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Vocalion - Label Discography

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  UK  112
  Australia  17
  Bootleg  2
  Ireland  2
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Bud Harper

A: Mr. Soul
B: Let Me Love You
Vocalion UKVP 9252Nov 19657"010.0
The Challengers

A: The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
B: The Streets Of London
Vocalion UKVN 925312 Nov 19657"3 
Roy Head And The Traits

A: Apple Of My Eye
B: I Pass The Day
Vocalion UKVP 92547 Jan 19667"19.0
O. V. Wright

A: Poor Boy
B: I'm Your Corner
Vocalion UKVP 9255Jan 19667"0 
Junior Parker

A: These Kind Of Blues (Pt 1)
B: These Kind Of Blues (Pt 2)
Vocalion UKVP 92567 Jan 19667"08.0
Billy Strange

A: Thunderball
B: Ninth Man Theme
Vocalion UKVN 925714 Jan 19667"0 
Joe Hinton

A: Just A Kid Named Joe
B: Pledging My Love
Vocalion UKVP 9258Jan 19667"0 
Billy Strange

A: Get Smart
B: Run Spy, Run
Vocalion UKVN 925925 Feb 19667"1 
Otis Rush

A: Homework
B: I Have To Laugh
Vocalion UKVP 92604 Feb 19667"110.0
Buddy Merrill

A: Sweet September
B: The Sherk
Vocalion UKVN 9261Feb 19667"0 
Bobby Bland

A: I'm Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)
B: If You Could Read My Mind
Vocalion UKVP 9262Feb 19667"0 
Vince Guaraldi And Chorus

A: Theme To Grace
B: Humbly I Adore Thee
Vocalion UKVF 9263Feb 19667"0 
Little Johnny Taylor

A: One More Chance
B: Looking At The Future
Vocalion UKVF 926425 Feb 19667"0 
The Arthur Lyman Group

A: Lemon Tree
B: The (Jungle) Cat
Vocalion UKVH 92654 Mar 19667"0 
The Golliwogs

A: Brown-Eyed Girl
B: You Better Be Careful
Vocalion UKVF 92664 Mar 19667"19.0
The Chambers Brothers

A: Love Me Like The Rain
B: Pretty Girls Everywhere
Vocalion UKVL 9267Mar 19667"0 
Little Mr. Lee And The Cherokees

A: Young Lover
B: I Don't Want To Go
Vocalion UKVP 9268Mar 19667"0 
Roy Head And The Traits

A: My Babe
B: Pain
Vocalion UKVP 92691 Apr 19667"0 
The Challengers

A: Walk With Me
B: How Could I?
Vocalion UKVN 92701 Apr 19667"0 
Don Fletcher

A: Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right
B: I'm So Glad
Vocalion UKVP 92716 May 19667"0 
O. V. Wright

A: How Long Baby
B: Gone For Good
Vocalion UKVP 92723 Jun 19667"1 
Bobby Bland

A: Good Time Charlie
B: Good Time Charlie (Working His Groove Bag)
Vocalion UKVP 9273Jun 19667"0 
Roy Head

A: Wigglin' And Gigglin'
B: Driving Wheel
Vocalion UKVP 9274Jun 19667"0 
Junior Parker

A: Goodbye Little Girl
B: Walking The Floor Over You
Vocalion UKVP 9275Jul 19667"1 
The Chambers Brothers

A: Call Me
B: Seventeen
Vocalion UKVL 9276Jul 19667"0 
The Seeds Featuring Sky Saxon

A: Pushin' Too Hard
B: Try To Understand
Vocalion UKVN 927729 Jul 19667"49.0
Al "TNT" Braggs

A: Earthquake
B: How Long (Do You Hold On)
Vocalion UKVP 927829 Jul 19667"18.0
Bobby Adeno

A: The Hands Of Time
B: It's A Sad World
Vocalion UKVP 9279Aug 19667"0 
Leon Haywood

A: Ain't No Use
B: Hey, Hey, Hey (One Of These Days)
Vocalion UKVL 92805 Aug 19667"1 
Karen Small

A: To Get You Back Again
B: That's Why I Cry
Vocalion UKVL 928125 Nov 19667"110.0
Mayf Nutter

A: Head Shrinker
B: Don't Know What To Do
Vocalion UKVL 9282Nov 19667"0 
The Golliwogs

A: Fragile Child
B: Fight Fire
Vocalion UKVF 92834 Mar 19677"210.0
Group "B"

A: I Know Your Name Girl
B: I Never Really Knew
Vocalion UKVF 9284Mar 19677"0 
Rodger Collins

A: She's Looking Good
B: I'm Serving Time
Vocalion UKVF 9285Mar 19677"29.5
The Delicatessen

A: The Red Baron's Revenge
B: The Dog Fight (Der Hundtkampf)
Vocalion UKVN 928624 Mar 19677"0 
The Seeds

A: Can't Seem To Make You Mine
B: Daisy Mae
Vocalion UKVN 92875 May 19677"19.0
Leon Haywood

A: Ever Since You Were Sweet Sixteen
B: Skate A While
Vocalion UKVL 9288May 19677"07.0
Billy Strange

A: A Few Dollars More
B: You Only Live Twice
Vocalion UKVN 9289Sep 19677"0 
Tommy Neal

A: Goin' To A Happening
B: Tee Ta
Vocalion UKVL 92908 Mar 19687"28.8
The Vince Guaraldi Trio

A: Cast Your Fate To The Wind
B: Samba De Orfeu
Vocalion UKV 2424Feb 19637"57.0
Dave Brubeck

A: Soliloquy

Dave Brubeck Quartet Featuring Bill Smith

B: The Piper
Vocalion UKV 242519627"0 
Dave Brubeck Quintet


A1: Strolling
A2: Prelude
B1: Shouts
Vocalion UKEPV 12721964EP0 
Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee

A1: Just A Closer Walk With Thee
A2: Children Go Where I Send Thee
B1: What A Beautiful City
B2: Glory (Glory)
Vocalion UKEPV 12741964EP3 
Jimmy Witherspoon

Jimmy Witherspoon

A1: Times Are Gettin Tougher Than Tough
A2: How Long
B1: Corrine Corrina
B2: Everyday
Vocalion UKEPV-H 12781964EP27.0
The Dixie Hummingbirds

A1: The Final Edition
A2: Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen
B1: God Is Now Speaking
B2: We'll Meet Again
Vocalion UKEPV-P 12811964EP1 
Shirley And Lee

A1: Shirley Come Back To Me
A2: Baby
B1: Lee Goofed
B2: Why Did I
Vocalion UKVE 1701451960EP4 
Calimbo Steel Band

A1: Limbo
A2: Yellow Bird
B1: Jamaica Farewell
B2: Island In The Sun
Vocalion UKVE 1701521961EP6 
Bobby Bland

A1: Yield Not To Temptation
A2: How Does A Cheating Woman Feel
B1: Blue Moon
B2: Who Will The Next Fool Be
Vocalion UKVEP 1701531962EP0 
James Booker

A1: Gonzo
A2: Cool Turkey
B1: Tubby (Part 1)
B2: Tubby (Part 2)
Vocalion UKVEP 170154Sep 1964EP0 
Memphis Slim

A1: Living Like A King
A2: Sittin' And Thinkin'

Little Richard

B1: I Love My Baby
B2: Directly From My Heart To You
Vocalion UKVEP 1701551964EP59.0

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