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Vertigo - Label Discography

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  UK  573
  Germany  266
  Netherlands  230
  France  139
  Australia  123
  New Zealand  82
  Japan  79
  Spain  71
  Ireland  70
  Norway  53
  Canada  50
  Italy  43
  South Africa  41
  USA  30
  Brazil  25
  Portugal  25
  Belgium  22
  Argentina  17
  Austria  17
  Mexico  13
  Peru  12
  Switzerland  12
  Greece  11
  Philippines  8
  Denmark  6
  Chile  2
  India  2
  Turkey  2
  Venezuela  2
  Singapore  1
  Uruguay  1
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Manfred Mann Chapter III

A1: Happy Being Me
A2: Ain't It Sad
B1: One Way Glass
B2: Sometimes
Vertigo Portugal6 276 0021970EP0 

A: St. Louis
B: No Chance
Vertigo Portugal6059 02719717"110.0
Ian Matthews

A: Hearts
B: Little Known
Vertigo Portugal6059 04119717"110.0
Jade Warrior

A: A Prenormal Day At Brighton
B: Sundial Song
Vertigo Portugal6059 04619717"0 
Black Sabbath

A1: Paranoid
A2: Evil Woman Don't Play Your Games With Me
B1: Wicked World
Vertigo Portugal6 276 0031971EP0 
Gravy Train

A: Alone In Georgia
B: Can Anybody Hear Me?
Vertigo Portugal6059 04919727"0 
Black Sabbath

A: Tomorrow's Dream
B: Laguna Sunrise
Vertigo Portugal6059 06119727"0 

A: This Flight Tonight
B: Called Her Name
Vertigo Portugal6078 20119737"0 
Beggars Opera

A: Get Your Dog Off Me
B: Two Timing Woman
Vertigo Portugal6059 09419747"0 

A: Love Hurts
B: Down
Vertigo Portugal6078 20919747"0 
Status Quo

A1: Roll Over Lay Down
B1: Gerdundula
B2: Junior's Wailing
Vertigo Portugal6059 12319757"0 

A: Holy Roller
B: Railroad Boy
Vertigo Portugal6078 22019757"0 
Status Quo

A: Rain
B: You Lost The Love
Vertigo Portugal6059 13319767"0 
Thin Lizzy

A: The Boys Are Back In Town
B: Emerald
Vertigo Portugal605913919767"1 

A: Carry Out Feelings
B: Lift The Lid
Vertigo Portugal6078 23419767"0 

A: I Don't Want To Go On Without You
B: Good Love
Vertigo Portugal6078 24819767"0 

A: Place In Your Heart
B: Kentucky Fried Blues
Vertigo Portugal6079 02819777"0 

A: Whatever You Want Babe
B: Telegram, Part 1 - On My Way, Part 2 - So You Want To Be A Rock 'N' Roll Star
Vertigo Portugal6079 03419797"0 
Phil Lynott

A: King's Call
B: Ode To A Black Man
Vertigo Portugal6059 28819807"010.0

A: Holiday
B: Talkin About Love
Vertigo Portugal6079 04219807"0 

A: Abacab
B: Another Record
Vertigo Portugal6000 71119817"0 

A: No Reply At All
B: Naminanou
Vertigo Portugal6000 74819817"0 
Soft Cell

A: Tainted Love
B: Where Did Our Love Go
Vertigo Portugal6059 44819817"0 

A: Mama
B: It's Gonna Get Better
Vertigo Portugal814 219-719837"0 
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

A: Anthem
B: Anthem (Long Version)
Vertigo Portugal6059 1127"0 

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