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United Artists - Label Discography

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  USA  2007
  UK  1136
  Germany  552
  Netherlands  403
  New Zealand  393
  Australia  364
  Canada  300
  France  155
  Japan  105
  Italy  85
  Spain  69
  Portugal  66
  Ireland  62
  Belgium  56
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The Clovers

A1: You Said
A2: One Mind Julep
B1: So Good So Good
B2: Easy Lovin'
United Artists France360051960EP0 
Jay And The Americans

A1: Tonight
A2: Dawning
B1: She Cried
B2: The Other Girls
United Artists France360181962EP0 
Gene Pitney

A1: The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
A2: I Wanna Love My Life Away
B1: Today's Teardrops
B2: Harmony
United Artists France360231962EP0 
Jay And The Americans

A1: Kansas City
A2: Stand By Me
B1: Drums
B2: Yes
United Artists France360271962EP0 
Les Tarriers

Chansons Populaires Americaines

A1: Bale Of Cotton
A2: Darlin'
B1: Gwine Up
B2: If You Love God
United Artists France36010Jan 1962EP0 
The Fantastics Delacardos

A1: Thing-A-Ma-Jig
A2: I Got It
B1: Hold Back The Tears
B2: Mr Dillon
United Artists France36011Jan 1962EP1 
Franz Waxman

A1: Overture
A2: Pursuit In The Night
B1: The Wishing Star (Theme From 'Taras Bulba')
B2: Death Of Andrei
United Artists France360331963EP610.0
The Exciters

A1: Tell Him
A2: Remember Me
B1: He's Got The Power
B2: Say It With Love
United Artists France36 0361963EP0 
John Barry Orchestra

"Bons Baisers De Russie" (From Russia With Love)

A1: Generique
A2: Le Camp Des Tziganes
A3: Mort De Krylenko
B1: James Bond Theme
B2: 007 S'empare Du Lektor
United Artists France360431963EP4 
The Exciters

A1: Do Wah Diddy
A2: If Love Came Your Way
B1: Get Him
B2: It's So Exciting
United Artists France36 0441963EP0 
A Band Of Angels

A1: She'll Never Be You
A2: Gonna Make A Woman Of You
B1: Me
B2: Not True As Yet
United Artists France360501964EP0 
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A1: I'm On The Outside (Looking In)
A2: Please Go
B1: People
B2: Our Song
United Artists France360511964EP0 
Jay And The Americans

A1: Come A Little Bit Closer
A2: Goodbye Boys Goodbye
B1: To Wait For Love
B2: Friday
United Artists France360541964EP0 
Little Anthony And The Imperials

N° 2

A1: Goin' Out Of My Head
A2: Tears On My Pillow
B1: Make It Easy On Yourself
B2: Funny
United Artists France360561964EP0 
Gene Pitney

A1: 24 Hours From Tulsa
A2: Lonely Night Dreams
B1: Who Needs It
B2: That Girl Belongs To Yesterday
United Artists France36046Jun 1964EP2 
Evelyn Freeman

A1: Didn't It Rain
A2: Fare Thee Well
B1: All God's Chillum
B2: You Got To Believe
United Artists France36041Jul 1964EP0 
Garnet Mimms

A: As Long As I Have You
B: A Little Bit Of Soap
United Artists France3501219657"1 
Jay And The Americans

A1: Some Enchanted Evening
A2: Girl
B1: When It's All Over
B2: Cara Mia
United Artists France360651965EP0 
Lena Horne

A1: I Wanna Be Around
A2: Willow Weep For Me
B1: Girl From Ipanema
B2: And I Love Him
United Artists France360681965EP0 
Dorinda Duncan

Dorinda Duncan Chante Bob Dylan

A1: Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
A2: Mr. Tambourine Man
B1: Blowin' In The Wind
B2: One Too Many Mornings
United Artists France360701965EP1 
The Easybeats

A: Make You Feel Alright (Women)
B: In My Book
United Artists France3501619667"010.0
Jay And The Americans

A1: Sunday And Me
A2: Why Can't You Bring Me Home
B1: Baby Stop Your Cryin'
B2: Good Lovin'
United Artists France360741966EP0 
Jordan Christopher

A1: The Knack
A2: Going Out Of My Head
B1: I've Just Seen A Face
B2: Hello Lover
United Artists France36.075 UAE1966EP0 
L'Ombre D'Un Geant

