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Warner Bros. - Label Discography

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  USA  4436
  UK  1669
  Germany  850
  Australia  672
  Japan  614
  Canada  558
  Netherlands  494
  New Zealand  428
  France  302
  Italy  255
  Brazil  235
  Spain  137
  South Africa  112
  Belgium  109
  Ireland  106
  Portugal  102
  Philippines  72
  Mexico  48
  Norway  40
  Turkey  40
  Peru  36
  Ecuador  28
  Greece  26
  Argentina  25
  Sweden  24
  Zimbabwe  20
  Rhodesia  19
  India  14
  Denmark  10
  Yugoslavia  10
  Guatemala  9
  Barbados  8
  Austria  7
  Finland  7
  El Salvador  6
  Israel  5
  Lebanon  3
  Panama  3
  Singapore  3
  Venezuela  3
  Angola  1
  Bolivia  1
  Chile  1
  Unknown Country  1
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Emilio Pericoli

A: Al Di Là

Gino Paoli

B: Sassi
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWB 525919627"3 
Napoleon XIV

A: They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!

VIX noelopaN

B: !aaaH-aH, yawA eM ekaT oT gnimoC er'yehT
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 119667"5 
The Association

A: Windy
B: Sometime
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 1019677"1 
Peter Paul And Mary

A: I Dig Rock And Roll Music
B: The Great Mandela (The Wheel Of Life)
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 1219677"08.0
Everly Brothers

A: Love Of The Common People
B: A Voice Within
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 1619677"310.0
Harpers Bizarre

A: Feelin' Groovy (59th Street Bridge Song)
B: Lost My Love Today
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 719677"1 
Harpers Bizarre

A: Simon Smith And The Amazing Dancing Bear
B: The Debutante's Ball
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 819677"1 
Rod McKuen

A: Doesn't Anybody Know My Name
B: The World I Used To Know
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 3619697"2 
Peter, Paul And Mary

A: Leaving On A Jet Plane
B: The House Song
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 4119697"7 
The Ides Of March

A: Vehicle
B: Lead Me Home, Gently
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 4619707"19.0
Seals And Crofts

A: Summer Breeze
B: East Of Ginger Trees
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 10219727"1 
The Truth [South Africa]

A: We Don't Understand
B: Without Love
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 12019737"1 

A: She (Didn't Remember My Name) [Vado Via]

Bernie Brown

B: Dreamy River
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 12919737"1 

A: Liverpool Lou
B: Ten Years After On Strawberry Jam
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 15519747"6 

A: Milky Ways
B: Sunshine
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 17819757"5 
Seals And Crofts (Featuring Carolyn Willis)

A: Get Closer

Seals And Crofts

B: Don't Fail
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 20419767"0 
Bad Company

A: Rock 'N Roll Fantasy
B: Crazy Circles
Warner Bros. RhodesiaSWS 10019797"1 
Tubeway Army

A: Are "Friends" Electric?
B: Replicas
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 32319797"8 

A: I Wanna Be Your Lover
B: I Feel For You
Warner Bros. RhodesiaWBS 33419797"1 

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