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Warner Bros. - Label Discography

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  USA  3690
  UK  1623
  Germany  748
  Australia  554
  Japan  452
  Canada  419
  Netherlands  416
  France  147
  New Zealand  131
  Italy  123
  Spain  112
  Ireland  95
  South Africa  89
  Belgium  85
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John Buck And His Blazers

A: Egal O.K.
B: Last Dance
Warner Bros. GermanyA-10019607"1 
The Big Sound Of Don Ralke

A: Stardust
B: Zooba!
Warner Bros. GermanyA-505819607"0 
Connie Stevens

A: Sixteen Reasons
B: Little Sister
Warner Bros. GermanyA-513719607"0 
The Swe-Danes

A: Scandinavian Shuffle
B: Hot Toddy
Warner Bros. GermanyA-514419607"0 
Sir Chauncey And His Exciting Strings

A: Beautiful Obsession
B: Tenderfoot
Warner Bros. GermanyA 515019607"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Cathy's Clown
B: Always It's You
Warner Bros. GermanyA-515119607"0 
Bob Luman

A: Let's Think About Living
B: You've Got Everything
Warner Bros. GermanyA- 517219607"210.0
Bill Doggett

A: (Let's Do) The Hully Gully Twist
B: Jackrabbit
Warner Bros. GermanyA-518119607"0 
Bob Luman

A: Oh, Lonesome Me
B: Why, Why, Bye, Bye
Warner Bros. GermanyA-518419607"0 
John Buck And His Blazers

A: Jalisco
B: Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
Warner Bros. GermanyA-528819607"1 
Tab Hunter

A1: Candy
A2: My Baby Just Cares For Me
B1: I Love You, Yes I Do
B2: After You've Gone
Warner Bros. GermanyEA 12211960EP0 
Don Ralke And His Orchestra

But You've Never Heard Gershwin With Bongos

A1: Fascinating Rhythm
A2: Love Is Here To Stay
B1: Love Walked In
B2: A Foggy Day
Warner Bros. GermanyED 1360-11960EP0 
The Everly Brothers

It´s Everly Time

A1: Just In Case
A2: Some Sweet Day
B1: What Kind Of Girl Are You
B2: I Want You To Know
Warner Bros. GermanyED 1381-21960EP1 
Bill Haley And His Comets

A1: Let The Good Times Roll, Creole
A2: So Right Tonight
B1: Chick Safari
B2: Hawk
Warner Bros. GermanyEP 61960EP0 
Warner Bros. Military Band - Henry Mancini Conducting

Sousa In Stereo

A1: El Capitan
A2: Stars And Stripes Forever
B1: Washington Post March
B2: Semper Fidelis
Warner Bros. GermanyESD 1209-21960EP0 
The World Famous Warner Bros. Band

March Step In Stereo - Great Familiar American Marches

A1: Entry Of The Gladiators
A2: Under The Double Eagle
B1: American Patrol
B2: National Emblem
Warner Bros. GermanyESD 1312-11960EP0 
Bill Haley And His Comets

A: Candy Kisses
B: Tamiami
Warner Bros. GermanyA-5145Apr 19607"0 
Bill Haley And His Comets

A: Hawk
B: Chick Safari
Warner Bros. GermanyA-5154Jul 19607"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Walk Right Back
B: Ebony Eyes
Warner Bros. Germany519919617"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: That's Old Fashioned (That's The Way Love Should Be)
B: How Can I Meet Her
Warner Bros. Germany527319617"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Temptation
B: Stick With Me Baby
Warner Bros. GermanyA-522019617"0 
Beryl Davis, Connie Haines And Jane Russell

A: Cumana

Tommie "The Ace" Carruthers And The Avengers

B: Cumana Boogie
Warner Bros. GermanyA-522419617"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Crying In The Rain
B: I´m Not Angry
Warner Bros. GermanyA-525019617"1 
The Everly Brothers

