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Warner Bros. - Label Discography

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  USA  4276
  UK  1659
  Germany  835
  Australia  642
  Japan  594
  Canada  592
  Netherlands  479
  New Zealand  294
  France  286
  Italy  255
  Spain  133
  South Africa  109
  Belgium  108
  Ireland  103
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The Everly Brothers

A1: Muskrat
A2: Stick With Me Baby
B1: Don't Blame Me
B2: So Sad (To Watch Good Love Go Bad)
Warner Bros. FranceEP. 101960EP0 
The Everly Brothers

A1: Lucille
A2: Ebony Eyes
B1: Temptation
B2: Walk Right Back
Warner Bros. FranceEP. 111960EP0 
Johnny Zorro

Johnny Zorro And His "Twist Guitars"

A1: Coesville-Twist
A2: The Choke-Twist
B1: Reuben's Nightmare-Twist
B2: Road-Hog Twist
Warner Bros. FranceEP. 131960EP0 
Bill Doggett And His Combo

Special Twist 3

A1: Open The Door Richard!
A2: Petite Fleur (Little Flower)
B1: Let's Do The Continental
B2: Pony Walk
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14031960EP0 
Buddy Harman

A1: Drum Twist
A2: Bye, Bye Love
B1: Third Man Twist
B2: Nosiy Reservation
Warner Bros. FranceEP 121961EP0 
Don Ralke

The Big Sound Of Don Ralke

A1: Shake, Rattle And Roll
A2: Honey Dripper
B1: Walkin' And A Rockin'
B2: Butterfingers
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14071961EP0 
Morris Stoloff

Fanny - Bande Sonore Du Film De Josh Logan

A1: Ouverture
A2: Restless Heart
B1: Fanny
B2: Never Too Late For Love
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14081961EP0 
The Everly Brothers

A1: Just In Case
A2: That's What You Do To Me
B1: I Want You To Know
B2: What Kind Of Girl Are You
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14091961EP0 
The Everly Brothers

A1: My Mammy
A2: My Gal Sal
B1: Bully Of The Town
B2: Chloé
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14101961EP0 
The Everly Brothers

A1: Made To Love
A2: Baby What You Want Me To Do
B1: Donna, Donna
B2: So How Come (No One Loves Me)
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14111961EP0 
Bob Luman

A1: Buttercup
A2: You've Got Everything
B1: Oh, Lonesome Me
B2: Private Eyes
Warner Bros. FranceEP 141962EP0 
Bill Haley And His Comets


A1: Let The Good Times Roll, Creole
A2: Honky Tonk
B1: Stagger Lee
B2: Whole Lot-ta Shakin' Goin' On
Warner Bros. FranceEP 151962EP0 
George Greeley

A1: Et Maintenant (What Now My Love)
A2: 11th Hour Melody
B1: Si Tendre Est La Nuit (From Film "Tender Is The Night")
B2: Tonight (From "West Side Story")
Warner Bros. FranceEP 171962EP1 
John Buck And His Blazers

A1: Jalisco
A2: Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
B1: Chi Chi
B2: Forbidden City
Warner Bros. FranceEP 181962EP0 
Bob Luman

A1: Hey Joe
A2: Let's Think About Living
B1: Boston Rocker
B2: The Pig Latin Song
Warner Bros. FranceEP 191962EP0 
Dorothy Provine

L'Age D'Or Du Charleston

A1: (Medley) Charleston, Doin' The Racoon, Black Bottom
A2: (Medley) O-Oo Ernest (Are You Earnest With Me), Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley, Do-Do-Do
B1: (Medley) Let's Do It, Nagasaki, The Roaring Twenties
B2: (Medley) Poor Butterfly, Let's Misbehave, Avalon
Warner Bros. FranceWEP 14051962EP0 
George Greeley

Parrish (La Soif De La Jeunesse)

A1: Lucy's Theme
A2: Paige's Theme
B1: Allison's Theme
B2: Ellen's Theme
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14061962EP0 
The World Famous Warner Bros. Band

March Step In Hi-Fi

A1: Entry Of The Gladiators
A2: The Caissons Go Rolling Along ~ Artillery Song
B1: The Billboard March
B2: Under The Double Eagle
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14121962EP0 
Bill Doggett

Bill Doggett Swings

A1: The Sparrow (Guardsmen Groove)
A2: Blues For Joe
B1: Coffee's Theme
B2: M' Lucky
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14131962EP1 
Peter, Paul And Mary

A1: J'entends Siffler Le Train (500 Miles)
A2: This Train
B1: If I Had A Hammer
B2: Lemon Tree
Warner Bros. FranceWEP 14141962EP0 
George Greeley

