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Vertigo - Label Discography

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  UK  584
  Germany  290
  Netherlands  246
  France  153
  Australia  141
  New Zealand  100
  Japan  84
  Ireland  81
  Spain  77
  Italy  59
  Norway  55
  Canada  52
  Portugal  44
  South Africa  41
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A: Once On A Windy Day
B: Fuge In 'D' Minor
Vertigo Australia6059 00919707"0 
Black Sabbath

A: Paranoid
B: The Wizard
Vertigo Australia6059 01019707"210.0
Magna Carta

A: Airport Song
B: Elizabethan
Vertigo Australia6059 01319707"18.0
Rod Stewart

A: It's All Over Now
B: Jo's Lament
Vertigo Australia6086 00219707"0 
Fairfield Parlour

A: Emily
B: Sunny Side Circus
Vertigo Australia6059 032Dec 19707"0 
Jimmy Campbell

A: Don't Leave Me Now
B: In My Room
Vertigo Australia6059 03319717"0 
Black Sabbath

A: Tomorrow's Dream
B: Laguna Sunrise
Vertigo Australia6059 06119727"2 
Jim Croce

A: You Don't Mess Around With Jim
B: Photographs And Memories
Vertigo Australia6073 25019727"2 
Jim Croce

A: Operator (That's Not The Way It Feels)
B: Rapid Boy (The Stock Car Boy)
Vertigo Australia6073 25119727"0 
Status Quo

A: Paper Plane
B: Softer Ride
Vertigo Australia6059 07119737"08.0
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

A: Jungle Jenny
B: Buff's Bar Blues
Vertigo Australia6059 07519737"07.0
The Spencer Davis Group

A: Catch You On The Rebop
B: The Edge
Vertigo Australia6059 07619737"0 
Manfred Mann's Earth Band

A: Joybringer
B: Can't Eat Meat
Vertigo Australia6059 08319737"0 
Jim Croce

A: One Less Set Of Footsteps
B: It Doesn't Have To Be That Way
Vertigo Australia6073 25419737"0 
Jim Croce

A: Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
B: Hard Time Losin' Man
Vertigo Australia6073 25619737"0 
Black Sabbath

A: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
B: Changes
Vertigo Australia6165 00119737"09.0
Black Sabbath


A1: Paranoid
A2: Black Sabbath
B1: Tomorrow's Dream
B2: Changes
Vertigo Australia6276 0091973EP010.0
Status Quo

A: Caroline
B: Joanne
Vertigo Australia6059 085Sep 19737"610.0
Status Quo

A: Break The Rules
B: Lonely Night
Vertigo Australia6059 10119747"29.0
Buffalo [Australia]

A1: Suzie Sunshine
A2: Dead Forever
B1: Barbershop Rock
B2: Sunrise (Come My Way)
Vertigo Australia6237 0011974EP4 
Kenny Jones

A: Ready Or Not

Kenney Jones And A Pop Group

B: Woman Trouble
Vertigo Australia6078 113Jan 19757"0 
Status Quo

A: Down Down
B: Night Ride
Vertigo Australia6059 114Feb 19757"210.0

A: Love Hurts
B: Down
Vertigo Australia6078 209Mar 19757"08.0
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

A: Anthem (Short Version)
B: Anthem (Long Version)
Vertigo Australia6059 11223 Mar 19757"18.5
The Baker Gurvitz Army

A: Help Me
B: I Wanna Live Again
Vertigo Australia6078 211May 19757"0 
Buffalo [Australia]

A: Little Queenie
B: The Girl Can't Help It
Vertigo Australia6037 055Jun 19757"2 

A: Autobahn
B: Morgenspaziergang (Morning Walk)
Vertigo Australia6147 009Jun 19757"0 
Status Quo

A1: Roll Over Lay Down
B1: Gerdundula
B2: Junior's Wailing
Vertigo Australia6276 013Jun 19757"19.0
Alex Harvey Band

A: Delilah
B: Soul In Chains
Vertigo Australia6059 125Sep 19757"08.0
Thin Lizzy

A: Rosalie
B: Halfcaste
Vertigo Australia6059 124Oct 19757"1 
Dan McCafferty

A: Out Of Time
B: Cinnamon Girl
Vertigo Australia6078 217Oct 19757"0 
Buffalo [Australia]

A: Lucky
B: On My Way
Vertigo Australia6037 901Nov 19757"0 

A: Macarthur
B: Good Stuffe
Vertigo Australia6037 90319767"19.0
Thin Lizzie

A: The Boys Are Back In Town

Thin Lizzy

B: Emerald
Vertigo Australia6059 13919767"3 
Status Quo

A: Mystery Song
B: Drifting Away
Vertigo Australia6059 14619767"09.0
Graham Parker And The Rumour

A: Soul Shoes
B: White Honey
Vertigo Australia6059 14719767"0 
Thin Lizzy

A: Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak"
B: Running Back
Vertigo Australia6059 15019767"0 
Status Quo

A: Wild Side Of Life
B: All Through The Night
Vertigo Australia6059 15319767"05.0
Thin Lizzy

A: Rocky
B: Half-Caste
Vertigo Australia6059 16019767"0 

A: Carry Out Feelings
B: Lift The Lid
Vertigo Australia6078 23419767"0 

A: I Don't Want To Go On Without You
B: Good Love
Vertigo Australia6078 24819767"0 
Black Sabbath

A: It's Alright
B: Rock 'N' Roll Doctor
Vertigo Australia6079 10019767"1 

A: Macarthur
B: Good Stuffe
Vertigo AustraliaMAC-7611976Promo Only 7"1 
Thin Lizzy

A: Wild One
B: For Those Who Love To Live
Vertigo Australia6059 129Jan 19767"0 
Sensational Alex Harvey Band

A: Gamblin' Bar Room Blues
B: Shake That Thing
Vertigo Australia6078 223Jan 19767"07.0
Status Quo

A: Rain
B: You Lost The Love
Vertigo Australia6059 133Feb 19767"05.0
Buffalo [Australia]

A: Sweet Little Sixteen
B: Essukay
Vertigo Australia6037 902Apr 19767"0 

A: Holy Roller
B: Railroad Boy
Vertigo Australia6078 220May 19767"0 
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

A: Cheek To Cheek
B: Jungle Jenny
Vertigo Australia6059 17319777"09.0
Graham Parker And The Rumour

The Pink Parker

A1: Hold Back The Night
A2: (Let Me Get) Sweet On You
B1: White Honey (Live)
B2: Soul Shoes
Vertigo Australia6276 0141977EP0 

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