A: Muskrat
B: Don't Blame Me
Warner Bros. GermanyA-550119617"1 
Bob Luman

A: Boston Rocker
B: Old Friends
Warner Bros. GermanyA-550619617"0 
The Everly Brothers

Both Sides Of An Evening

A1: Mention My Name In Sheboygan
A2: My Gal Sal
B1: Love Is Where You Find It
B2: The Wayward Wind
Warner Bros. GermanyED 1418-11961EP0 
Connie Stevens

A: La-Le-Lu
B: Man Soll Sich So Schnell Nicht Verlieben
Warner Bros. GermanyA 5238Nov 19617"0 
Johnny Nash

A: Moment Of Weakness
B: Don't Take Away Your Love
Warner Bros. GermanyA-527019627"0 
Peter, Paul And Mary

A: If I Had A Hammer (The Hammer Song)
B: Gone The Rainbow
Warner Bros. GermanyA 529619627"19.0
The Everly Brothers

A: Don't Ask Me To Be Friends
B: No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile
Warner Bros. GermanyA-529719627"0 
The Routers

A: Sting Ray
B: Snap Happy
Warner Bros. GermanyA 534919627"0 
John Buck And His Blazers

A: Copenhagen Carousel
B: Lola
Warner Bros. GermanyA 551919627"0 
John Buck

A: Cantina
B: Vaquero
Warner Bros. GermanyA-556919627"0 
Dick And DeeDee

A: Young And In Love
B: Say To Me
Warner Bros. GermanyA-534219637"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: So It Always Will Be
B: Nancy's Minuet
Warner Bros. GermanyA 534619637"2 
The Everly Brothers

A: It's Been Nice (Good Night)
B: I'm Afraid
Warner Bros. GermanyA-536219637"1 
Peter, Paul And Mary

A: Blowin' In The Wind
B: Flora
Warner Bros. GermanyA-536819637"08.0
Allan Sherman

A: Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh! (A Letter From Camp)
B: Rat Fink (Rag Mop)
Warner Bros. GermanyA-537819637"010.0
Peter, Paul And Mary

A: Don't Think Twice It's All Right
B: Autumn To May
Warner Bros. GermanyA-538519637"0 
The Routers

A: Let's Dance
B: Crack Up
Warner Bros. GermanyA 544419637"0 
Peter, Paul And Mary

A: Die Antwort weiß ganz allein der Wind (Blowin' In The Wind)
B: Pretty Mary
Warner Bros. GermanyA 556019637"0 
The Cascades

A: Shy Girl
B: The Last Leaf
Warner Bros. GermanyA-602819637"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Du bist nicht so wie die andern
B: Susie
Warner Bros. GermanyWB 552919637"0 
Peter, Paul And Mary

A: Puff (The Magic Dragon)
B: Pretty Mary
Warner Bros. GermanyA-5348Mar 19637"0 
The Everly Brothers

The Golden Hits Of The Everly Brothers

A1: That's Old Fashioned
A2: Crying In The Rain
A3: Lucille
B1: Cathy's Clown
B2: Walk Right Back
B3: So Sad
Warner Bros. Germany22 Nov 1963EP0 
Edward Byrnes And Connie Stevens, The Big Sound Of Don Ralke

A: Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)

The Big Sound Of Don Ralke

B: 77 Sunset Strip
Warner Bros. GermanyA-554919647"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Sag auf Wiedersehn
B: Am Abend auf der Heide
Warner Bros. Germany572019657"0 
Vic Damone

A: You Were Only Fooling (While I Was Falling In Love)
B: Please Help Me, I'm Falling (In Love With You)
Warner Bros. GermanyA-561619657"1 
The Everly Brothers

A: The Price Of Love
B: It Only Costs A Dime
Warner Bros. GermanyA-562819657"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Follow Me
B: I'll Never Get Over You
Warner Bros. GermanyA-563919657"0 

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