Les Révoltés Du Bounty

A1: Thème Des Mutinés Du Bounty (Du Film "Les Mutinés Du Bounty")
A2: Love Song Des "Mutinés Du Bounty" (Follow Me) (Du Film "Les Mutinés Du Bounty")
B1: Small World (Du Film "Gypsy")
B2: Paris Is A Lonely Town (Du Film "Gay Purr-ee")
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14151962EP2 
Jackie Davis

Jackie Davis And His Organ

A1: If I Could Be With You
A2: Sleepy Time Gal
B1: One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
B2: Lonely Wine
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14221962EP0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Muskrat
B: Don't Blame Me
Warner Bros. FranceWV 500319627"0 
Dorothy Provine

A: Don't Bring Lulu
B: The Whisper Song (When The Pussywillow Whispers To The Catnip)
Warner Bros. FranceWV 500719627"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: That's Old Fashioned (That's The Way Love Should Be)
B: How Can I Meet Her?
Warner Bros. FranceWV 501119627"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Jezebel
B: Autumn Leaves
Warner Bros. FranceWV 501319627"0 
John Buck

A: Black Is The Color Of My True Love's Hair
B: Jalisco
Warner Bros. FranceWV 502119627"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile
B: Don't Ask Me To Be
Warner Bros. FranceWV 502219627"0 
The Routers

A: Let's Go (Pony)
B: Mashy
Warner Bros. FranceWV 502419627"0 
Johnny Nash

A: Ol' Man River
B: Dear Little Sweetheart
Warner Bros. FranceWV 502519627"0 
The Five Satins

A: Kangaroo
B: Remember Me
Warner Bros. FranceWV 503819627"08.0
Peter, Paul And Mary

A1: Blowin' In The Wind
A2: Flora
B1: Don't Think Twice It's Alright
B2: Autumn To May
Warner Bros. FranceEP 551963EP0 
The Everly Brothers

A1: The Girl Sang The Blues
A2: Love Her
B1: It's Been Nice (Goodnight)
B2: I'm Afraid
Warner Bros. FranceEP. 561963EP0 
The Routers

Let´s Go! With The Routers

A1: Let's Go (Pony)
A2: Mashy
B1: Make It Snappy
B2: Half Time
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14181963EP0 
The Cascades

Rhythm Of The Rain -- Vol. 1

A1: Rhythm Of The Rain
A2: Shy Girl
B1: The Last Leaf
B2: Let Me Be
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14191963EP1 
Peter, Paul And Mary

A1: Tiny Sparrow
A2: Morning Train
B1: Big Boat
B2: Puff
Warner Bros. FranceWEP 14201963EP0 
The Cascades

The Cascades Vol. 2

A1: There's A Reason
A2: My First Day Alone
B1: Dreamin'
B2: I Wanna Be Your Lover
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14211963EP0 
Bill Doggett

En Public

A1: Hokum
A2: Happy
B1: Ragtown
B2: Jackrabbit
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14231963EP0 
Big Jay McNeely


A1: Big Jay's Count
B1: Deacon's Hop
B2: Cisco's
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14261963EP1 
The Everly Brothers

A1: Just One Time
A2: This Is The Last Song I'm Ever Going To Sing
B1: Silver Threads And Golden Needles
B2: I Walk The Line
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14271963EP0 
The Routers

A1: Maria Elena
A2: (Dance With The) Guitar Man
B1: Hot Pastrami
B2: Wild Week-End
Warner Bros. FranceWEP 14281963EP0 
Barry And The Tamerlanes

What She's Doing Tonight

A1: I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
A2: A Funny Thing Happened
B1: Roberta
B2: The Beginning Of The End
Warner Bros. FranceWEP. 14291963EP0 
Peter, Paul And Mary

A1: Stewball
A2: Tell It On The Mountain
B1: The Long Chain
B2: Very Last Day
Warner Bros. FranceWEP 14301963EP0 
The Phoenix Singers

A1: Cotton Picking Song
A2: Unclouded Day
B1: Didn't It Rain (Part 2)
B2: Lovely Choucoune
Warner Bros. FranceWEP 51251963EP0 
The Routers

A: Make It Snappy
B: Half Time
Warner Bros. FranceWV 503019637"0 
The Cascades

A: Rhythm Of The Rain
B: Let Me Be
Warner Bros. FranceWV 503119637"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: (So It Was...So It Is) So It Always Will Be
B: Nancy's Minuet
Warner Bros. FranceWV 503219637"0 
Emilio Pericoli

A: Uno Per Tutte (One For All)
B: Sull'Acqua (On The Water)
Warner Bros. FranceWV 503319637"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: It's Been Nice (Goodnight)
B: I'm Afraid
Warner Bros. FranceWV 503619637"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: The Girl Sang The Blues
B: Love Her
Warner Bros. FranceWV 504419637"0 

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