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Valiant - Label Discography

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Shelby Flint

A: Angel On My Shoulder
B: Somebody
Valiant USA45-111Oct 19607"3 
Shelby Flint

A: Angel On My Shoulder
B: Somebody
Valiant USA6001Nov 19607"49.0
Patti Ferguson

A: Heartaches Of Yesterday
B: Mr. Guitar
Valiant USA6008Mar 19617"0 
Shelby Flint

A: I Will Love You
B: Every Night
Valiant USA6010May 19617"49.5
Shelby Flint

A: Magic Wand
B: A Broken Vow
Valiant USA6014Sep 19617"38.0
Debra Lewis

A: You Stole Him
B: Am I Expecting Too Much
Valiant USA6015Oct 19617"3 
Terry Scott [US]

A: Love Only Me
B: Little Angel
Valiant USA6016Jan 19627"4 
Shelby Flint

A: The Riddle Song
B: I Love A Wanderer
Valiant USA6017Feb 19627"29.0
The Barker Brothers

A: The Drifter
B: Tonight, Baby Tonight
Valiant USA6018Mar 19627"1 
Jerry Shane

A: New Generation
B: I Never Had It So Bad
Valiant USA6019Apr 19627"1 
The Cannon Sisters

A: Second Best
B: I Don't Want To Be The One
Valiant USA6020May 19627"2 
The Cascades

A: There's A Reason
B: Second Chance
Valiant USA6021Jun 19627"2 
Shelby Flint

A: Ugly Duckling
B: The Boy I Love
Valiant USA6022Jul 19627"1 
The Grads

A: Once Again
B: White Steeple
Valiant USA6023Aug 19627"2 
The Cannon Sisters

A: I'm Sorry I Went
B: What About You
Valiant USA6024Sep 19627"2 
Perry Botkin, Jr.

A: Careless Love
B: Wabash Cannonball
Valiant USA6025Oct 19627"0 
The Cascades

A: Rhythm Of The Rain
B: Let Me Be
Valiant USA6026Nov 19627"69.5
The Tiaras

A: You Told Me
B: I'm Gonna Forget You
Valiant USA6027Feb 19637"68.0
The Cascades

A: Shy Girl
B: The Last Leaf
Valiant USA6028Mar 19637"810.0
Bill And Doree Post

A: Sixteen Reasons (Why I Love You)
B: Valley High
Valiant USA6029Apr 19637"0 
The Tiaras

A: Hey Señor
B: Don't Believe A Word
Valiant USA6030May 19637"310.0
Shelby Flint

A: Little Dancing Doll
B: It Really Wouldn't Matter
Valiant USA6031Jun 19637"38.0
The Cascades

A: My First Day Alone
B: I Wanna Be Your Lover
Valiant USA6032Jun 19637"510.0
Jimmy Stevens [Jimmy Stephens]

A: A Funny Thing Happened
B: That's Where The Difference Lies
Valiant USA6033Jul 19637"2 
Barry And The Tamerlanes

A: I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
B: Don't Go
Valiant USA6034Aug 19637"28.9
George Freeman

A: You Guessed It
B: Come To Me
Valiant USA6035Aug 19637"0 

A: Kick Out
B: Lonely Surf Guitar
Valiant USA6036Aug 19637"6 
Dean Cannon

A: When Love Goes Wrong (Nothing Goes Right)
B: You've Been Talkin'
Valiant USA6037Aug 19637"3 
The Chiefs

A: How!
B: Tom Tom
Valiant USA603819637"2 
Barry And The Tamerlanes

A: Roberta
B: Butterfly
Valiant USA6040Jan 19647"27.0
The Reveres [Valiant]

A: Big "T"
B: Me And My Spyder
Valiant USA6041Jan 19647"69.0
The Joys

A: I Still Love Him
B: (Sing Along With) I Still Love Him
Valiant USA6042Feb 19647"19.5
The Blue Hills

A: The Wild Side Of Life
B: Jenny
Valiant USA604319647"0 
Dick Hafner

A: Go 'Way Tears
B: Wake Up Silly Boy
Valiant USA6044Mar 19647"0 
The Silvertones [California]

A: Get It
B: Bathsheba
Valiant USA6045Mar 19647"1 
Barry And The Tamerlanes

A: Lucky Guy
B: I Don't Want To Be Your Clown
Valiant USA6046May 19647"0 
The Addrisi Brothers

A: The Way You Look At Him
B: Love Me Baby
Valiant USA6047Jun 19647"0 
The A-Jacks

A: Knight Ride
B: Fury
Valiant USA6048Jun 19647"1 
Danny And The Memories

A: Can't Help Lovin' That Girl Of Mine
B: Don't Go
Valiant USA6049Jul 19647"6 
Barry And The Tamerlanes

A: Pretty Things
B: A Date With Judy
Valiant USA6050Aug 19647"0 
Peppino And Johnny

A: Sabata Sero
B: Sabato Sero
Valiant USA6051Aug 19647"0 
Shelby Flint

A: Wonderland
B: Pipes For Keith
Valiant USA6052Sep 19647"28.0
The Red Coats

A: Jack Of All Hearts
B: I'm Only As Good (As I Can Be For You)
Valiant USA6053Sep 19647"2 

A: The Cowboy

Art And Loretta

B: My Heart Tells Me To Believe
Valiant USA6054Sep 19647"210.0
Donna And Arnie

A: Gonna Write A Letter
B: A Little Love
Valiant USA6056Oct 19647"8 
George Freeman

A: You're Guilty
B: One Last Dance
Valiant USA6057Oct 19647"26.0
The Addrisi Brothers

A: Little Miss Sad
B: C'mon Home Baby
Valiant USA6058Nov 19647"7 
Barry And The Tamerlanes

A: Gee
B: Don't Cry Cindy
Valiant USA6059Nov 19647"3 
Shelby Flint

A: I've Grown Accustomed To His Face
B: Our Town
Valiant USA6060Nov 19647"110.0
The Hollyhill Singers

A: Virgin Mary Had A Little Baby
B: Hanukkah
Valiant USA6061Nov 19647"3 

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