Without Pity
B: Air Mail Special Delivery
United Artists AustraliaUA-101319627"0 
Kenny Dino

A: Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night
B: Dream A Girl
United Artists AustraliaUA-101419627"0 
Marv Johnson

A: Show Me
B: Oh, Mary
United Artists AustraliaUA-101619627"0 
Evelyn Freeman

A: Didn't It Rain
B: Water Boy
United Artists AustraliaUA-101719627"3 
Jay And The Americans

A: She Cried
B: Dawning
United Artists AustraliaUA-101819627"0 
Ferrante And Teicher

A: Smile
B: Street Of Palms (Via Margalene)
United Artists AustraliaUA-101919627"0 
Al Caiola

A: Sergeant's Three March
B: Theme From Experiment In Terror
United Artists AustraliaUA-102019627"0 
The Highwaymen

A: Whiskey In The Jar
B: I'm On My Way
United Artists AustraliaUA-102119627"0 
Gene Pitney

A: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
B: Take It Like A Man
United Artists AustraliaUA-102219627"010.0
Nathaniel Mayer And The Fabulous Twilights

A: Village Of Love
B: I Want A Woman
United Artists AustraliaUA-102319627"2 
The Highwaymen With Burt Lancaster

A: The Bird Man

The Highwaymen

B: Cindy, Oh Cindy
United Artists AustraliaUA-102619627"0 
Ralph Marterie And His Orchestra

A: Theme From Judgement At Nuremburg [Schwalbenwinkel]
B: Lili Marleen
United Artists AustraliaUA-102719627"0 
Jay And The Americans

A: This Is It
B: It's My Turn To Cry
United Artists AustraliaUA-102819627"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Only Love Can Break A Heart
B: If I Didn't Have A Dime (To Play The Jukebox)
United Artists AustraliaUA-102919627"0 
Maurice Chevalier

A: The Vespa Song
B: Jessica
United Artists AustraliaUA-103319627"0 
Great Motion Picture Themes

Don Costa

A1: Never On Sunday

Ferrante And Teicher

A2: Theme From Exodus

Al Caiola

B1: The Magnificent Seven

Ferrante And Teicher

B2: Theme From The Apartment
United Artists AustraliaUAX-15001962EP0 
Al Caiola

Hit Instrumentals From TV Western Themes

A1: Wagons Ho!
A2: Maverick
B1: The Ballad Of Paladin
B2: Rawhide
United Artists AustraliaUAX-15031962EP0 
Gene Pitney

Gene Pitney

A1: Town Without Pity
A2: (I Wanna) Love My Life Away
B1: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
B2: Air Mail Special Delivery
United Artists AustraliaUAX-15051962EP0 
Al Caiola

Solid Gold Guitar

A1: Two Guitars
A2: Magnificent Seven
B1: Moon River
B2: Mexico
United Artists AustraliaUAX-15071962EP0 
Al Caiola Guitars With Orchestra

Golden Hit Instrumentals

A1: Bonanza
A2: Calcutta
B1: Apache
B2: Bounty Hunter
United Artists AustraliaUAX-15081962EP0 
The Exciters

A: Tell Him
B: Hard Way To Go
United Artists AustraliaUA-103419637"0 
Baby Jane And The Rockabyes

A: My Boy John
B: How Much Is That Doggie In The Window
United Artists AustraliaUA-103519637"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Half Heaven – Half Heartache
B: Tower-Tall
United Artists AustraliaUA-103619637"0 
The Exciters

A: He's Got The Power
B: Drama Of Love
United Artists AustraliaUA-103819637"0 
Gene Pitney

A: Mecca
B: Teardrop By Teardrop
United Artists AustraliaUA-103919637"0 
The Exciters

A: Get Him
B: It's So Exciting
United Artists AustraliaUA-104019637"0 
Gene Pitney

A: True Love Never Runs Smooth
B: Donna Means Heartbreak
United Artists AustraliaUA-104119637"0 
Dave Dudley

A: Six Days On The Road
B: I Feel A Cry Coming On
United Artists AustraliaUA-104219637"0 
Garnet Mimms And The Enchanters

A: Cry Baby
B: Don't Change Your Heart
United Artists AustraliaUA-104419637"2 
Gene Pitney

A: Twenty-Four Hours From Tulsa
B: Lonely Night Dreams
United Artists AustraliaUA-104519637"0 
Gene Pitney

A: That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
B: Who Needs It
United Artists AustraliaUA-104919647"0 
Al Caiola

A: Burke's Law Theme
B: Smoke Signal
United Artists AustraliaUA-105119647"1 
The Four Lads

A: The Love Song Of Tom Jones
B: Theme From Lillies Of The Field (Amen)
United Artists AustraliaUA-105319647"0 
Bonnie Brooks

A: Bring Back My Beatles [To Me]
B: A Letter From My Love
United Artists AustraliaUA-105419647"2 
Gene Pitney

A: Yesterday's Hero
B: Cornflower Blue
United Artists AustraliaUA-105719647"0 
Gene Pitney

A: It Hurts To Be In Love
B: Hawaii
United Artists AustraliaUA-105919647"1 
Jay And The Americans

A: Come A Little Bit Closer
B: Goodbye Boys, Goodbye (Ciao Ragzzi Ciao)
United Artists AustraliaUA-106119647"08.0
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A: Goin' Out Of My Head
B: Make It Easy On Yourself
United Artists AustraliaUA-106519647"0 
More Great Motion Picture Themes

Ferrante And Teicher

A1: Theme From "One Eyed Jacks" ("Love Theme")

Duke Ellington Featuring Louis Armstrong

A2: Main Title From "Paris Blues" (Take The A Train)

Ferrante And Teicher

B1: Theme From "Gone With The Wind" "(Tara's Theme")

Don Costa And His Orch.

B2: Music From "The Misfits"
United Artists AustraliaUAX-15041964EP0 
The Highwaymen

The Highwaymen

A1: Michael
A2: Cottonfields
B1: Gypsy Rover
B2: Whisky In The Jar
United Artists AustraliaUAX-15061964EP0 

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