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Wiiija - Label Discography

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Named after their postcode (London W11 1JA).
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Huggy Bear

Rubbing The Impossible To Burst

A1: Rubbing The Impossible To Burst
A2: Katholic Kunt
B1: High Street Jupiter Supercone
B2: Snail Messenger Loss
B3: Single Bullets
Wiiija UKWIJ 16VSep 19927"0 
Huggy Bear

Kiss Curl For The Kid's Lib Generation

A1: Derwin
A2: Sizzlemeet
B1: Concrete Life
B3: Carnt Kiss
Wiiija UKWIJ 18V7 Dec 19927"0 

In The Days Of Ford Cortina

A1: Waterlogged
A2: Moonshine
B1: Kawasaki (More Heat Than Chapati)
B2: Hanif Kureishi Scene
Wiiija UKWIJ 19VJan 19937"17.0
Blood Sausage

Touching You In Ways That Don't Feel Comfortable

A1: What Law Am I Breaking Now ?
A2: Fuck You And Your Underground
B1: Knockout Drops
B2: The Girl Who Kissed His Face Like A Clock
Wiiija UKWIJ 20V19937"0 
Jacob's Mouse

A: Ton Of Scum
B: Fridge
Wiiija UKWIJ 21V71993Bonus 7"0 
Huggy Bear

Don't Die

A1: Dissthentic Penetration
A2: Teen Tighterns
A3: No Sleep
B1: Shaved Pussy Poetry
B2: Pansy Twist
Wiiija UKWIJ 23V16 Aug 19937"0 
Some Hearts Paid To Lie


A1: Born Again
A2: Trivia
A3: Woe

Pussycat Trash

B1: Un Soul Less
B2: Doris

Comet Gain

C1: Aliens At War
C2: A Kind Of Loving

Skinned Teen

D1: Skinned Teen Anthem
D2: Secrets
D3: Shiny Shoes
D4: Cinderella
D5: Swimsuit Blonde
Wiiija UKWIJ 251993EP0 
Jacob's Mouse

A1: Good
B1: Dusty
B2: Lip And Cheek
Wiiija UKWIJ 26V19937"0 

A1: Reader's Wives
B1: Inside Rani (Short Version)
B2: Tandoori Chicken
Wiiija UKWIJ 29VJan 19947"07.0

A: Born Disco ; Died Heavy Metal (The Andy Green Big On Cheese Mix)
B: England's Dreaming (The Andy Green Fight - We Don't Want To Mix)
Wiiija UKWIJ 30V71994Bonus 7"06.0

Safety First

A1: Weary Ingenues
A2: Safety First
B1: Dublé Duvet Ta
B2: Fake Antagonism Rules, Okay
Wiiija UKWIJ31VEP0 
Jacob's Mouse

A1: Fandango Widewheels
A2: B12 Marmites
B1: 3 Pound Apathy
B2: Keen Apple
Wiiija UKWIJ 32V1994EP1 

A1: Born Disco; Died Heavy Metal
B1: The Safety Of Objects
B2: Rehoused
Wiiija UKWIJ 33VMar 19947"07.3

Curry Favor 7"

A1: Making Headlines
A2: I Will Get You
B1: Thespian Girl
B2: She Dog Stop
Wiiija UKWIJ 3817 Oct 1994EP0 

Jousters Do It Knightly

A: Baby's Way Cruel
B: Cameo
Wiiija UKWIJ 4419957"0 
Comet Gain

The Gettin Ready E.P.

A1: Baby's Alright
A2: The Shining Path
B1: Charlie
B2: White Noise
Wiiija UKWIJ 46V16 Oct 19957"0 
Free Kitten

Punks Suing Punks EP

A1: Kitten Bossanova
A2: Punk V Punk
B1: Coco's Theme
Wiiija UKWIJ 47V1995EP0 
Comet Gain

SAY YES ! To International Socialism

A1: Say Yes !
A2: California
B1: Hideaway
B2: Sunsets At Her Window
Wiiija UKWIJ 50V6 May 1996EP110.0
Terry Edwards And The Scapegoats

A1: Harlem Nocturne
A2: Qualm-Free Zone
B1: Margaret Thatcher, We Still Hate You
B2: Show Me A Sane Man And I Will Cure Him For You
Wiiija UKWIJ 511996EP210.0
The Action Suits

"Fun Flies" B/W "Your Soft Light"

A: Fun Flies
B: Your Soft Light
Wiiija UKWIJ5219967"07.0

Atom Powered Action!

