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Warner Bros. - Label Discography

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  USA  4330
  UK  1661
  Germany  840
  Australia  651
  Japan  610
  Canada  594
  Netherlands  485
  New Zealand  344
  France  292
  Italy  254
  Spain  134
  Belgium  110
  South Africa  109
  Ireland  103
  Portugal  97
  Philippines  72
  Brazil  62
  Mexico  48
  Norway  40
  Turkey  40
  Peru  36
  Ecuador  27
  Greece  25
  Argentina  24
  Sweden  24
  Rhodesia  19
  Zimbabwe  18
  India  14
  Denmark  10
  Yugoslavia  10
  Guatemala  9
  Barbados  8
  Finland  7
  Austria  6
  El Salvador  6
  Israel  5
  Lebanon  3
  Panama  3
  Singapore  3
  Venezuela  3
  Angola  1
  Bolivia  1
  Chile  1
  Unknown Country  1
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Bob Luman

A: Let's Think About Living
B: You've Got Everything
Warner Bros. Norway517219607"07.0
The Everly Brothers

A: So Sad
B: Lucille
Warner Bros. NorwayWB 516319607"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Walk Right Back
B: Ebony Eyes
Warner Bros. Norway519919617"1 
Bob Luman

A: The Great Snow Man
B: The Pig Latin Song
Warner Bros. Norway520419617"0 
Alice Babs Och Titti

A: Nattens underland
B: En Liten Kyss är En Kyss
Warner Bros. NorwaySS-20.00019617"1 
The Routers

A: Make It Snappy
B: Half Time
Warner Bros. Norway533219627"0 
Lucky Pierre And The Paris Playboys

A: Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days Of Summer
B: Fleamarket Melody
Warner Bros. NorwayA-555019627"0 
Alice Babs

A: Blotta Tanken
B: Fråga Mig Inte Varför
Warner Bros. NorwaySS 2000519627"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: (So It Was...So It Is) So It Always Will Be
B: Nancy's Minuet
Warner Bros. Norway534619637"0 
The Cascades

A: Rhythm Of The Rain
B: Let Me Be
Warner Bros. Norway602619637"0 
Peter, Paul And Mary

A1: Die Antwort Weiss Nur Der Wind (Blowin' In The Wind)
A2: Pretty Mary
B1: Paff (Puff)
B2: Flora
Warner Bros. NorwayBW 8072-P1963EP1 
The Everly Brothers

A: I'm Afraid
B: It's Been Nice
Warner Bros. NorwayWB 536219637"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Love Her
B: The Girl Sang The Blues
Warner Bros. NorwayWB 538919637"0 
Joanie Sommers

A: I'm Gonna Know He's Mine
B: I'd Be So Good For You
Warner Bros. Norway543819647"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Ain't That Lovin' You, Baby
B: Hello Amy
Warner Bros. NorwayWB 542219647"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Torture
B: Gone, Gone, Gone
Warner Bros. NorwayWB 547819647"0 
Peter, Paul And Mary

A: For Lovin' Me
B: Monday Morning
Warner Bros. Norway549619657"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: C. C. Rider
B: Lonely Avenue
Warner Bros. NorwayA 2001519657"0 
The Londonderry Strings

A: Goldfinger
B: Wishin' And Hopin'
Warner Bros. NorwayW 548919657"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: You're My Girl
B: Don't Let The Whole World Know
Warner Bros. NorwayW 560019657"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Give Me A Sweetheart
B: That'll Be The Day
Warner Bros. NorwayW 561119657"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: The Price Of Love
B: It Only Costs A Dime
Warner Bros. NorwayW 562819657"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Love Is Strange
B: Man With Money
Warner Bros. NorwayW 564919657"0 
Peter, Paul And Mary

A: Blowin' In The Wind
B: Flora
Warner Bros. Norway536819667"1 
Johnny Keating

A: This Bird Has Flown (Norwegian Wood)
B: Imprevu
Warner Bros. NorwayW 569719667"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Crying In The Rain
B: Devoted To You
Warner Bros. NorwayW 574719667"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: (You Got) The Power Of Love
B: Leave My Girl Alone
Warner Bros. NorwayW 580819667"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Somebody Help Me
B: Hard Hard Year
Warner Bros. NorwayW 583319667"0 
Don Everly Brother

A: Fifi The Flea

Phil Everly Brother

B: Like Every Time Before
Warner Bros. NorwayW 585719677"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: The Devil's Child
B: She Never Smiles Anymore
Warner Bros. NorwayW 590119677"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Bowling Green
B: I Don't Want To Love You
Warner Bros. NorwayW 702019677"0 
The Everly Brothers

A: Mary Jane
B: Talking To The Flowers
Warner Bros. NorwayW 706219677"0 
Inger-Lise And Terje Rypdal

A: Tried To Make You Happy
B: Tough Enough
Warner Bros. NorwayAK 16.08619717"1 
Curved Air

A: Back Street Luv
B: Everdance
Warner Bros. NorwayK 1609219717"0 
Alice Cooper

A: No More Mr. Nice Guy
B: Raped And Freezin'
Warner Bros. NorwayK 1626219737"0 
Lynsey De Paul

A: Ooh I Do
B: Nothing Really Lasts Forever
Warner Bros. NorwayWB 16 40119747"46.0
Rod Stewart

A: Sailing
B: Stone Cold Sober
Warner Bros. NorwayK 1660019757"29.0
George Baker Selection

A: Paloma Blanca
B: Dreamboat
Warner Bros. NorwayWB 16 541Aug 19757"0 
Randy Crawford

A: Nightline
B: This Night Won't Last Forever
Warner Bros. Norway92-9530-719837"0 

A: Love Is Reason
B: I Dream Myself Alive
Warner Bros. Norway929046-7Apr 19857"0 

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