Elmer Bernstein

A1: L'Ombre D'un Geant
A2: Terre Promise

Vince Hill

B1: Love Me True

Elmer Bernstein

B2: La Reve Oublie
United Artists France36.101 UAE1966EP0 
Jay And The Americans

En Francais

A1: Sans Voir Que Suis La
A2: The Grass Will Sing
B1: Sandy Et Moi
B2: Look At Me
United Artists France36.102 UAE1966EP0 
Elmer Bernstein


A1: Hawaii
A2: La Tragedie De Keoki
B1: Bienvenue En Hawaii
B2: Abner - The Wishing Doll
United Artists France36.104 UAE1966EP0 
The Easybeats

Friday On My Mind

A1: Friday On My Mind
A2: Remember Sam
B1: Pretty Girl
B2: Made My Bed (Gonna Lie In It)
United Artists France36.106 UAE1966EP010.0
The Easybeats

A: Friday On My Mind
B: Remember Sam
United Artists France38.000 UAF19667"09.5
Long John Baldry

A1: Cuckoo
A2: You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
B1: Stop Her On Sight (S.O.S.)
B2: Bring My Baby Back To Me
United Artists France36.108 UAEDec 1966EP0 
Elmer Bernstein

Le Retour Des 7 [Return Of The Seven]

A1: The Magnificent Seven
A2: Mariachis De Mexico
B1: Retour Des 7
B2: The Journey
United Artists France36.110 UAE1967EP0 
The Easybeats

Who´ll Be The One

A1: Who´ll Be The One
A2: Saturday Night
B1: Lisa
B2: Do You Have A Soul
United Artists France36.112 UAE1967EP010.0
Les Chéries

A1: Chaque Fois
A2: Pour Parler D'amour (There's Got To Be A Word)
B1: Un Canard Dans La Mare (Lord Love A Duck)
B2: Mais Qui Que Quoi Donc Où (The Year Of The Duck)
United Artists France36.116 UAE1967EP0 
The Easybeats

A1: Heaven And Hell
A2: River Deep, Mountain High
B1: All Gone Boy
B2: You Me We Love
United Artists France36.117 UAE1967EP010.0
The Fortunes

A1: The Idol
A2: His Smile Was A Lie
B1: Just Another Dream
B2: Sunday Night
United Artists France36.119 UAE1967EP0 
Les Chéries

A: Mais Qui Que Quoi Dont Ou (The Year Of The Duck)
B: Un Canard Dans La Mare (Lord Love A Duck)
United Artists France38.00519677"1 
Musketeer Gripweed And The Third Troop

A: How I Won The War
B: Aftermath
United Artists France38.206 UAF19677"2 
Bande Originale Du Film Colorado

Ennio Morricone

A: Colorado (The Big Gundown)


B: Run Man Run
United Artists France38.23719677"0 
Leroy Holmes Et Son Orchestre

A: Thème Principal Du Film United Artists "Le Bon, La Brute, Le Truand"
B: Thème De Tara Du Film "Autant En Emporte Le Vent"
United Artists France38.209 UAF19687"0 
The Easybeats

A: Hello, How Are You
B: Falling Off The Edge Of The World (Seeing You With Him)
United Artists France38.211 UAF19687"010.0
Bobby Goldsboro

A: Honey
B: Danny
United Artists France38.213 UAF19687"0 
The Easybeats

A: Good Times
B: Lay Me Down And Die
United Artists France38.226 UAF19687"010.0
The Spencer Davis Group

A: Mr. Second Class
B: Sanity Inspector
United Artists France38.204 UAFJan 19687"0 
The Easybeats

A: The Music Goes Round My Head
B: Good Times
United Artists France38.205 UAFJan 19687"010.0
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
B: Summer's Comin' In
United Artists France2C 006-90 554 M19697"0 
Jack Hammer

A: What Greater Love
B: The Mason Dixon Line
United Artists France2C 006-9061119697"0 
The Electric Indian

A: Keem-O-Sabe
B: Broad Street
United Artists France2C 006-90.61219697"09.0
Patti Austin

A: I Will Wait For You
B: Big Mouth
United Artists France2C 006-90.68119697"0 
Louis Armstrong

A: We Have All The Time In The World
B: Pretty Little Missy
United Artists France2C 006-90.898 M19697"010.0
Ennio Morricone Et Bruno Nicolai

Bande Sonore Originale Du Film "El Mercanario"

A: A Professional Gun
B: Paco
United Artists France2C 006-91.049 M19697"0 
Peter Sarstedt

A: Where Do You Go To My Lovely
B: Morning Mountain
United Artists France38,247 UAF19697"0 

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