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Virgo [New York 70s] - Label Discography

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Oldies subsidiary of Roulette used as an outlet for material from Jubilee / Josie and Dynovoice / New Voice.
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A: How Do You Do [Mono]
B: How Do You Do [Stereo]
Virgo [New York 70s] USAV-501Mar 1972Promo Only 7"0 
The Happenings

A: See You In September
B: Why Do Fools Fall In Love
Virgo [New York 70s] USAV-50319727"0 
Horizon Featuring Austin Roberts

A: Like A Rosebud
B: What We Got Between Us
Virgo [New York 70s] USAV-50419727"2 
Max B

A: Bananaticoco - Part 1 [Mono]
B: Bananaticoco - Part 1 [Stereo]
Virgo [New York 70s] USAV-505 DJ1973Promo Only 7"0 
J. Frank Wilson And The Cavaliers

A: Last Kiss
B: That's How Much I Love You
Virgo [New York 70s] USAV-506 19737"0 
Johnny And The Expressions

A: Something I Want To Tell You

J. Frank Wilson And The Cavaliers

B: Last Kiss
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 60017"0 
The Happenings

A: I Got Rhythm
B: Go Away Little Girl
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-60037"29.0
Fifth Estate

A: Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead
B: Rub-A-Dub
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-60047"2 
The Meters

A: Cissy Strut
B: Sophisticated Cissy
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-60057"0 
Bobby Freeman

A: Do You Wanna Dance
B: Betty Lou Got A New Pair Of Shoes
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 60077"3 
The Raindrops [Jubilee]

A: The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget
B: What A Guy
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 60087"1 
The Four Tunes

A: Marie
B: I Understand (Just How You Feel)
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 60097"0 
The Paragons [Doo Wop]

A: Florence

The Jesters [Harlem, New York]

B: Please Let Me Love You
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 60107"0 
The Cadillacs

A: Speedoo
B: The Girl I Love
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-60117"1 
The Royaltones

A: Poor Boy
B: Wail!
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-60137"2 
Betty Harris

A: Cry To Me
B: I'll Be A Liar
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-601419727"1 
Betty Harris

A: Cry To Me

Joe Henderson

B: Snap Your Fingers
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-60147"0 
Don Rondo

A: Two Different Worlds
B: White Silver Sands
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 60167"2 
The Orioles

A: Crying In The Chapel
B: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-601719727"0 
Moe Koffman Quartette

A: The Swingin' Shepherd Blues

Moe Koffman Septette

B: Hambourg Bound
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-601819727"1 
Kathy Young And The Innocents

A: Honest I Do
B: Gee Whiz
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-60197"1 
The Chaperones

A: Cruise To The Moon
B: Shining Star
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-60207"0 
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels

A: Jenny Take A Ride
B: Devil With A Blue Dress On / Good Golly Miss Molly
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 602119727"0 
The Toys

A: A Lover's Concerto
B: Attack
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 602219727"3 
Norma Tanega

A: Walkin' My Cat Named Dog
B: A Street That Rhymes At 6 A.M.
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-602319727"0 
Eddie Rambeau

A: Concrete And Clay
B: My Name Is Mud
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 60247"0 
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels

A: Sock It To Me - Baby!
B: Breakout
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 602519727"1 
The Toys

A: What's Wrong With Me Baby
B: Yesterday
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-60267"0 
The Cadillacs

A: Gloria
B: My Girlfriend
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-602719737"0 
The Orioles

A: It's Too Soon To Know
B: Tell Me So
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-602819737"0 
The Paragons [Doo Wop]

A: Let's Start All Over Again
B: The Vows Of Love
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-603019737"0 
The Jesters [Harlem, New York]

A: Love No One But You
B: So Strange
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-603119737"0 
Golden Memories Series

Dion And The Timberlanes

A: The Chosen Few

The Skyliners

B: The Loser
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-603219737"0 
Doug Clark And The Nuts

A: Baby Let Me Bang Your Box (Part I)
B: Baby Let Me Bang Your Box (Part II)
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-603319737"1 
The Chips

A: Rubber Biscuit

The Blue Notes

B: If You Love Me
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO 603419737"2 
Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels

A: You Get Your Kicks
B: Little Latin Lupe Lu
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-60357"1 
Betty Harris

A: His Kiss
B: It's Dark Outside
Virgo [New York 70s] USAVO-603619757"0 

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