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Virgin - Label Discography

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  UK  1660
  Germany  675
  Australia  355
  USA  199
  France  133
  Netherlands  99
  Canada  63
  Italy  62
  Ireland  37
  New Zealand  35
  Spain  31
  South Africa  29
  Sweden  29
  Japan  27
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Kevin Coyne

A: Marlene
B: Everybody Says
Virgin AustraliaK-548319737"0 
Mike Oldfield

A: A Selection From Mike Oldfield's Hergest Ridge
B: A Selection From Mike Oldfield's Hergest Ridge
Virgin AustraliaDJ-201974Promo Only 7"0 
Mike Oldfield

A: Tubular Bells
B: Froggy Went A-Courting
Virgin AustraliaK-551519747"010.0
Kevin Coyne

A: Rock 'n' Roll Hymn
B: It's Not Me
Virgin AustraliaK-5957Jun 19757"0 
Tangerine Dream

A: Extracts From "Rubycon"
B: Extracts From "Rubycon", Part 2
Virgin AustraliaK-5947Jul 19757"5 

A: Lonely And In Love
B: Give It The Nasty
Virgin AustraliaK-641919767"0 

A: I Want More
B: More
Virgin AustraliaK 653719767"0 
Mike Oldfield

A: Portsmouth
B: Argiers
Virgin AustraliaK-658219767"59.0

A: You've Gotta Get Up And Dance
B: Only You
Virgin AustraliaK-677319777"2 
Mike Oldfield

A: The William Tell Overture
B: First Excursion
Virgin AustraliaK-679319777"0 

A: Science Friction
B: She's So Square
Virgin AustraliaK-6947Dec 19777"0 

A: I Think I'm Gonna Fall (In Love)
B: I Think I'm Gonna Fall (In Love) (Part 2)
Virgin AustraliaK-7032Mar 19787"0 
Yellow Dog

A: Just One More Night
B: Up In The Balcony
Virgin AustraliaK-7031Apr 19787"210.0

A: Shot By Both Sides
B: My Mind Aint So Open
Virgin AustraliaK-7072Apr 19787"0 
The Motors

A: Airport
B: Cold Love,
Virgin AustraliaK7141Jul 19787"0 
Althea And Donna

A: Puppy Dog Song
B: Sorry
Virgin AustraliaK7152Aug 19787"0 

A: Sweet Suburbia
B: Open Sound
Virgin AustraliaK-7303Nov 19787"0 

A: Life's A Gamble
B: V.I.P.
Virgin AustraliaK-7312Dec 19787"0 
The Members

A: Offshore Banking Business
B: Killing Time
Virgin AustraliaL-36,9271979Bonus 7"010.0

A: Chain Of Command
B: Limelight
Virgin AustraliaL-37,0591979Bonus 7"0 
The Motors

A: Forget About You
B: Picturama
Virgin AustraliaK7212Jan 19797"110.0
Julie Covington

A: I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight
B: A Little Bit More
Virgin AustraliaK-7237Jan 19797"0 

A: Are You Receiving Me
B: Instant Tunes
Virgin AustraliaK-7331Mar 19797"0 

A: The Number One Song In Heaven
B: The Number One Song In Heaven (Long Version)
Virgin AustraliaK-7447May 19797"0 

A: Into The Valley
B: TV Stars
Virgin AustraliaK-7472May 19797"0 

A: Danger Signs
B: Stone Heroes
Virgin AustraliaK-7499Jun 19797"0 

A: Life Begins At The Hop
B: Homo Safari
Virgin AustraliaK-7511Jun 19797"0 
The Skids

A: Masquerade
B: Out Of Town
Virgin AustraliaK-7541Aug 19797"0 

A: Beat The Clock (Alternative Mix)
B: Beat The Clock (Edit Version)
Virgin AustraliaK-7587Aug 19797"0 

A: You Didn't Have To Lie To Me
B: That Kind Of Boy
Virgin AustraliaK-7566Sep 19797"0 
Peter Baumann

A: Biking Up The Strand
B: Dance At Dawn
Virgin AustraliaK-7606Sep 19797"010.0
The Records

A: Starry Eyes (Edited Version)
B: Paint Her Face
Virgin AustraliaK-7612Sep 19797"0 
The Skids

A: Charade
B: Grey Parade
Virgin AustraliaK-7658Sep 19797"0 
The Ruts

A: Something That I Said
B: Give Youth A Chance
Virgin AustraliaK-7646Oct 19797"0 

A1: Making Plans For Nigel
B1: Are You Receiving Me?
B2: This Is Pop
Virgin AustraliaK-7668Oct 19797"0 

A: Working For The Yankee Dollar
B: Vanguard's Crusade
Virgin AustraliaK-7743Nov 19797"0 
The Ruts

A: Jah War
B: I Ain't Sofisticated
Virgin AustraliaK-7717Jan 19807"0 
Mike Oldfield

A: Blue Peter
B: Woodhenge
Virgin AustraliaK-7744Jan 19807"2 
The Records

A: Teenarama
B: Held Up High
Virgin AustraliaK-7716Feb 19807"0 
The Ruts

A: Babylon's Burning
B: Society
Virgin AustraliaK-7579Mar 19807"0 
The Motors

A: Love And Loneliness (Edited Version)
B: Time For Make Up
Virgin AustraliaK7854Apr 19807"0 

A: When I'm With You
B: When I'm With You (Instrumental)
Virgin AustraliaK-7793May 19807"19.0

A: Animation [Edited Version]
B: Pros And Cons
Virgin AustraliaK-7856Jun 19807"0 
The Members

A: Romance
B: The Ballad Of John And Martin
Virgin AustraliaK-7892Jun 19807"0 

A: Staring At The Rude Boys
B: Love In Vain
Virgin AustraliaK-7913Jun 19807"0 
John Foxx

No-one Driving

A1: No-one Driving
A2: Glimmer
B1: This City
B2: Mr No
Virgin AustraliaK 7893Jul 19807"0 
The Records

A: Hearts In Her Eyes
B: So Sorry
Virgin AustraliaK-7944Jul 19807"0 

A: Circus Games
B: One Decree
Virgin AustraliaK-8057Jul 19807"0 

A: Generals And Majors
B: The Somnambulist
Virgin AustraliaK-8015Sep 19807"1 

A: Sweetheart Contract
B: Feed The Enemy
Virgin AustraliaK-8019Sep 19807"19.0

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