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V-Tone - Label Discography

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subsidiary : Len
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Little Jimmy And The Tops

A: Puppy Love
B: Say You Love Me
V-Tone USA10219597"0 
Joe VanLoan

A: Give Me Your Heart
B: Forever
V-Tone USA20019597"4 
The Fashions [Phila.]

A: I Am Dreaming Of You
B: Lonesome Road
V-Tone USA20219597"0 
The Fashions [Phila.]

A: I'm Dreaming Of You
B: Lonesome Road
V-Tone USAN-202Apr 19597"26.0
Nelson DuPree

A: I Found Love And Happiness
B: Iceberg Heart
V-Tone USA204Jun 19597"0 
Bobby Peterson Quintet

A: The Hunch
B: Love You Pretty Baby
V-Tone USA205Sep 19597"3 
The Dream Lovers

A: Annabelle Lee
B: Home Is Where The Heart Is
V-Tone USA21119607"0 
The Cruisers [Philadelphia]

A: Cryin' Over You
B: Don't Tease Me
V-Tone USA21319607"2 
Herb Johnson

A: Remember Me
B: Love Me
V-Tone USA21619607"0 
The Cruisers [Philadelphia]

A: If I Knew
B: Miss Fine
V-Tone USA207Jan 19607"5 
Donnie Thompson

A: Take It Easy
B: Chicken Hop
V-Tone USA209Jan 19607"0 
Bobby Peterson Quintet

A: Rockin' Charlie (Part I)
B: Rockin' Charlie (Part II)
V-Tone USA210Feb 19607"1 
Bobby Peterson

A: Irresistable You
B: Piano Rock
V-Tone USA214Aug 19607"3 
Big Al Downing

A: Yes I'm Loving You
B: Please Come Home
V-Tone USA215Sep 19607"09.0
Bobby Peterson Quintet

A: Been Savin' All My Love For You
B: Three Street
V-Tone USA217Dec 19607"2 
Gil Hayden

A: Think (Before You Say Goodbye)
B: So Left Alone
V-Tone USA21919617"2 
Al Downing

A: If I Had Our Love To Live Over
B: Words Of Love
V-Tone USA22019617"1 
Spic And Span

A: Slipping And Sliding
B: Our Drifting Love
V-Tone USA218Jan 19617"1 
Ruby Johnson

A: Callin' All Boys
B: Pleadin' Heart
V-Tone USA222Jun 19617"4 
Bernard Byers

A: No Time To Cry
B: Pleading
V-Tone USA225Jun 19617"0 
Bobby Peterson Quintet

A: One Day
B: Mama Get Your Hammer
V-Tone USA221Jul 19617"2 
Bobby Parker

A: Watch Your Step
B: Steal Your Heart Away
V-Tone USA223Jul 19617"3 
Sandee Taylor

A: Hello Mr. Genie
B: Love Bird
V-Tone USA224Jul 19617"1 
Bobby Peterson Quintet

A: Smooth Sailing Part I
B: Smooth Sailing Part II
V-Tone USA226Aug 19617"1 
The Dream Lovers

A: May I Kiss The Bride
B: Time
V-Tone USA229Oct 19617"0 
The Jolly Jax

A: There's Something On Your Mind Pt 1
B: There's Something On Your Mind Pt 2
V-Tone USA23319627"7 
Bernard Byers

A: I Ain't Giving Up Nothing
B: Please Be True
V-Tone USA23419627"0 
Big Boy Myles

A: She's So Fine
B: The Flame
V-Tone USA232Jan 19627"0 
Fay Simmons

A: It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
B: Where Is My Love
V-Tone USA237Jul 19627"0 
Bunny Sigler

A: Hold On
B: Family Dance
V-Tone USAV-500Sep 19627"0 
Bobby Bennett [US]

A: Alone With My Tears
B: Never Going To Let You Go
V-Tone USAV-50219637"2 
Jerry Williams

A: Let's Do The Wobble
B: You Call It Love
V-Tone USAV-501Jan 19637"2 
Jay J. Jones

A: I Don't Know About You
B: Bring Back My Dog
V-Tone USA50819647"0 
The Sherwoods [V-Tone]

A: Three Love Letters Ago
B: Uncle Sam
V-Tone USAV-50619647"2 
Billy Harner

A: All In My Mind
B: Fool Me
V-Tone USA100319667"0 
Billy Harner

A: I've Got To Check You Out
B: Fool Me
V-Tone USA100319667"0 
Billy Harner

A: A Message To My Babe
B: Everything's Hunky Dory
V-Tone USA1000Aug 19667"0 
The Tremaines

A: Wonderful, Marvelous
B: Heavenly
V-Tone USA5077"0 
Dale Warren

A: Follow Your Heart
B: Not So Very Long Ago
V-Tone USA63111-F / 63111-N7"1 

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