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Vertigo - Label Discography

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  UK  577
  Germany  280
  Netherlands  235
  France  151
  Australia  130
  New Zealand  88
  Japan  82
  Spain  77
  Ireland  75
  Norway  53
  Canada  52
  Italy  50
  South Africa  42
  Portugal  34
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Juicy Lucy

A: Who Do You Love
B: Walking Down The Highway
Vertigo Germany6059 00119707"3 
Magna Carta

A: Airport Song
B: Elizabethan
Vertigo Germany6059 01319707"0 
Uriah Heep

A: Gypsy
B: Bird Of Prey
Vertigo Germany6059 02019707"2 
Rod Stewart

A: It's All Over Now
B: Jo's Lament
Vertigo Germany6086 00219707"0 
Rod Stewart

A: Gasoline Alley
B: Only A Hobo
Vertigo Germany6086 00419707"09.7
Black Sabbath

A: Evil Woman, Don't Play Your Games With Me
B: Wicked World
Vertigo Germany6059 002Apr 19707"08.0
Fairfield Parlour

A: Bordeaux Rose
B: Chalk On The Wall
Vertigo Germany6059 003May 19707"0 
Fairfield Parlour

A1: Just Another Day
B1: Caraminda
B2: I Am All The Animals
B3: Song For You
Vertigo Germany6059 008Aug 19707"0 

A: Once On A Windy Day
B: Fugue In 'D' Minor
Vertigo Germany6059 009Sep 19707"1 
Black Sabbath

A: Paranoid
B: The Wizard
Vertigo Germany6059 010Sep 19707"09.0
Bob Downes

A: No Time Like The Present
B: Keep Off The Grass
Vertigo Germany6059 011Sep 19707"0 
Manfred Mann Chapter III

A: Happy Being Me
B: Devil Woman
Vertigo Germany6059 012Sep 19707"010.0
Juicy Lucy

A: Oh Pretty Woman
B: I'm A Thief
Vertigo Germany6059 015Oct 19707"19.5
Linda Hoyle With Affinity

A: Eli's Comin'
B: United States Of Mind
Vertigo Germany6059 018Nov 19707"1 

A: Life
B: Late Last Night
Vertigo Germany6059 021Dec 19707"1 

A: Don't You Ever
B: Someday
Vertigo Germany6059 03619717"0 
Uriah Heep

A: Lady In Black
B: Simon The Bullit Freak
Vertigo Germany6059 03719717"1 

A: Take It Slow (Out In The Country)
B: Sweet Lullabye
Vertigo Germany6073 15319717"0 
Beggars Opera

A: Sarabande
B: Think
Vertigo Germany6059 026Feb 19717"0 
Manfred Mann Chapter III

A: Virginia
B: I Ain't Laughing
Vertigo Germany6059 028Feb 19717"0 

A: Telephone Girl
B: I'll Wait For You
Vertigo Germany6059 034Apr 19717"2 
Ian Matthews

A: Hearts
B: Little Known
Vertigo Germany6059 041May 19717"0 
Graham Bond With Magick

A: Twelve Gates To The City
B: Water Water
Vertigo Germany6059 042May 19717"0 
Magna Carta

A: Time For The Leaving
B: Wayfarin'
Vertigo Germany6059 043Jun 19717"0 

A: Hats Off (To The Stranger)
B: Sing, Sing, Sing
Vertigo Germany6073 150Aug 19717"0 
Gravy Train

A: Alone In Georgia
B: Can Anybody Hear Me?
Vertigo Germany6059 049Nov 19717"1 

A: One Fine Morning
B: Little Kind Words
Vertigo Germany6073 15219727"0 
Lucifer's Friend

A: Hobo
B: Prince Of Darkness
Vertigo Germany6147 00219727"010.0
Atlantis [Germany]

A: Rock'n Roll Preacher
B: Maybe It's Useless
Vertigo Germany6147 00319727"0 
Ian Matthews

A: Da Doo Ron Ron
B: Never Again
Vertigo Germany6059 056Mar 19727"28.0
Jim Croce

A: You Don't Mess Around With Jim
B: Photographs And Memories
Vertigo Germany6073 250Aug 19727"0 
Black Sabbath

A: Tomorrow's Dream
B: Laguna Sunrise
Vertigo Germany6059 061Oct 19727"0 
Status Quo

A: Paper Plane
B: Softer Ride
Vertigo Germany6059 071Nov 19727"0 
Beggars Opera

A: Two Timing Woman
B: Lady Of Hell Fire
Vertigo Germany6059 08819737"1 
Magna Carta

A: Give Me Luv
B: Song Of Evening
Vertigo Germany6059 09219737"0 
Jim Croce

A: Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
B: Hard Time Losin' Man
Vertigo Germany6073 25619737"07.0
Lucifer's Friend

A: Rock 'N' Roll Singer
B: Satyr's Dance
Vertigo Germany6147 00419737"09.0
Lucifer's Friend

A: Our World Is A Rock'n' Roll Band
B: Alpenrosen (Instrumental)
Vertigo Germany6147 00519737"08.0
The Spencer Davis Group

A: Catch You On The Rebop
B: The Edge
Vertigo Germany6059 076Apr 19737"08.0
Manfred Mann's Earth Band

A: Get Your Rocks Off
B: Sadjoy
Vertigo Germany6059 078May 19737"0 
Marsha Hunt's 22

A: (Oh, No! Not!) The Beast Day
B: Somebody To Love
Vertigo Germany6059 080Jun 19737"2 
The Spencer Davis Group

A: Mr. Operator
B: Touching Cloth
Vertigo Germany6059 082Jul 19737"08.0
Manfred Mann's Earth Band

A: Joybringer
B: Can't Eat Meat
Vertigo Germany6059 083Sep 19737"09.0
Status Quo

A: Caroline
B: Joanne
Vertigo Germany6059 085Sep 19737"0 
The Spencer Davis Group

A: Living In A Backstreet
B: Sure Need A Helping Hand
Vertigo Germany6059 087Nov 19737"08.0
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

A: Giddy-Up-A-Ding-Dong
B: Buff's Bar Blues
Vertigo Germany6059 091Nov 19737"19.0
Black Sabbath

A: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
B: Changes
Vertigo Germany6165 001Dec 19737"0 

A: Sad Go Round
B: Over Blue
Vertigo Germany6165 006Dec 19737"0 

Good Times

A: Good Times
B: Judy
Vertigo Germany6147 00619747"0 
Atlantis [Germany]

A: Son Of A Bitch's Son
B: Good Friends
Vertigo Germany6147 00719747"0 

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