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V2 - Label Discography

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A: Looks Like Chaplin
B: More Life In A Tramps Vest
V2 UKSPH 121 Oct 19967"4 
The Kings Of Infinite Space

A: Misunderstood
B: Misunderstood
V2 UKKIS 119977"1 
The Hormones

A: This Is The Sound
B: Love The Girl
V2 UKVVR400041719977"0 

A: Sand (radio Edit)
B: Cracklin' Water
V2 UKVVR 500037719977"0 
The Kings Of Infinite Space

A: Cool
B: Untitled #13
V2 UKVVR500048719977"0 
The Hormones

A1: Mr. Wilson
B1: Bark And Bite
B2: Only Ones
V2 UKVVR500089719977"0 
The Kings Of Infinite Space

A: Slut (That I'm Livin' With)
B: Jimmy And Jane
V2 UKVVR 500093719977"0 
The Hormones

A1: Stay Ahead
A2: Good To Know You
B1: Patterns
B2: Tired Old Souls
V2 UKVVR50012571997EP0 

A: Local Boy In The Photograph
B: Too Many Sandwiches
V2 UKSPH 217 Mar 19977"09.0

A: More Life In A Tramps Vest
B: Raymonds Shop
V2 UKSPH 419 May 19977"1 
The Kings Of Infinite Space

A: Speedboarder
B: Very Beau
V2 UKVVR5000477Aug 19977"0 

A: A Thousand Trees
B: Carrot Cake And Wine
V2 UKVVR 500044711 Aug 19977"0 

A: Traffic
B: Tie Me Up Tie Me Down
V2 UKVVR 500094727 Oct 19977"0 

A: Fullblood Freak
B: 2002
V2 UK707.0222.719987"0 
The Hormones

A: Don't Let Them Get You Down
B: Be What You Are
V2 UKVVR 500158719987"0 

A: Medication
B: Chocolate Milkshake
V2 UKVVR50019371998Special Edition 7"0 

A: Split Personality
B: Stella
V2 UKVVR 500230719987"0 
The High Llamas

A: Blinger Suc
B: Sparkle Up, Sparkle Down
V2 UKVVR No number19987"0 
The High Llamas

A: The Sun Beats Down
B: Stop Trainer
V2 UKVVR 5001467Apr 19987"1 
Mercury Rev

A: Goddess On A Hiway
B: Ragtag
V2 UKVVR 50033272 Nov 19987"16.0

A: The Bartender And The Thief
B: She Takes Her Clothes Off
V2 UKVVR 500467716 Nov 19987"1 
The Crocketts

A1: James Dean-esque
B1: Billy The Bunt
B2: Rapid Pulsing Breaths
V2 UKBDR500775719997"0 

A: Just Looking
B: Postmen Do Not Great Movie Hero Make
V2 UKVVR 50053271 Mar 19997"0 
Annie Christian

A: Love This Life
B: The Boy With The Golden Arm (Live)
V2 UKVVR 5006747Apr 19997"0 
Younger Younger 28's

A: We're Going Out
B: Valerie
V2 UKVVR5006947May 19997"1 

A: Pick A Part That's New
B: Nice To Be Out (Demo)
V2 UKVVR 500677710 May 19997"2 
Mercury Rev

A: Opus 40
B: Motion Pictures
V2 UKVVR 500696710 May 19997"0 
Scott 4

A: Catastrophe (Svenska)
B: Avis Railhome
V2 UKVVR 500751731 May 19997"78.0
Mercury Rev

A: Goddess On A Hiway
B: Caroline Says Pt.II
V2 UKVVR 5008497Aug 19997"0 

A: I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio (Single Version)
B: The Bartender And The Thief (Bar Version)
V2 UKVVR 500882730 Aug 19997"0 
The High Llamas

A: Cookie Bay
B: Harmonium
V2 UKVVR 5009377Sep 19997"110.0
Younger Younger 28's

A: Next Big Thing (Jeremy Wheatley Mix)
B: Ginger Determination
V2 UKVVR5008477Oct 19997"2 

A: Hurry Up And Wait
B: Angie
V2 UKVVR 500932715 Nov 19997"0 

A: The Crystal Lake
B: Our Dying Brains
V2 UKVVR 501301729 May 20007"1 

A1: Hear The Air
B1: Don't R.I.P. My Face
B2: Totally Uninspired
V2 UKVVR 501351719 Jun 20007"0 

A: Hewlett's Daughter
V2 UKVVR 501433721 Aug 20007"1 

A1: Drop Jaw
B1: Switch To Positive
B2: Checkout
V2 UKVVR 50135272 Oct 20007"0 
The Crocketts

A1: 1939 Returning (Aug 2000 Recording)
B1: Chicken Vs. Macho (Featuring Mary Hopkin)
B2: Three In A Bed
V2 UKBDG 501502716 Oct 20007"0 

A1: Hear The Air
B1: Butterflies
B2: Three Things
V2 UKVVR 501724720017"1 

A: The Crystal Lake
B: Rode My Bike To My Stepsister's Wedding
V2 UKVVR 5015157Feb 20017"0 

A1: Playboy
B1: Fish And Visitors
B2: MT-400V
V2 UKVVR 501590712 Mar 20017"2 

A: Mr. Writer (Edit)
B: Maritim Belle Vue In Kiel
V2 UKVVR 501593719 Mar 20017"0 

A1: Names, (For Nameless Things) (12" Vox Version)
B1: Public Fox
B2: Burn The Batteries
V2 UKVVR 501620721 May 20017"0 

A: Have A Nice Day
B: Surprise
V2 UKVVR 501624711 Jun 20017"0 

A: Step On My Old Size Nines
B: Shoeshine Boy
V2 UKVVR 501625724 Sep 20017"0 
Mercury Rev

A: Nite And Fog
B: Nite And Fog (4-Track Demo Version)
V2 UKVVR 501772724 Sep 20017"0 

A: Handbags And Gladrags
B: First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
V2 UKVVR 50177573 Dec 20017"0 

A: Vegas Two Times
B: Vegas Two Times (Live)
V2 UKVVR 50191771 Apr 20027"0 
Brendan Benson

A: Folk Singer
B: Son Of A Welder
V2 UKVVR 501970722 Apr 20027"0 
Brendan Benson

A: Tiny Spark
B: Meaning To Write
V2 UKVVR 50197978 Jul 20027"0 

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