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WIRL - Label Discography

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WIRL - West Indies Records Limited - a record label active in the 1960s/70s, based in Barbados and Jamaica, and which issued all forms of Carribean music. See discography here
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The Merrymen Featuring Emile Straker

A: Big Bamboo
B: Island Woman
WIRL Barbados19667"5 
The Martyrs

A: In The Arms Of Sweet Deliverance
B: Pray Is The Key
WIRL BarbadosB 31319737"0 
The Draytons Two

A: Mr Jones
B: G.O. Go (Spouge Beat)
WIRL BarbadosB 32019737"0 
The Tradewinds [Guyana]

A: You Can't Get
B: Throw Out The Lifeline
WIRL BarbadosPR 50819737"09.0
Springer And The Barons

A: Spouge Rythm
B: Oh Babe
WIRL BarbadosB 35819747"0 
Clarence Thompson

A: I Don't Want To Cry
B: Never Let Me Go
WIRL BarbadosB38319747"0 
The Tradewinds [Guyana]

A: Sinner
B: Copy Cats
WIRL BarbadosB 41019747"0 
Tradewinds [Guyana]

A: Old Man
B: Frenchman
WIRL BarbadosPR52319747"1 
Smokey Burke

A: I'm On Fire

Smokey Burke And Cynthia Layne

B: Get It Together
WIRL BarbadosB 48119757"0 
Boo And The Trutones

A: You Sexy Thing
B: Sexy Version
WIRL BarbadosB 50019757"0 
Rita Forrester And The Four Friends

A: Set My Heart At Ease
B: The Mash Man
WIRL BarbadosB 53419767"0 
Wendy Alleyne And The Dynamics

A: This Time I'll Be Sweeter
B: Hold Me Love Me And Take Me Home
WIRL BarbadosB 57419767"0 
Wendy Alleyne

A: Midnight Blue
B: You Got To Have An Understanding
WIRL BarbadosW 50819767"18.0
The Dynamics [Reggae]

A: Gimme Music
B: Lets Pick Up From Where We Left Off
WIRL BarbadosW 50919767"0 
The Revolution Of St. Vincent

A: Discoringue
B: What Ever Man Saw
WIRL BarbadosW 54419767"0 
The Escorts [Barbados]

A: Get Sexy
B: In Loving Memories
WIRL BarbadosW 55119767"0 
Trinidad Troubadours

A: Trinidad Hustle
B: Tell Him I'm Not Home
WIRL BarbadosB 53419777"0 
Mike Grosvenor And The Dynamics

A: Independent Man
B: Tell Me
WIRL BarbadosB 57119777"0 
Affetuosos Of St. Vincent

A: Can't Let You Go
B: Intoxicated Lover
WIRL BarbadosB59519777"0 
Oscar James

A: Feeling And Emotion
B: Babylon Dread
WIRL BarbadosGSB 59319777"0 
Mike Grosvenor

A: Feel Like Makin' Love
B: I'm Scared I Might Lose You
WIRL BarbadosB 61819787"0 
Clarence Thompson

A: You, Me And Love
B: The Thing In C
WIRL BarbadosB62519787"0 
Draytons Two

A: River Come Down
B: Brother To Brother
WIRL BarbadosB 62719787"0 
The Vibrations [Barbados]

A: Maria
B: Doin' It Over (Ain't Over Doin' It)
WIRL BarbadosB 65119787"0 
The Draytons Two

A: Play Dah Spouge
B: It Was Written Down
WIRL BarbadosB 65919787"0 
[no artist listed]

A: Grenada - May God Bless You
B: Melody De Kalabashe
WIRL BarbadosMSL19787"0 

A: Hopefully
B: Five Wasted Years
WIRL Barbados72319797"2 
The Dynamics [Barbados]

A: Jump Till Daybreak
B: Yankee In Action
WIRL BarbadosB 69619797"0 
Bahowlan The Meek

A: Culturama Fever Pt. 1 (Cadrae Beat)
B: Culturama Fever Pt. 2 (Cadrae Beat)
WIRL BarbadosB 68519807"0 

A: Etheopian Rock
B: Dreadlock Symphony
WIRL BarbadosB 80519817"0 
Reunion [WIRL]

A: Lonely
B: Leave The Married Men Alone
WIRL BarbadosB 5057"0 
The Tradewinds [Guyana]

A: Operator
B: All Of That Is Mas'
WIRL BarbadosPR 5077"0 
Jackie Opel And The Troubadours

A: You Got To Pay
B: Don't Let Her Go
WIRL BarbadosW1027"0 
Jackie Opel

A: Tears From My Eyes
B: You're No Good
WIRL BarbadosW 1297"38.0

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