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White Label Records - Label Discography

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A: Average Inadequacy
B: Machinations Of Dance
White Label Records AustraliaK8581Mar 19827"1 
Sardine V

A: Sabotage
B: Sudan
White Label Records AustraliaK 8582Mar 19827"0 
Hunters And Collectors

A: Talking To A Stranger (Michael's Version Edit #4763)
B: Talking To A Stranger (Our Version)
White Label Records AustraliaK8754Jun 19827"3 

A: Tintarella Di Luna
B: Twisto Globo
White Label Records AustraliaK 8805Jul 19827"1 
The Kevins

A: Romeo Romeo
B: Fool's Paradise
White Label Records AustraliaK8814Jul 19827"0 
Lyn Van Hecke

A: Intimacy
B: Intimacy
White Label Records AustraliaK8888Nov 19827"3 
The Triffids

A: Spanish Blue
B: Twisted Brain
White Label Records AustraliaK8889Nov 19827"0 
Sacred Cowboys

A: Nothing Grows In Texas
B: Is Nothing Sacred
White Label Records AustraliaK 8927Nov 19827"0 
Monte Vidéo And The Cassettes

A: Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang
B: Don't Mention My Name
White Label Records AustraliaK 8906Jan 19837"1 

A: Jack
B: Be Duble
White Label Records AustraliaK 8928Jan 19837"1 

A: The Beat Goes On
B: Kiss And Tell
White Label Records AustraliaK8989Feb 19837"0 
The Triffids

Bad Timing And Other Stories

A1: Bad Timing
A2: Left To Rot
B1: Being Driven
B2: Snake Pit
White Label Records AustraliaK9003Feb 1983EP0 
Jules [Australia]

A: Rock Rock Daddy
B: Tore It Up, Sent It Back
White Label Records AustraliaK 8988Mar 19837"0 

A: I Can Feel A Beat ( Somewhere In My Heart)
B: Didn't Know Myself
White Label Records AustraliaK 8990Mar 19837"0 

A: Pressure Sway
B: Pushbike
White Label Records AustraliaK9074Apr 19837"0 
The Kevins

A: Ululation (Here It Comes Again)
B: Little Sister
White Label Records AustraliaK 9208Sep 19837"0 

A: Jumping The Gap
B: Terminal Wharf
White Label Records AustraliaK9219Oct 19837"2 
Kids In The Kitchen

A: Change In Mood
B: Far From Where
White Label Records AustraliaK9220Oct 19837"0 
Hunters And Collectors

A: Sway
B: Mr. Right
White Label Records AustraliaK-9261Nov 19837"0 
Monte Video

A: Sheeba (She Sha She Shoo)
B: You Can't Stop Me Now
White Label Records AustraliaK-9218Feb 19847"0 
New 5

A: Life Without Lulu
B: No Time
White Label Records AustraliaK-9355Mar 19847"0 
Kids In The Kitchen

A: Bitter Desire
B: Hunting And Haunting
White Label Records AustraliaK-9353Apr 19847"1 
Dynamic Hepnotics

A: I'll Make You
B: The Meaning Of Life
White Label Records AustraliaK-9423May 19847"1 
The Black Sorrows

A: Brown Eyed Girl
B: What A Difference A Day Makes
White Label Records AustraliaK-9439Jun 19847"0 
Dynamic Hepnotics

A: Soul Kind Of Feeling
B: The Last To Know
White Label Records AustraliaK-9470Aug 19847"0 

A: No Say In It
B: Man Over Board
White Label Records AustraliaK-9489Aug 19847"0 
Hunters And Collectors

A: Betty's Worry Or The Slab
B: Carry Me
White Label Records AustraliaK-9444Sep 19847"0 
Hunters And Collectors

A: Throw Your Arms Around Me
B: Unbeliever
White Label Records AustraliaK-9539Nov 19847"0 
Los Trios Ringbarkus

A: Cooking In The Kitchen
B: I'm On Fire
White Label Records AustraliaK-9576Dec 19847"0 
The Black Sorrows

A: Shape I'm In
B: My Negress In Black
White Label Records AustraliaK-9608Feb 19857"0 
Dynamic Hepnotics

A: Gotta Be Wrong (Way To Love)
B: Motley Crusaders
White Label Records AustraliaK-9636Mar 19857"1 
Kids In The Kitchen

A: Something That You Said
B: The Cruel Tune
White Label Records AustraliaK-9578Apr 19857"1 
Paul Kelly [Australia]

A: From St. Kilda To King's Cross
B: Blues For Skip
White Label Records AustraliaK-9666Apr 19857"0 

A: My Heart's On Fire
B: Spark
White Label Records AustraliaK-9672May 19857"2 
Kids In The Kitchen

A: Shine
B: Hard
White Label Records AustraliaK-9694Jun 19857"0 
Dynamic Hepnotics

A: Whenever You're Ready
B: Blue Kind Of Feeling
White Label Records AustraliaK-9761Jun 19857"1 
Los Trios Ringbarkus

A: Mirror Mirror (Short Version)
B: People Of Earth
White Label Records AustraliaK-9775Jul 19857"0 

A: You Got Me Going Again
B: I Ain't Waitin' For No Train
White Label Records AustraliaK-9784Aug 19857"0 
Kids In The Kitchen

A: Current Stand
B: Current Stand (Instrumental)
White Label Records AustraliaK-9804Aug 19857"2 
Dynamic Hepnotics

A: Believe Me (Edited Version)
B: Blue Kind Of Feeling
White Label Records AustraliaK-9813Oct 19857"0 
Kids In The Kitchen

A1: My Life (Edited Version)
B1: Fun - Take One
B2: Frog
White Label Records AustraliaK-9885Nov 19857"0 

A: Execution Of Love
B: Dusted Down
White Label Records AustraliaK-9891Nov 19857"0 
Hunters And Collectors

A: Say Goodbye
B: Follow Me
White Label Records AustraliaK-9927Jan 19867"1 
Dynamic Hepnotics

A: On Our Way Now
B: The Work It Out
White Label Records AustraliaK-9953Mar 19867"0 
Hunters And Collectors

A1: Throw Your Arms Around Me
B1: When The Truth Comes Out
B2: Who's On Left
White Label Records AustraliaK-9989Apr 19867"0 
Paul Kelly And The Coloured Girls

A: Before Too Long
B: White Train
White Label Records AustraliaK-49Jun 19867"0 
Kids In The Kitchen

A: Out Of Control
B: Stop
White Label Records AustraliaK-9938Jun 19867"0 
Hunters And Collectors

A: Everything's On Fire
B: This Morning (Orchestral Mix)
White Label Records AustraliaK-62Sep 19867"0 
Big Pig

A: Hungry Town
B: Hungry Town
White Label Records AustraliaK-120Oct 19867"1 
Hunters And Collectors

A: Is There Anybody In There?
B: Dog
White Label Records AustraliaK-136Oct 19867"0 

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