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United Artists - Label Discography

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  USA  1541
  UK  1098
  Germany  419
  Netherlands  351
  Australia  272
  New Zealand  214
  Canada  133
  France  108
  Italy  55
  Ireland  53
  Japan  49
  Spain  49
  Belgium  32
  South Africa  25
  Portugal  17
  Norway  12
  Sweden  12
  Denmark  10
  Israel  10
  Argentina  8
  Brazil  7
  Chile  6
  Rhodesia  6
  Greece  5
  Yugoslavia  5
  Mexico  4
  Venezuela  4
  Austria  3
  Lebanon  3
  Peru  3
  Jamaica  2
  Uruguay  2
  Colombia  1
  Guatemala  1
  Panama  1
  Singapore  1
  Trinidad and Tobago  1
  Unknown Country  1
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The Easybeats

A1: Friday On My Mind
A2: Made My Bed: Gonna Lie In It
B1: Remember Sam
B2: Pretty Girl
United Artists PortugalUEP 120301967EP010.0
The Easybeats

A1: Saturday Night
A2: Who´ll Be The One
B1: Heaven And Hell
B2: You Me We Love
United Artists PortugalUEP 120331967EP010.0
The Easybeats

A1: Hello, How Are You
A2: Falling Off The Edge Of The World
B1: The Music Goes Round My Head
B2: Good Times
United Artists PortugalEP-12-381968EP09.5
Canned Heat And John Lee Hooker

A: Whiskey And Wimmen
B: Lets Make It
United Artists PortugalN.14.2919717"010.0
Ed Welch

A: Clowns
B: The Bird Song
United Artists PortugalN-14-4019727"0 
Legendary Masked Surfers Featuring Dean Torrence

A: Gonna Hustle You
B: Summer Means Fun
United Artists PortugalN-14-7819737"0 

A: Day And Night
B: A Hard Way To Live
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-10119757"0 
Earth Quake

A: Tall Order For A Short Guy
B: Mr. Security
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-10719757"0 
Bobby Goldsboro

A: I Wrote A Song (Sing Along)
B: You Pull Me Down (Into Sweet, Sweet Love)
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-11319757"0 
Electric Light Orchestra

A: Livin' Thing
B: Fire On High
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-12219767"0 
The Stranglers

A: (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
B: London Lady
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-12719777"1 
Dr. Feelgood

A: Baby Jane
B: You Upset Me Baby
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-13219777"0 
Scott Fitzgerald And Yvonne Keeley (With The St. Thomas Moore School Choir)

A: If I Had Words
B: This Time Of Year
United Artists PortugalN-S.14.13419777"0 

A: Emergency
B: My Street Stinks
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-13519787"0 

A: What Do I Get?
B: Oh Shit
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-13620 Jan 19787"0 
Kenny Rogers

A: Coward Of The County
B: I Want To Make You Smile
United Artists Portugal11C 006 82-80719797"2 
The Vapors

A: Prisoners
B: Sunstroke
United Artists Portugal11C 006 82 793 F7"0 

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