A1: Starbright Boy
A2: Wee Love
B1: Team Theme
B2: Cliquesuck
Wiiija UKWIJ 55Oct 1996EP0 

A1: Space Manatee
B1: You Tore Me Down
B2: Art School
Wiiija UKWIJ 5819967"1 

A: Break A Promise
B: Etwas Hubsch
Wiiija UKWIJ 5919967"0 

A: She's Evil
B: Lucky Ladybug
Wiiija UKWIJ 6219967"0 
Terry Edwards And The Scapegoats

A: Boots Off!!
B: Asthma
Wiiija UKWIJ 6326 May 19967"1 
Comet Gain

A1: Strength
B1: A Film By Kenneth Anger
B2: Letting Go
Wiiija UKWIJ 6617 Feb 19977"0 

A1: Sweet Shop Avengerz
A2: I'll Get You Back
B1: Rollerblade Zero
B2: Ninja Hi Skool
Wiiija UKWIJ 67Mar 1997EP0 

A1: Sweet Shop Avengerz (Hi-Fi Mix)
B1: All About D And Us
B2: Automatic Freestyle
Wiiija UKWIJ 67XMar 19977"0 

A: Get Yourself Together
B: Upstream
Wiiija UKWIJ 68 19977"0 

A: Reprends Toi En Main
B: Don't Care
Wiiija UKWIJ 68X19977"0 

A1: Everybody Thinks That They're Going To Get Theirs
A2: Statement Of Intent
B1: Cookie Cutter Kid
Wiiija UKWIJ 69May 19977"0 

A1: Everybody Thinks That They're Going To Get Theirs (Live On Beat Patrol)
A2: (It's The) Ram Jam
B1: Girl Star
B2: Pop Star Kill (Original 4 Track Version)
Wiiija UKWIJ 69XMay 1997EP0 

A: Good Ships
B: Funky Days Are Back Again
Wiiija UKWIJ 70Jun 19977"07.0

A: Spoiled Children
B: Perfume
Wiiija UKWIJ 7319987"1 

A: Brimful Of Asha (Short Version)
B: Easy Winners (Part 1)
Wiiija UKWIJ 7518 Aug 19977"19.5

A: Brimful Of Asha (Single Version)
B: Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Remix Single Version)
Wiiija UKWIJ 8116 Feb 19987"29.8

A1: Rare American Shoes
B1: The Things You Never Say
B2: Thinking It Over
Wiiija UKWIJ 84Sep 19987"0 

A: Eurodisco
B: Stray Cat Blues
Wiiija UKWIJ 862 Nov 19987"0 

A: Reborn
B: Sister
Wiiija UKWIJ 8919987"0 

A: If I Give You A Smile
B: Got What You Wanted
Wiiija UKWIJ 9121 Sep 19987"0 

A: Bitterscene
B: Bossanova
Wiiija UKWIJ 9415 Mar 19997"1 

A: Action And Drama: Radio Version
B: Germ Free Adolescents
Wiiija UKWIJ 95Feb 19997"0 

A: Good Times
B: Secrets
C: Back In Business
D: Bonus Beat
Wiiija UKWIJ 981999Double Pack0 

A: Detour
B: Kiss And Tell
Wiiija UKWIJ 101Jul 19997"0 

A1: I Can't Wait
B1: I Gotta Beef
B2: So Hot It Hurts
Wiiija UKWIJ 10323 Aug 19997"0 
Le Tigre

A1: Hot Topic
A2: Hot Topic (41 Small Stars Remix)
B1: Yr Critique
B2: They Want Us To Make A Symphony Out Of The Sound Of Women Swallowing Their Own Tongues
Wiiija UKWIJ 1071999EP19.0

A1: Work It Out
B1: Let-Down
B2: DJ Sweat Moves The Room
Wiiija UKWIJ 10928 Feb 20007"0 

A1: Play Some D
B1: You Got It (SBN Session Version)
B2: All-New
Wiiija UKWIJ 12316 Oct 20007"0 

A: Lessons Learned From Rocky I To Rocky III (Original Version)
B: Returning From The Wreckage
Wiiija UKWIJ 1294 Mar 20027"66.7

A: Staging
B: Green P's
Wiiija UKWIJ 13019 Aug 20027"05.5

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