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Wand - Label Discography

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  USA  235
  UK  35
  Canada  3
  Netherlands  2
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Burt Taylor

A: The Legend Of Big Paul Bunyan
B: Sweet Carrie Mac Intie
Wand USA10319607"0 
Bette Watts

A: Do Me A Favor
B: Let It Be
Wand USA10419607"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: I Don't Want To Cry
B: Just Once
Wand USA106Jan 19617"29.0
Chuck Jackson

A: (It Never Happens) In Real Life
B: The Same Old Story
Wand USA108Mar 19617"1 
Russell Byrd

A: You'd Better Come Home
B: Let's Tell Him All About It
Wand USA107Apr 19617"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: I Wake Up Crying
B: Everybody Needs Love
Wand USA110Aug 19617"010.0
Jocko [Douglas "Jocko" Henderson]

A: A Little Bit Of Everything
B: Blast Off To Love
Wand USA112Sep 19617"3 
The Renaults

A: Just Like Mine
B: Another Train Pulled Out
Wand USA114Sep 19617"06.0
Chuck Jackson

A: The Breaking Point
B: My Willow Tree
Wand USA115Oct 19617"0 
The Deep River Boys

A: The Vanishing American
B: Are You Certain
Wand USA117Dec 19617"0 
The Isley Brothers

A: Right Now
B: The Snake
Wand USA118Jan 19627"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: What You Gonna' Say
B: Angel Of Angels
Wand USA119Jan 19627"0 
The Renaults

A: Only You
B: Hully Gully Lamb
Wand USA120Feb 19627"0 
Russell Byrd

A: Little Bug
B: Nights Of Mexico
Wand USA121Mar 19627"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird)
B: The Prophet
Wand USA122Mar 19627"310.0
Tammy Montgomery

A: Voice Of Experience
B: I Wantcha' To Be Sure
Wand USA123Apr 19627"0 
The Isley Brothers

A: Twist And Shout

The I.B. Special Instrumental

B: Spanish Twist
Wand USA124Apr 19627"18.8
The Soul Brothers [NY,USA]

A: Notify Me
B: The Parade Of Broken Hearts
Wand USA125Jul 19627"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: I Keep Forgettin'
B: Who's Gonna Pick Up The Pieces
Wand USA126Jul 19627"210.0
The Isley Brothers

A: Twistin' With Linda
B: You Better Come Home
Wand USA127Sep 19627"2 
Chuck Jackson

A: Getting Ready For Heartbreak
B: In Between Tears
Wand USA128Oct 19627"09.0

A: You Should'a Treated Me Right
B: Ooh, Baby
Wand USA129Nov 19627"2 

A: Two Stupid Feet
B: The Wallop
Wand USA130Jan 19637"1 
The Isley Brothers

A: Nobody But Me
B: I'm Laughing To Keep From Crying
Wand USA131Jan 19637"3 
Chuck Jackson

A: Tell Him I'm Not Home
B: Lonely Am I
Wand USA132Jan 19637"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: Tell Him I'm Not Home
B: Tell Him I'm Not Home
Wand USA132Jan 1963Promo Only 7"0 
Maxine Brown

A: Ask Me
B: Yesterday's Kisses
Wand USA135Mar 19637"09.0
Ed Bruce

A: It's Coming To Me
B: The Greatest Man
Wand USA136May 19637"2 
The Isley Brothers

A: Hold On Baby
B: I Say Love
Wand USA137May 19637"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: I Will Never Turn My Back On You
B: Tears Of Joy
Wand USA138May 19637"1 
Ed Bruce

A: See The Big Man Cry
B: I Won't Cry Anymore
Wand USA140Aug 19637"59.5
Ed Bruce

A: See The Big Man Cry
B: You Need A New Love
Wand USA140Sep 19637"2 
Chuck Jackson

A: Any Other Way
B: Big New York
Wand USA141Sep 19637"0 
Maxine Brown

A: Coming Back To You
B: Since I Found You
Wand USA142Oct 19637"17.0
The Kingsmen

A: Louie Louie
B: Haunted Castle
Wand USA143Oct 19637"110.0
Brenton Wood

A: Hide-A-Way
B: Mr. Schemer
Wand USA145Nov 19637"0 
Timmy Shaw

A: Gonna Send You Back To Georgia (A City Slick)
B: I'm A Lonely Guy
Wand USA146Dec 19637"2 
The Hornetts

A: Happy Boy
B: Papa Knew
Wand USAW 15319647"0 
Ed Bruce

A: I'm Gonna Have A Party
B: Half A Love
Wand USAW-15619647"0 
Gino Washington

A: Out Of This World
B: Come Monkey With Me
Wand USA147Feb 19647"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: Hand It Over
B: Look Over Your Shoulder
Wand USA149Feb 19647"39.0
Ed Bruce

A: The Workingman's Prayer
B: Don't Let It Happen To Me
Wand USAW-148Feb 19647"1 
The Kingsmen

A: Money
B: Bent Scepter
Wand USA150Mar 19647"29.0
Timmy Shaw

A: If I Catch You (Running Around)
B: There Goes My Baby
Wand USA151Apr 19647"0 
Maxine Brown

A: Little Girl Lost
B: You Upset My Soul
Wand USA152Apr 19647"0 
Chuck Jackson

A: Beg Me
B: For All Time
Wand USA154Apr 19647"1 
Chuck Jackson

A: Beg Me
B: This Broken Heart (That You Gave Me)
Wand USA154May 19647"0 
The Kingsmen

A: Little Latin Lupe Lu
B: David's Mood
Wand USAW 157Jul 19647"19.0
Maxine Brown

A: I Cry Alone
B: Put Yourself In My Place
Wand USAW 158Aug 19647"28.0
The Mighty Sparrow

A: The Village Ram
B: She's Been Gone Too Long
Wand USA160Sep 19647"09.0

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