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United Artists - Label Discography

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  USA  1787
  UK  1109
  Germany  484
  Netherlands  380
  Australia  306
  New Zealand  238
  Canada  200
  France  125
  Italy  76
  Japan  63
  Ireland  58
  Spain  57
  Belgium  41
  Portugal  37
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Joe Valino

A: Declaration Of Love
B: Legend Of The Lost (Theme From The Motion Picture)
United Artists USAUA 101 XDec 19577"0 
Wes Bryan

A: Lonesome Love
B: Tiny Spaceman
United Artists USAUA 102 XDec 19577"2 
Ray Martin

A: Song From The Quiet American Rah-Hen-Gay (Stay With Me)
B: The Grape Stompers (Vino, Vino, Vino)
United Artists USAUA 103XJan 19587"0 
Warren Miller

A: Say You'll Be True
B: Everybody's Got A Baby But Me
United Artists USAUA 104 XJan 19587"0 
Al Taylor And The Poodles

A: The Swivel
B: The Ripple
United Artists USAUA 105 XFeb 19587"0 
Bob Carroll

A: Witness For The Prosecution (I'll Never Go Home Anymore)
B: Lovely Eyes
United Artists USAUA 106XFeb 19587"1 
Hunt Stevens

A: Johnny On The Spot
B: I Feel It For You
United Artists USAUA 107 XMar 19587"0 
Ronnie Brent

A: My Sweet Verlene
B: Love
United Artists USAUA 108 XMar 19587"1 
Bing Crosby and Bob Hope

A: Paris Holiday
B: Nothing In Common
United Artists USAUA 109XMar 19587"1 
Davey Holt And The Hubcaps

A: Pittery Pat
B: You Move Me
United Artists USAUA 110 XMar 19587"4 
Russ Marlo And The Kingpins

A: Tom Cattin'
B: Laughin' Up My Sleeve
United Artists USAUA 112 XMar 19587"0 
Chuck Wiley

A: Shake Up The Dance
B: Tear It Up
United Artists USAUA 113XMar 19587"18.0
Lee Andrews And The Hearts

A: Try The Impossible
B: Nobody's Home
United Artists USAUA-123 XMar 19587"2 
The Noc-A-Bouts

A: Jungle Safari
B: Session
United Artists USAUA 126 XMar 19587"1 
The Kingpins [US]

A: Ungaua (Part 1)
B: Ungaua (Part 2)
United Artists USAUA 111 XApr 19587"0 
Sammy Gowans

A: Rockin' By Myself
B: Kissin' At The Drive-In
United Artists USAUA 114 XApr 19587"1 
Brein Fisher

A: Double Dating
B: It's Up To You
United Artists USAUA 115 XApr 19587"0 
Frank Verna With The Playboys

A: Sugar Lump
B: Golly Gosh Oh Gee
United Artists USAUA-124XApr 19587"0 
Joe Valino And The Gospelaires

A: God's Little Acre
B: I'm Happy With What I've Got
United Artists USAUA 119 XMay 19587"0 
The Four J's

A: Rock And Roll Age
B: Be Nice, Don't Fight
United Artists USAUA 125 XMay 19587"2 
Tina Louise

A: I'll Be Yours
B: In The Evening
United Artists USAUA 127 XMay 19587"0 
The Windsors [Latin Jazz]

A: Caramba!
B: Saki Rock
United Artists USAUA 128 XJun 19587"0 
Bob Carroll

A: Hi Yo Silver
B: Tonto The Brave
United Artists USAUA 129Jun 19587"0 
Jack Haskell

A: Love Theme From "The Vikings" (My Love Has Gone To Wander)
B: A Place I Know
United Artists USAUA 131XJun 19587"0 
The Four Horsemen

A: My Heartbeat
B: A Long Long Time
United Artists USAUA 134Jun 19587"2 
The Coronados

A: A Good Night Kiss
B: World Of Confusion
United Artists USAUA 135 XJun 19587"1 
Lee Andrews And The Hearts

A: Why Do I
B: Glad To Be Here
United Artists USAUA 136 XJun 19587"1 
Wes Bryan

A: Freeze !!
B: Wait For Me Baby
United Artists USAUA 122Jul 19587"0 
The Tune Rockers

A: The Green Mosquito
B: Warm Up
United Artists USAUA 139 XJul 19587"69.0
Diahann Carroll

A: The Big Country (Another Day, Another Sunset)
B: Guiding Light
United Artists USAUA 142 XAug 19587"0 
Sylia Saynt With The Ernie Yard Band

A: I Love You So
B: Whispering Grass
United Artists USAUA 143Aug 19587"0 
Billy Barnes

A: You'd Have To Fall In Love
B: If You But Knew
United Artists USAUA 148 XOct 19587"3 
Lee Andrews And The Hearts

A: All I Ask Is Love
B: Maybe You´ll Be There
United Artists USAUA 151 XNov 19587"1 
The Jazz Combo

A: Theme From "I Want To Live"
B: Black Nightgown
United Artists USAUA 152 XNov 19587"0 
Sal Mure

A: Morse Code
B: Desire
United Artists USAUA 153 XDec 19587"0 
The Wild-Cats

A: Gazachstahagen
B: Billy's Cha Cha
United Artists USAUA 154Dec 19587"87.0
Johnny Mandel

I Want To Live Original Jazz Sound Track

A1: Main Title
A2: Letter Writing Sequence
A3: Poker Game
B1: Stakeout
B2: Death Scene
B3: End Title
United Artists USAUAE 10003Dec 1958EP0 
Marilyn Monroe

Some Like It Hot

A1: Some Like It Hot
A2: I Wanna Be Loved By You
B1: I'm Thru With Love
B2: Runnin' Wild
United Artists USAUAE 100051959EP0 
Billy Eldridge With The Fire Balls

A: Let's Go Baby
B: My Blue Tears
United Artists USAUR 201119597"1 
The Wild-Cats

A: Gazachstahagen
B: Billy's Cha Cha
United Artists USAUA 1154Jan 1959Special Edition 7"0 
Eddie Barclay And His Orchestra

A: Sermonette
B: Paris Blues
United Artists USAUA 155Jan 19597"0 
Lambert, Hendricks And Ross

A: Doodlin´
B: Spirit Feel
United Artists USAUA 156Jan 19597"0 
Billy Barnes

A: I'm Coming To See You
B: What Am I Supposed To Do
United Artists USAUA 157Feb 19597"0 
Al Casey

A: The Stinger
B: Keep Talking
United Artists USAUA 158Feb 19597"0 
Jack Lewis

A: Wonderful World
B: Mornin' Glory Road
United Artists USAUA 159Feb 19597"0 
Lee Andrews

A: Just Suppose
B: Boom
United Artists USAUA 162Feb 19597"1 
Marilyn Monroe

A: I Wanna Be Loved By You
B: I'm Thru With Love
United Artists USAUA-16117 Feb 19597"0 
Marv Johnson

A: Come To Me
B: Whisper
United Artists USAUA 16018 Feb 19597"4 
The Kings IV

A: Some Like It Hot
B: The World Goes On
United Artists USAUA 164Mar 19597"0 
Ezra And The Ivies

A: Comic Book Crazy
A: Rockin' Shoes (Baca Laca Ling Dong)
United Artists USAUA 165Mar 19597"2 

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