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WEA - Label Discography

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  UK  648
  Germany  586
  Australia  384
  Netherlands  333
  Italy  213
  Japan  145
  Canada  105
  Ireland  97
  France  86
  Spain  59
  Belgium  55
  New Zealand  53
  Sweden  36
  Portugal  24
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Sally Grant

A: Neun Bis Sechs (9 To 5)
B: Weil ich dich heut so nötig hab'
WEA GermanyWEA 18 76715 May 19817"0 

A: Was War Gestern Los
B: Marie, Marie
WEA GermanyWEA 18 796Jun 19817"0 

A: Little Suzi's On The Up
B: I'm Gonna Take You To The Top
WEA GermanyWEA 79 223Jul 19817"0 
Jimmy Cliff

A: Son Of Man
B: Give The People What They Want
WEA GermanyWEA 79 227Jul 19817"0 
Stevie Nicks With Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

A: Stop Draggin' My Heart Around

Stevie Nicks

B: Kind Of Woman
WEA GermanyWEA 79 231Jul 19817"010.0
Helen Schneider

A: Rock 'n' Roll Gypsy (Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw)
B: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
WEA GermanyWEA 18 830Aug 19817"0 
Rose Tattoo

A: Rock 'n' Roll Is King
B: I Had You First
WEA GermanyWEA 18 832Aug 19817"0 
Modern Romance

A: Everybody Salsa
B: Salsa Rappsody
WEA GermanyWEA 18 815Sep 19817"0 
Klaus Doldinger

A: Das Boot
B: Heimkehr Der U 96
WEA GermanyWEA 18 852Sep 19817"2 

A: Hand Held In Black And White
B: Love Me Slowly
WEA GermanyWEA 18 827Oct 19817"2 
Loretta Goggi

A: Il Mio Prossimo Amore
B: Penelope
WEA GermanyWEA 18 838Oct 19817"07.0
Bob Marley

A: Reggae On Broadway
B: Gonna Get You
WEA GermanyWEA 79 250Oct 19817"1 
Stevie Nicks

A: Edge Of Seventeen
B: Outside The Rain
WEA Germany79 264 NNov 19817"0 
Edi Angelillo

A: Per Una Storia In Piu
B: Un Po'
WEA GermanyWEA 18 746Nov 19817"0 
Ideal [Germany]

A: Eiszeit
B: Schwein
WEA GermanyWEA 18 896Nov 19817"1 
Modern Romance

A: Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosey
B: Moose On The Loose
WEA GermanyWEA 18 883Dec 19817"0 

A: Mirror Mirror
B: Radio
WEA GermanyWEA 18 886Dec 19817"0 

A: Videotheque
B: Living A Life Of Dreams
WEA Germany24.9982-719827"0 

A: Tango 2000
B: Nichts ist ewig
WEA GermanyWEA 19 17619827"0 
Modern Romance

A: Queen Of The Rapping Scene (Nothing Ever Goes The Way You Plan)
B: Can You Move (American Mix)
WEA GermanyWEA 18 928Feb 19827"0 
Helen Schneider

A: Angry Times

Helen Schneider And Panikorchester

B: Jimmy (Cindy I Don't)
WEA GermanyWEA 18 952Feb 19827"0 

A: Mama Wo Ist Mein Pils
B: Er Fahndet Für's Finanzamt
WEA GermanyWEA 18 97825 Feb 19827"0 
Interzone [80s]

A: Armer Paul
B: Prinzessin In Köln Am Rhein
WEA GermanyWEA 18 994Mar 19827"0 
Ideal [Germany]

A: Monotonie
B: Geheimnis der Grosstadt
WEA GermanyWEA 18 929Apr 19827"0 

A: Give Me Back My Heart
B: Pink And Blue
WEA GermanyWEA 19 133Apr 19827"0 
Die Krupps

A: Goldfinger
B: Zwei Herzen, Ein Rhythmus
WEA GermanyWEA 19 139Apr 19827"0 
Schneider With The Kick

A: Hot Summer Nites
B: Shout
WEA GermanyWEA 19 148May 19827"0 
Joachim Witt

A: Tri Tra Trullala (Herbergsvater)
B: Geh Mal Vor
WEA GermanyWEA 19 163May 19827"1 
Fay Lovsky

A: Automatic Pilot
B: Walk Don't Walk
WEA GermanyWEA 19 162Jun 19827"0 

A: Soup For One
B: Burn Hard
WEA GermanyWEA 79 295Jun 19827"09.0
John Cougar

A: Hurts So Good
B: Close Enough
WEA GermanyWEA 17 93910 Jun 19827"0 
Carly Simon

A: Why


B: Why (Instrumental)
WEA GermanyWEA 79 299Jul 19827"2 
Foyer Des Arts

A: Wissenswertes Über Erlangen
B: Legalise Love
WEA GermanyWEA 19 230Aug 19827"0 
Die Dschungelband

A: Spiel mal was von den Beatles
B: Susi Super
WEA GermanyWEA 19 258Aug 19827"0 
John Cougar

A: Jack And Diane
B: Can You Take It
WEA GermanyWEA 79 332Aug 19827"0 
Sherrie Actor

A: Boy On The Photograph
B: Yes I Can
WEA GermanyWEA 19 265Sep 19827"0 
Helen Schneider

A: Piece Of My Heart
B: The Pro
WEA GermanyWEA 19271Sep 19827"0 
Interzone [80s]

A: Aus Liebe
B: Das Spiel Ist Aus
WEA GermanyWEA 19 274Sep 19827"0 
Albatros [80s]

A: Es wird Zeit (Love Is All)
B: Überleben
WEA GermanyWEA 19 276Sep 19827"0 
David Roberts

A: Boys Of Autumn
B: Wrong Side Of The Tracks
WEA GermanyWEA 72 021Sep 19827"09.0

A: Give Me Some Kinda Magic
B: You Made Me Love You
WEA GermanyWEA 19 2669 Sep 19827"0 
Phil Collins

A: Thru' These Walls
B: Do You Know, Do You Care
WEA Germany25.9995-7Oct 19827"0 
Peter Schilling

A: Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst)
B: Ich Hab' Keine Lust
WEA Germany24.9967-7Nov 19827"19.0
Phil Collins

A: You Can't Hurry Love
B: I Cannot Believe It's True
WEA Germany25.9980-7Nov 19827"18.0
Ideal [Germany]

A: Keine Heimat
B: Ask Mark Ve Ölüm
WEA Germany24.9953-7Dec 19827"0 
John Cougar

A: Hand To Hold On To
B: Small Paradise
WEA Germany25.9978-7Dec 19827"0 
Matt Bianco

A: Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed
B: Big Rosie
WEA Germany24-9532-719837"0 
Jean Francois Michael

A: Pars Pas
B: Toi
WEA Germany24-9549-719837"0 
Joachim Witt

A: Hörner in der Nacht
B: Anja
WEA Germany24-9556-719837"0 

A: Tell Me It's A Dream
B: La Conversation
WEA Germany24-9596-719837"0 

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