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VMC - Label Discography

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Pres. : Steve Vail
based in Los Angeles
  USA  25
  Canada  2
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The David

A: I'm Not Alone
B: Sweet December
VMC USAV 71619677"19.0
Larry Marks

A: Sandy
B: Don't Slam The Door In My Face
VMC USAV71719687"1 
Peggy Larey

A: Someday When You Fall In Love
B: Foggy
VMC USAV 71819687"0 
The Paper Fortress

A: Butterfly High
B: Sleepy Hollow People
VMC USAV 71919687"1 
Rita Martinson

A: I Can't Make It Alone
B: Yesterday's Morning
VMC USAV 72019687"0 
Milton Berle

A: Yellow Submarine

Miltons Group

B: My Jacque
VMC USAV 72619687"1 
Tony Harris [1960s]

A: The Oldest Profession
B: Love Mantra
VMC USAV-72719687"3 
Page One Gene Page Orchestra

A: Walk Away Renee
B: Of Our Other Days
VMC USAV-72919687"0 
J. Hodges

A: I Believe
B: Till Then, My Love
VMC USAV 730Oct 19687"0 
Kaye Stevens

A: The Grass Will Sing For You
B: Just Like A Woman
VMC USAV 731Oct 19687"1 
Pacific Ocean

A: I Can't Stand It
B: I Wanna Testify
VMC USAV 732Oct 19687"1 
Dennis Olivieri

A: Sad Song
B: Come To The Party
VMC USAV 73319687"2 
Eastfield Meadows

A: Travelin' Salesman
B: Helpless Is A Feeling
VMC USAV 73619687"0 
Magnum Opus

A: Up From The Sea
B: Nothing But Time
VMC USAV 73719687"0 
Pacific Ocean

A: My Shrink
B: 16 Tons
VMC USAV 73819697"0 
Morning Sun

A: Together
B: Little Girl You're A Woman
VMC USAV 73919697"0 
Duke Baxter

A: Everybody Knows Matilda
B: I Ain't No School Boy
VMC USAV 740Jun 19697"4 
James Lowe

A: Let Me Get Through To You
B: Thick Air (A Sing Along)
VMC USAV 74119697"1 
Hal Frazier

A: Didn't We
B: Walk On By
VMC USAV 742Apr 19697"0 
Eastfield Meadows

A: Friends Of Unequal Parallel
B: Love All Men Can Share
VMC USAV 74519697"0 
Hal Frazier

A: Twelfth Of Never
B: I Will Take You There
VMC USAV 746Jul 19697"0 
Ron Holden

A: Sea Of Love
B: Lovers Never Say Goodbye
VMC USAV 748Jul 19697"0 
Duke Baxter

A: John Q. Citizen
B: Don't Hurt Us
VMC USAV 750Oct 19697"0 
Duke Baxter

A: John Q. Citizen [Stereo]
B: John Q. Citizen [Mono]
VMC USAV 750Oct 1969Promo Only 7"0 
Hal Frazier

A: I'm Gonna Start To Cast My Shadow
B: She's Too Good To Me
VMC USAV 7527"0 

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