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Vertigo - Label Discography

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  UK  584
  Germany  290
  Netherlands  246
  France  153
  Australia  141
  New Zealand  100
  Japan  84
  Ireland  81
  Spain  77
  Italy  59
  Norway  55
  Canada  52
  Portugal  44
  South Africa  41
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Manfred Mann Chapter III

A: Happy Being Me (Soy Feliz Como Soy)
B: Devil Woman (Mujer Diabólica)
Vertigo Spain6059 01219707"1 

A: St. Louis
B: No Chance (Sin Posibilidad)
Vertigo Spain6059 02719717"110.0
Ian Matthews

A: Reno Nevada
B: Desert Inn (Taberna Del Desierto)
Vertigo Spain6059 04819717"0 
Aphrodite's Child

A: Babylon
B: Break
Vertigo Spain603290019727"3 
Lucifer's Friend

A: Hobo
B: Burning Ships (Barcos Ardientes)
Vertigo Spain61 47 00219727"08.0
Manfred Mann's Earth Band

A: Joybringer (Basada En Jupiter De La Suite Holst's Planet)
B: Can't Eat Meat
Vertigo Spain6059 08319737"08.5
Status Quo

A: Caroline
B: Joanne
Vertigo Spain6059 08519737"010.0
Status Quo

A: Just Take Me
B: Break The Rules
Vertigo Spain6059 10419747"09.0
Status Quo

A: Down Down
B: Night Ride
Vertigo Spain6059 11419747"110.0

A: This Flight Tonight
B: Go Down Fighting
Vertigo Spain6078 20619747"08.0

A: Shanghai'd In Shanghai
B: Sunshine
Vertigo Spain6078 20719747"0 

A: Hair Of The Dog
B: Miss Misery
Vertigo Spain6078 21419757"08.0

A: Holy Roller
B: Railroad Boy
Vertigo Spain6078 22019757"0 
Atlantis [Germany]

A: Ooh, Baby
B: Son Of A Bitch's Son
Vertigo Spain61 47 01419757"0 
Thin Lizzy

A: The Boys Are Back In Town
B: Jailbreak
Vertigo Spain6059 14119767"01.0
Status Quo

A: Wild Side Of Life
B: All Through The Night
Vertigo Spain6059 15319767"05.0
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

A: Gamblin' Bar Room Blues
B: Cheek To Cheek
Vertigo Spain6078 24719767"08.5

A: I Don't Want To Go On Without You
B: Born To Love
Vertigo Spain6079 012 19767"0 
Graham Parker And The Rumour

A: Soul Shoes
B: Howling Wind
Vertigo Spain6059 16219777"1 
Thin Lizzy

A: Rocky
B: Fools Gold
Vertigo Spain6059 16319777"0 
Graham Parker

A: Heat Treatment
B: Help Me Shake It
Vertigo Spain6059 18019777"0 
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

A: Amos Moses
B: $25 For A Massage
Vertigo Spain60 78 24419777"07.0

A: Place In Your Heart
B: Kentucky Fried Blues
Vertigo Spain6079 02819777"0 

A: Starlight Dancer
B: Irene
Vertigo Spain68 32 1601977Promo Only 7"0 
Dire Straits

A: Sultans Of Swing
B: Eastbound Train
Vertigo Spain6059 20619787"010.0
City Boy

B: Bad For Business
Vertigo Spain6059 20719787"08.0
Status Quo

A: Again And Again
B: Too Far Gone
Vertigo Spain6059 21019787"04.0
Martyn Ford

A: Happy People
B: Morning Dew
Vertigo Spain6079 03119787"0 
Earth And Fire

A: Weekend
B: Answer Me
Vertigo Spain6017 04319797"09.0
Graham Parker And The Rumour

A: Protection
B: I Want You Back (Alive)
Vertigo Spain6059 21919797"0 
Thin Lizzy

A: Waiting For An Alibi
B: With Love
Vertigo Spain6059 22019797"01.0
Dire Straits

A: Lady Writer
B: Where Do You Think You´re Going?
Vertigo Spain6059 23019797"18.0
Status Quo

A: Whatever You Want
B: Hard Ride
Vertigo Spain6059 24219797"05.0
Status Quo

A: Living On An Island
B: Runaway
Vertigo Spain6059 24819797"01.0
Status Quo

A: What You're Proposing
B: A B Blues
Vertigo Spain60 00 51819807"04.0
Status Quo

A: Rock 'N' Roll
B: Lies
Vertigo Spain60 00 61319807"05.0

A: Victoria
B: We Are The People
Vertigo Spain60 00 65319807"0 

A: Dressed To Kill
B: Pop The Silo
Vertigo Spain60 00 70219807"0 
Philip Lynott

A: Dear Miss Lonely Hearts
B: Solo In Soho
Vertigo Spain6059 25519807"1 
Thin Lizzy

A: Chinatown
B: Sugar Blues (Live)
Vertigo Spain6059 28019807"01.0
Dire Straits

A: Tunnel Of Love (Part I)
B: Tunnel Of Love (Part II)
Vertigo Spain6059 35019807"08.0
Dire Straits

A: Romeo And Juliet
B: Solid Rock
Vertigo Spain6059 36419807"08.0
Dire Straits

A: Skateaway
B: Solid Rock
Vertigo Spain6059 38819807"08.0

A: Holyday
B: Ship Of Dreams
Vertigo Spain6079 04319807"0 
Graham Bonnet

A: Night Games
B: Out On The Water
Vertigo Spain60 00 63719817"08.0
Status Quo

A: Something 'Bou You Baby I Like (Algo Tienes Que Me Gustas)
B: Enough Is Enough
Vertigo Spain60 00 63919817"04.0
Status Quo

A: Never Too Late
B: Carol
Vertigo Spain60 00 69819817"0 

A: Abacab
B: Another Record
Vertigo Spain60 00 71119817"0 

A: No Reply At All
B: Naminanu
Vertigo Spain60 00 74819817"0 

A: Man On The Corner
B: Submarine
Vertigo Spain60 00 78619817"0 

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