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White Whale - Label Discography

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  USA  174
  Canada  14
  Australia  4
  New Zealand  3
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The Turtles

A: It Ain't Me Babe
B: Almost There
White Whale USAWW 222Jul 19657"49.0
Matthew Moore Plus Four

A: Codyne (She's Real)
B: You've Never Loved Before
White Whale USAWW 223Aug 19657"2 
The Turtles

A: Let Me Be
B: Your Maw Said You Cried
White Whale USAWW-224Oct 19657"210.0
The Answer [Berkeley, California]

A: Why You Smile
B: I'll Be In
White Whale USA225Jan 19667"29.0
Jan Davis

A: Lost In Space
B: Run For Your Life
White Whale USA226Jan 19667"1 
The Turtles

A: You Baby
B: Wanderin' Kind
White Whale USAWW 227Jan 19667"29.7
Lyme And Cybelle

A: Follow Me
B: Like The Seasons
White Whale USAWW 228Mar 19667"110.0
Kris Jensen

A: I Got You
B: I Can't Get Nowhere With You
White Whale USAWW 229Mar 19667"0 
New Orlean's Public Library

A: Trippin' Down Sunset
B: Kelly's Dream
White Whale USAWW-230Apr 19667"0 
The Turtles

A: Grim Reaper Of Love
B: Come Back
White Whale USAWW 231May 19667"110.0
Lyme And Cybelle

A: If You Gotta Go, Go Now
B: I'll Go On
White Whale USAWW-232May 19667"2 
The Everpresent Fullness

A: Wild About My Lovin'
B: Fine And Dandy
White Whale USAWW-233Jun 19667"1 
The Everpresent Fullness

A: Wild About My Lovin'
B: Doin' A Number
White Whale USAWW-233Jun 19667"1 
The Turtles

A: Outside Chance
B: We'll Meet Again
White Whale USAWW 234Jul 19667"59.3
The Drongos [Berkeley, California]

A: Under My Thumb
B: If You Want To Know
White Whale USAWW-235Aug 19667"0 
Nino Tempo And April Stevens

A: All Strung Out
B: I Can't Go On Living Baby Without You
White Whale USAWW 236Aug 19667"29.0
The Turtles

A: Making My Mind Up
B: Outside Chance
White Whale USAWW-237Jul 19667"1210.0
The Turtles

A: Can I Get To Know You Better
B: Like The Seasons
White Whale USAWW 238Oct 19667"110.0
John's Children

A: Smashed! Blocked!
B: Strange Affair
White Whale USAWW-239Nov 19667"1 
Kris Jensen

A: (Who Likes) Good Pop Music
B: I Love To Call You Sweetheart
White Whale USAWW-240Dec 19667"0 
Nino Tempo And April Stevens

A: The Habit Of Lovin' You Baby
B: You'll Be Needing Me Baby
White Whale USAWW-241Dec 19667"0 
The Ambertone's

A: You Don't Know Like I Know:
B: Ninety-Nine And Half
White Whale USAWW-242Jan 19677"3 
Smokestack Lightnin'

A: Nadine
B: Crossroads Blues
White Whale USAWW-243Jan 19677"0 
The Turtles

A: Happy Together
B: Like The Seasons
White Whale USAWW-244Jan 19677"119.0
Lyme And Cybelle

A: Write If You Get Work
B: Song #7
White Whale USAWW-245Jan 19677"1 
Nino Tempo And April Stevens

A: My Old Flame
B: Wings Of Love
White Whale USAWW 246Mar 19677"0 

A: Wheels
B: We Must Find A Way
White Whale USAWW 247Apr 19677"1 
The Everpresent Fullness

A: Darlin' You Can Count On Me
B: Yeah!
White Whale USAWW-248May 19677"1 
The Turtles

A: She'd Rather Be With Me
B: The Walking Song
White Whale USAWW 249Apr 19677"29.3
The Turtles

A: She'd Rather Be With Me
B: She'd Rather Be With Me
White Whale USAWW 249Mar 1967Promo Only 7"2 
The Brothers [White Whale]

A: (It'll All Wash Away) With The Rain
B: Today Is Today
White Whale USAWW 250Jun 19677"1 
The Turtles

A: Guide For The Married Man
B: Think I'll Run Away
White Whale USAWW 251Jun 19677"09.0
Nino Tempo And April Stevens

A: I Can't Go On Livin' Without You, Baby
B: Little Child
White Whale USAWW-252Jul 19677"0 
Dalton and Montgomery

A: All At Once
B: Tomorrow's Women
White Whale USAWW-253Jul 19677"0 
The Turtles

A: You Know What I Mean
B: Rugs Of Woods And Flowers
White Whale USAWW 254Jul 19677"58.0
The Brothers [White Whale]

A: Love Story
B: The Girl's Alright
White Whale USAWW 255Aug 19677"3 
Smokestack Lightnin'

A: Look What You've Done
B: Got A Good Love
White Whale USAWW 256Sep 19677"2 
The Committee [White Whale]

A: California My Way
B: You For Weren't It If
White Whale USAWW-257Sep 19677"2 
The Committee [White Whale]

A: California My Way
B: California My Way
White Whale USAWW-257Sep 1967Promo Only 7"0 
Harper And Rowe

A: Keep On Dancin'
B: On The Rooftop
White Whale USAWW 258Oct 19677"2 
Walter Scott

A: Just You Wait
B: Silly Girl
White Whale USAWW 259Oct 19677"1 
The Turtles

A: She's My Girl
B: Chicken Little Was Right
White Whale USAWW 260Oct 19677"29.5
The Laughing Gravy

A: Vegetables
B: Snow Flakes On Laughing Gravy's Whiskers
White Whale USAWW 261Nov 19677"4 
The Laughing Gravy

A: Vegetables
B: Vegetables
White Whale USAWW-261Nov 1967Promo Only 7"18.0
Deni Lynn

A: Don't Ever Hurt Me
B: Where Was Your Heart
White Whale USAWW 262Jan 19687"0 
The Odyssey [L.A.]

A: Little Girl, Little Boy
B: Little Orphan Annie
White Whale USAWW-263Feb 19687"1 
The Turtles

A: Sound Asleep
B: Umbassa The Dragon
White Whale USAWW 264Feb 19687"38.0
The New F.B.I. Band

A: The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde
B: The Room
White Whale USAWW 265Feb 19687"1 

A: Dwindlin'
B: Quiet Side Of Love
White Whale USAWW 266Feb 19687"1 
Bobby Lile

A: Time To Be A Woman
B: Down Comes The World
White Whale USAWW-267Mar 19687"310.0

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