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United Artists - Label Discography

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  USA  2022
  UK  1140
  Germany  553
  Netherlands  405
  New Zealand  403
  Australia  369
  Canada  304
  France  156
  Japan  105
  Italy  87
  Spain  70
  Portugal  67
  Ireland  62
  Belgium  56
+ More Countries (39 Total)
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The Exciters

A1: Get Him
A2: I Dreamed
B1: Say It With Love
B2: It's So Exciting
United Artists PortugalUEP 12 0221963EP0 
Jay And The Americans

A1: Granada
A2: Maria
B1: Crying
B2: Why Can't You Bring Me Home
United Artists PortugalUEP 120281966EP0 
Francis Lai

Viver Para Viver

A1: Viver Para Viver (Vivre Pour Vivre) (Instrumental)
A2: Tema De Candice (Theme De Candice)
B1: Círculos Na Água - Des Ronds Dans L'Eau - Now You Want To Be Loved
B2: Tema De Catarina (Theme De Catherine)
United Artists PortugalEP-12-361967EP0 
The Easybeats

A1: Friday On My Mind
A2: Made My Bed: Gonna Lie In It
B1: Remember Sam
B2: Pretty Girl
United Artists PortugalUEP 120301967EP010.0
The Easybeats

A1: Saturday Night
A2: Who´ll Be The One
B1: Heaven And Hell
B2: You Me We Love
United Artists PortugalUEP 120331967EP010.0
The Easybeats

A1: Hello, How Are You
A2: Falling Off The Edge Of The World
B1: The Music Goes Round My Head
B2: Good Times
United Artists PortugalEP-12-381968EP09.5
Bobby Goldsboro

A1: Autumn Of My Life
A2: Pledge Of Love
B1: Honey
B2: Danny
United Artists PortugalEP-12-391968EP0 
Bobbi Martin

A1: For The Love Of Him
A2: Crazy Arms
B1: Here Comes My Baby Back Again
B2: I Fall To Pieces
United Artists PortugalEP-12-451969EP0 
Shirley Bassey

A: Fa, Fa, Fa (Live For Today)
B: A Bus That Never Comes (A Train That Never Leaves)
United Artists PortugalN-14-1819707"0 
Shirley Bassey

A: Something
B: Easy To Be Hard
United Artists PortugalN-14-1919707"0 

A: Needle And Thread
B: Little Red Watering Can
United Artists PortugalN-14-2019707"0 
Francis Lai

Banda Sonora Original Do Filme "Le Voyou"

A1: Ballet Du Voyou
A2: La Peur Du Voyou
B1: Le Voyou
B2: Le Voyou En Action
United Artists PortugalEP-12-471971EP0 
Bobby Goldsboro

A: Watching Scotty Grow
B: Water Color Days
United Artists PortugalN-14-2519717"0 
Shirley Bassey

A: (Where Do I Begin) Love Story
B: For The Love Of Him
United Artists PortugalN-14-2619717"0 
Shirley Bassey

A: Pieces Of Dreams
B: Breakfast In Bed
United Artists PortugalN-14-2719717"0 
Canned Heat And John Lee Hooker

A: Whiskey And Wimmen
B: Lets Make It
United Artists PortugalN.14.2919717"010.0
Jo Meek

A: You Betta Believe It
B: Too Good To Be True
United Artists PortugalN-14-3019717"0 
Francis Lai And Catherine Allegret

A: Smic, Smac, Smoc

Francis Lai

B: Smic, Smac, Smoc (Instrumental)
United Artists PortugalN-14-3819727"0 
Ed Welch

A: Clowns
B: The Bird Song
United Artists PortugalN-14-4019727"1 
Don McLean

A: Vincent
B: Castles In The Air
United Artists PortugalN-14-4419727"0 
Allan Taylor

A: Belfast '71
B: The Lady
United Artists PortugalN-14-4519727"0 
Die Skippies

A: Wann "Anna-Maria"
B: Nur Bei Dir
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-4719727"0 
Tevye And Orchestra

A: If I Were A Rich Man

Motel And Orchestra

B: Miracle Of Miracles
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-5019727"0 
Bruno Nicolai

Indio Black Banda Sonora Original Do Filme

A: Indio Black
B: Ebrezza D'Oro
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-5119727"1 
Big Tears And The Crocodile

A: Sea Side Shuffle
B: Sea Side Shuffle (Instrumental)
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-5219727"0 
Don McLean

A: Dreidel
B: Bronco Bill's Lament
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-5619727"0 
Love Generation

A: Israel
B: Think It Over
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-5719727"1 
Legendary Masked Surfers Featuring Dean Torrence

A: Gonna Hustle You
B: Summer Means Fun
United Artists PortugalN-14-7819737"0 
Shirley Bassey

A: Never, Never, Never (Grande, Grande, Grande)
B: Day By Day
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-6419737"0 
Shirley Bassey

A: Make The World A Little Younger
B: The Old Fashioned Way
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-7119737"0 
Ike And Tina Turner

A: Annie Had A Baby
B: Help Him
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-7319737"0 
Don McLean

A: Mountains Of Mourne
B: Bill Cheatham/Old Joe Clarke
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-8619737"0 
Travis Wammack

A: New Orleans
B: Hooker Girl
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-79Nov 19737"0 
Bobby Goldsboro

A: Honey
B: Autumn Of My Life
United Artists PortugalN-14-8519747"0 
Don McLean

A: La La Love You
B: Homeless Brother
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-10419747"0 
Love Generation

A: Goin' Downtown
B: It's Too Late To Return
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-8419747"0 
Shirley Bassey

A: When You Smile
B: The Trouble With Hello Is Goodbye
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-9319747"0 
Paul Anka

A: (You're) Having My Baby
B: Papa
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-9419747"0 
Bobby Goldsboro

A: Hello, Summertime
B: And Then There Was Gina
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-9519747"0 
Ike And Tina Turner

Sexy Ida

A: Sexy Ida (Part 1)
B: Sexy Ida (Part 2)
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-9619747"0 

A: Day And Night
B: A Hard Way To Live
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-10119757"0 

A: Miracle Maker
B: Feelings
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-10619757"0 
Earth Quake

A: Tall Order For A Short Guy
B: Mr. Security
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-10719757"0 
Shirley Bassey

A: Good, Bad But Beautiful
B: I'm Nothing Without You
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-10819757"0 
Bobby Goldsboro

A: I Wrote A Song (Sing Along)
B: You Pull Me Down (Into Sweet, Sweet Love)
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-11319757"1 
Shirley Bassey

A: Living
B: Everything That Touches You
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-11419757"0 
Electric Light Orchestra

A: Livin' Thing
B: Fire On High
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-12219767"07.0
The Stranglers

A: (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
B: London Lady
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-12719777"1 
Alan Price

A: Meet The People
B: It Will Please Me
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-12819777"0 

A: Run To Me
B: You Don't Have To Say (I Think I Know)
United Artists PortugalN-S-14-13119777"0 

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