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Veep - Label Discography

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United Artists subsidiary, mainly r&b / soul
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The Feathers [Veep]

A: The Dummy
B: Them Onions
Veep USAV 1200Oct 19647"0 
Barry Lee

A: Make It
B: Things Gotta Change
Veep USAV 1201Oct 19647"1 
The Windsor Strings

A: Woman Of Straw
B: Babylon
Veep USAV 1202Oct 19647"0 
Bobby Lee Smith

A: No Survivors
B: Forbidden Affair
Veep USAV1203Nov 19647"0 
Duffy Power

A: Where Am I
B: I Don't Care
Veep USAV 1204Nov 19647"0 
Gerry Granahan

A: Sophia
B: All The Live Long Day
Veep USAV 1205Dec 19647"1 
The "D" Men

A: Don't You Know
B: No Hope For Me
Veep USAV 1206Jan 19657"18.0
The Five Shades

A: I'll Give You Love
B: Vickie
Veep USAV 1208Feb 19657"0 
The "D" Men

A: Just Don't Care
B: Mousin' Around
Veep USAV 1209Mar 19657"1 
The Galaxies IV

A: Till Then You'll Cry
B: Let Me Hear You Say Yeah
Veep USAV 1211Mar 19657"1 
The Marshmellows

A: I Don't Even Know His Name
B: When I Look At My Love
Veep USAV 1212Mar 19657"19.0
Timothy Wilson

A: Hey Girl, Do You Love Me?
B: Come On Home
Veep USAV 1213Jun 19657"110.0
The Previews

A: Lovey Dove
B: Riders In The Sky
Veep USAV 1215May 19657"18.0
Bobby Boyd

A: My Type Of Dancin'
B: Where Were You?
Veep USAV 1216May 19657"0 
Don Caron and Orchestra

A: That's My Desire
B: Road Runner
Veep USAV 1217May 19657"0 

A: On The Other Side Of Town
B: I Have
Veep USAV 1218Jun 19657"0 

A: Pauline
B: Questions I Ask
Veep USAV 1221Aug 19657"0 
Zena Foster

A: Make It Me
B: Baby, Let Me Teach You
Veep USAV 1222Aug 19657"0 
Willie And The Handjives

A: Gotta Find A New Love
B: Runnin' Girl
Veep USAV 1227Apr 19667"2 
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A: Better Use Your Head
B: The Wonder Of It All
Veep USAV 122829 Mar 19667"29.5
The Isley Brothers

A: Love Is A Wonderful Thing
B: Open Up Her Eyes
Veep USAV 1230Jun 19667"0 
Rose St. John And The Wonderettes

A: I Know The Meaning
B: Fool Don't Laugh
Veep USAV 1231Jun 19667"2 
Garnet Mimms

A: It's Been Such A Long Way Home
B: Thinkin'
Veep USAV 1232Jun 19667"48.0
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A: Gonna Fix You Good (Everytime You're Bad)
B: You Better Take It Easy Baby
Veep USAV 1233Jul 19667"0 
Garnet Mimms

A: My Baby
B: It Won't Hurt (Half As Much)
Veep USAV 1234Sep 19667"1 
Garnet Mimms

A: My Baby
B: Keep On Smilin'
Veep USAV 1234Sep 19667"1 
Chuck Corby And The Chances

A: Man Loves Two
B: Happy Go Lucky
Veep USAV-1235Aug 19667"0 
Sleepy King

A: Hello Martha
B: Please Let A Fool In Out Of The Rain
Veep USAV 1236Aug 19667"0 
Johnny Dunn

A: You're Hangin' Me Up
B: False Pride
Veep USAV 1237Aug 19667"2 
The Group From Queens

A: Your Search Is Over
B: Boss Man
Veep USAV-1238Aug 19667"0 
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A: I'm On The Outside (Looking In)
B: Please Go
Veep USAV 1240Sep 19667"0 
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A: Goin' Out Of My Head
B: Make It Easy On Yourself
Veep USAV-1241Sep 19667"29.0
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A: Hurt So Bad
B: Reputation
Veep USAV 1242Sep 19667"0 
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A: Take Me Back
B: Our Song
Veep USAV 1243Sep 19667"0 
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A: I Miss You So
B: Get Out Of My Life
Veep USAV 1244Sep 19667"0 
Little Anthony And The Imperials

A: Hurt
B: Never Again
Veep USAV 1245Sep 19667"0 
Elbie Parker

A: Lucky Guy
B: Please Keep Away From Me
Veep USAV 1246Oct 19667"0 
Anthony And The Imperials

A: It's Not The Same
B: Down On Love
Veep USAV 12486 Oct 19667"1 
Johnny Noble

A: No Use Cryin'
B: You're So Smooth
Veep USAV 1249Nov 19667"0 
Larry And The Larks

A: Tell Me
B: The Girl I Love
Veep USAV 1251Dec 19667"0 
Garnet Mimms

A: All About Love
B: The Truth Hurts
Veep USAV 1252Dec 19667"0 
Cindy Scott

A: I Love You Baby
B: In Your Spare Time
Veep USAV 1253Jan 19677"0 
The Star-Treks

A: Gonna Need Magic
B: Dreamin'
Veep USAV 1254Feb 19677"29.5
Anthony And The Imperials

A: Don't Tie Me Down
B: Where There's A Will There's A Way To Forget You
Veep USAV 1255Mar 19677"09.0
Ivory Joe Hunter

A: Don't You Believe Him
B: What's The Matter Baby
Veep USAV 1258Feb 19677"0 
Wally And The Knight

A: Uncle Sam
B: I Need You
Veep USAV 1259Mar 19677"0 
Jonathan Cartwright

A: I'm Walking Behind You
B: So Tired Of Being Alone
Veep USAV 1260May 19677"1 
Tender Joe Richardson

A: The Choo Choo
B: B Side Shing-A-Ling
Veep USAV 1261Apr 19677"0 
Anthony And The Imperials

A: Hold On To Someone
B: Lost In Love
Veep USAV 1262May 19677"110.0
Sharon Redd

A: Half As Much
B: I've Got A Feeling
Veep USAV 1263May 19677"18.0

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