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WEA - Label Discography

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  Germany  666
  UK  648
  Australia  404
  Netherlands  344
  Italy  213
  Japan  145
  Canada  121
  Ireland  99
  France  92
  Spain  64
  New Zealand  63
  Belgium  60
  Portugal  48
  Brazil  42
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Nick Oliver

A: Gib der Liebe eine Chance
B: das Beste an Dir
WEA GermanyWB 16 27619737"0 
Okko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris Und Timpe

A: Die Story Unserer Kleinen Family (Shame And Scandal In The Family)
B: Ramona
WEA GermanyWEA 18 010Jun 19787"0 

A: The Ladies Of The World
B: Rainstorm
WEA GermanyWEA 18 026Feb 19797"0 
Magic Carpet

A: Oriental Massage
B: Full Of Love
WEA GermanyWEA 18 027Apr 19797"0 
Okko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris And Timpe

A: Atemlos
B: Heut' Bleib Ich Cool
WEA GermanyWEA 18 032Apr 19797"1 
Luisa Fernandez

A: New York Dance
B: Children Of The World Unite
WEA GermanyWEA 18 042Apr 19797"0 
Klaus Doldinger

A: Tatort
B: Zimmer frei - UNO Nähe
WEA GermanyWEA 18 047Apr 19797"0 
Cindy And Roy

A: Can You Feel It
B: Gotta Love Somebody Else
WEA GermanyWEA 18 053Jun 19797"0 
Stefan Hallberg Und Die Westkurven-Fans

A: Wer wird Deutscher Meister
WEA GermanyWEA 18 056Jun 19797"0 
Now [Germany]

A: And I Know
B: The Killer
WEA GermanyWEA 18 059Jun 19797"0 
Dave Carin

A: The Woman I Need All The Time
B: Terror In My Soul
WEA GermanyWEA 18 061Jun 19797"0 
Ian Mitchell

A: Lonely Nites
B: Suddenly You Love Me
WEA GermanyWEA 18 070Aug 19797"0 
Fern Kinney

A: Groove Me
B: Let's Keep It Right There
WEA GermanyWEA 79 101Sep 19797"0 
Dozy, Beaky, Mick And Tich

A: You've Got Me On The Run
B: Rock And Roll
WEA GermanyWEA 18 099Nov 19797"18.0
Stefan Hallberg

A: Bring Mich Nicht Um
B: Besieg Mich
WEA GermanyWEA 18 116Nov 1979Promo Only 7"0 
Okko, Lonzo, Berry, Chris Und Timpe

A: Bäng Bäng
B: Schniedelwutz
WEA GermanyWEA 18 117Nov 19797"0 
Siegfried Rauch

A: Frei sein - wie der Mann, der in den Bergen lebt (Maybe)
B: Mich stört der Regen nicht
WEA GermanyWEA 18 128Nov 19797"0 
Christian Bruhn

A: Timm's Thema
B: Aravandi - Der Baron
WEA GermanyWEA 18 133Dec 19797"0 
Helen Schneider

A: Stay Awhile
B: Hearts Of Stone
WEA GermanyWEA 18 19019807"0 
Helen Schneider

A: Jimmy (Cindy I Don't)
B: No One Comes When You're Alone
WEA GermanyWEA 18 327 N19807"0 

A: Ohne Zank Sind Wir Krank ( Baby Ride Easy)
B: Ein Versager im Vergaser
WEA GermanyWEA 18 39019807"0 
Einstein [Austria]

A: On And On
B: Like A River To The Sea
WEA GermanyWEA 18 136Jan 19807"0 
Hi Fi

A: A Little Love Away
B: Instant Life
WEA GermanyWEA 18 150Jan 19807"1 
Errol Dunkley

A: Sit Down And Cry
B: Peek-A-Boo
WEA GermanyWEA 18 130Mar 19807"0 
Fern Kinney

A: Baby Let Me Kiss You
B: Together We Are Beautiful
WEA GermanyWEA 79 111Mar 19807"0 
Stefan Hallberg

A: Gib uns Zeit
B: Wem Tut Es Weh
WEA GermanyWEA 18 188Apr 19807"0 
Maggie MacNeal

A: Amsterdam Amsterdam (Nur da bin ich zuhaus)
B: Amsterdam Amsterdam (Engl. Original Version)
WEA GermanyWEA 18 217Apr 19807"0 
Highway [Germany]

A: No Name No Number
B: Daylight
WEA GermanyWEA 18 182May 19807"0 
Jo Jo Zep And The Falcons

A: Shape I'm In
B: Shape I'm In (Dub Version)
WEA GermanyWEA 79 119May 19807"010.0
Jack Jersey

A: Sri-Lanka.... My Shangri-la
B: Moon Of The Blues
WEA GermanyWEA 18 278Jun 19807"0 
Die Südkurvenfans

A: Wir san die Bayern
B: Der Fussballfan
WEA GermanyWEA 18 283Jun 19807"0 
Christie Allen

A: Goose Bumps
B: Count Me Out
WEA GermanyWEA 79 138Jun 19807"2 
Rose Tattoo

A: One Of The Boys
B: Stuck On You
WEA GermanyWEA 18 227Jul 19807"0 
Black Jack

A: Nag - Nag
B: U.S. - U.S.A.
WEA GermanyWEA 18 286Jul 19807"1 
David Hanselmann And Chris Evans


A: The Stones Of Avebury
B: Salisbury Plain
WEA GermanyWEA 18 304Jul 19807"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: All The Strength We Got
B: Love Again
WEA GermanyWEA 79 135Jul 19807"0 
Keith Foote One Love

A: Don't Stop The Reggae
B: Bad Weather
WEA GermanyWEA 18 30615 Aug 19807"0 
Santa Esmeralda

A: C'Est Magnifique
B: Don't Be Shy Tonight
WEA GermanyWEA 18 325Sep 19807"0 
Jack Jersey

A: Woman
B: Gone
WEA GermanyWEA 18 351Nov 19807"0 
Black Jack

A: Living For The Weekend
B: Pitch Out The 70's
WEA GermanyWEA 18 388Nov 19807"0 
Heinz Rudolf Kunze

A: Für nichts und wieder nichts
B: Romanze
WEA Germany18 78019817"0 

A: Time Dance
B: Nancy Spain
WEA GermanyWEA 18 71119817"0 
Enzo Avallone

A: Ti Chiami Africa
B: Sorrisi
WEA GermanyWEA 18 203Jan 19817"0 

A: Lady Of High Society
B: Seems Like Yesterday
WEA GermanyWEA 18 377Jan 19817"0 
Neil Landon

A: Fantasy
B: Gimme Time
WEA GermanyWEA 18 387Jan 19817"0 
Joachim Witt

A: Kosmetik (Ich bin das Glück dieser Erde)
B: Ja, Ja...
WEA GermanyWEA 18 410Jan 19817"0 

A: Wanderlust
B: Far From Home
WEA GermanyWEA 18 427Jan 19817"0 
Kris Morgan

A: Woman In Love (Instrumental-Version)
B: Crystal Keys
WEA GermanyWEA 18 435Jan 19817"01.0
Klaus Doldinger

A: Astro-Show
B: Wassermann-Ballett
WEA GermanyWEA 18 466Feb 19817"0 
Highway [Germany]

A: Put My Name Up In Lights
B: Heads And Tails
WEA GermanyWEA 18 47216 Mar 19817"0 

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